Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not a Lame Duck

When the voters put in a Democratic majority in the House and Senate they hoped to rein in President Bush. It didn’t happen. He soon found that they would cave under pressure to where he essentially ignores them altogether. He is pushing forward as fast and as hard as he can to assure that his programs will continue no matter who is the next President. He is negotiating many treaties and trade agreements which will continue on long after his term is finished such as, to name a few.
1- He is negotiating a secret agreement with the President of Mexico to give $1.7 billion in military hardware, ostensibly to fight the drug trade, the funds to be taken from Iraq appropriations. Remember the Iran Contra deal. The beat goes on.
2-He is negotiating a missile base agreement with Poland. They are asking us to modernize their armed forces as compensation. Placing this base this close to Russia is not acceptable to Mr. Putin. He will take steps to keep it from becoming operational.
3-He is pushing for free trade agreements with S. Korea, Columbia and Chili, all of which in my opinion will continue to accelerate unemployment for American workers as the other agreements have done.
4-He is pushing the Iraq government to sign a long term agreement which will condone the permanent bases we have already built in their country. He will assure that we stay in perpetuity as we have in Japan, Korea and Germany.
5-He has just vetoed legislation to stop the CIA from using water boarding as an interview procedure. What must the rest of civilized states think about this? He is pushing hard to return to eavesdropping on all conversations without restrictions.
The above are only the ones I have made note of from the media. I am sure there are many more. His legacy will be long lived for sure.

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March 13, 2008