Thursday, June 15, 2017

Enough is enough

This morning a nut case opened fire on Republicans who were practicing before a charity game with their Democratic colleagues. A number were injured. The Capitol Police returned fire and killed the shooter. On the news last night there was a report on a new play on Broadway. It is a modern day copy of Caesar. Caesar is a Trump look-a-like. We were shown the knife stabbing scene. It was disgusting. We learned that The Academy of Arts (our tax dollars at work) funded this with $30, 000,000. The other sponsors are The New York Times and CNN. You are all aware by now of the hideous display of Kathy Griffin holding a blood dripping severed head that resembles Trump. Any of you who know me well understand that I believed that Obama was doing irreparable harm to America. I never wanted him dead, I just wanted him gone. Hillary would have been a continuation of his failed policies so I voted for the only alternative left. That was Trump. The Liberal Media and rabid liberals opposed to Trump continue to do all in their power to keep him from fulfilling the promises he made to those of us who voted for him. Do I like the Tweets, no? Do I agree with some of his actions, no? The truth is I have never agreed with all of the decisions of any President. It is time for all political leaders and Americans to pull together to solve the many problems we face as a nation. I saw positive signs this morning as Congressmen of both parties stood side by side in harmony. I can only hope the feeling has staying power. Jack B. Walters June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Letters to the editor

There are usually no more than six letters published on a daily basis. It seems that two or more are from people who dislike Martha McSally. You continue the process you followed prior to the last election of castigating all who are of a conservative viewpoint with the express purpose, in my opinion, of influencing readers prior to the next election cycle. She was able to gather enough support to be elected, so her supporters are out there. I refer to them as the silent majority. You are mistaken if you believe your strategy will prevail. The tragic thing is to attempt to discredit a person who risked her life flying combat missions on behalf of our country. That alone puts her at the top of my list. As to her voting record she is voting in support of the issues that the majority demanded, nothing more and nothing less.