Friday, November 16, 2012

Just a Coincident- Letter to the Editor

In just over one week after the re-election of Obama the Stock Market plunged, there were riots and massive strikes in Europe, Hamas in Palestine decided the time was ripe to start raining thousands of rockets into Israel, A House Committee is finally allowed to see the real time video of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. Obama, Clinton, Susan Rice, Petraeus knew that this was a coordinated attack. They all spoke only that it was provoked by a stupid video made by an Egyptian living in California. They were directed by the President in my opinion. Action could have been taken but wasn’t. Petraeus and Allen are found to have been guilty of being involved with women when they should have been taking care of their soldiers. It was known by the FBI last July but of course they wouldn’t tell a President until after the election. Keep watching, this is just Act I. Jack B. Walters November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Critique of election results 2012

All of the pundits are mouthing words to explain what happened this week with the overwhelming victory of President Obama over Romney. You, who know me, will not be surprised that I would want to add my own thoughts as well. Romney’s chance to win was compromised during the Primary process. The new Republican Party is so far right in its philosophy that he had to relinquish his more moderate positions to even be considered as their candidate. He was labeled a flip flopper as a result. During his contest with Obama he tried to be more attractive to moderates in the party or Independents but the label stuck. The fatal blow was the taping of him in a private meeting asking for contributions. He said “47% wouldn’t vote for him” The inference was about lower income people including those receiving government checks. A good friend on Social Security took this to mean his comments referred to him personally. This election could be the last opportunity to return to some type of fiscal sanity. Just today I read that Puerto Ricans had voted to accept Statehood. Those millions would automatically become Democrats. Should Obama be successful in granting citizenship to the millions of Latinos in the country illegally, those millions would also become instant Democrats. Even if the candidate in 2016 is not black, I believe blacks will continue to vote as a block as they have in recent times. Those receiving unemployment benefits, welfare, Social Security disability insurance or food stamps will not bite the hand that feeds them. There are many other programs similar to the ones named that also provide checks for people who are not contributing to the general good of society. Unions can be counted on and the multitude of Federal employees who are enjoying the good life. If the Republican Party is ever to become a viable alternative it must return to its original credo of fiscal conservatism not moral or “family” as it was transformed into back in the 70’s. I watched it unfold while living in Iowa. It was during these years that evangelical Christians decided that the Republican Party was their best chance to influence government. Let me be clear, I never saw it written down or openly discussed but it was obvious to any observer. They started at the bottom with school boards, local offices of all kinds with the goal of infiltrating like-minded persons into government. As the years went by they incorporated their agenda into the process until it became the basis for the party platform. As I tried to convince family members to vote for Romney, I was told that no Republican will ever get their vote as long as their platform is anti-women’s rights. The country is running out of white folks. Whites are no longer the majority of the population. There is nowhere to go but down. Unless the party finds a way to be inclusive to gays, Latinos, etc. it will decline to irrelevance. It is perceived now as the party of fat cats. By signing the Norquest “No tax increase” pledge they are seen as standing up for those at the top. Their attacks on Social Security and Medicare are not welcome by seniors or those hoping to have those benefits when they reach retirement age. Reducing death taxes to zero allows those with fortunes to pass their wealth onto following generations creating a permanent class of super-rich. We might as well be a monarchy; it amounts to the same thing. I fear for the future of our country. With Obama installed I have no faith that the nightmare of annual trillion dollar deficits will be reduced. Now that the elections are over “thank God” the news media is drumming up how catastrophic the “fiscal cliff” will be if it goes into effect at the end of this year. Unemployment will sky-rocket and lay-offs will increase; the stock market goes into free fall, etc. Let me ask you, are you so selfish that you are not willing to pay your share today rather than leave it the coming generations to deal with. Is that the legacy we think is right to burden our children with? I say no. Funding for all wars must be paid for by us. If we don’t like it then stop the fighting. It seems simple and straightforward to me. There may be a snippet of co-operation between the Parties but I don’t believe it will amount to anything other than providing sound bites for the Media to talk about. The deficits will continue unabated, the old wars will continue for two more years at a minimum, new wars will be started with Iran, if not some other country like Syria. Obama will continue catering to the Muslim community as he has done for the past four years, Israel will be left to fend for themselves, and China will continue taking our industry for their people by using the same strategy that has been so successful to date. We have already started the ongoing, never ending process of preparing for the next election, the Corporations will once again spend untold millions influencing Congress to do their bidding, As low as the approval rating of Congress gets the people still re-elect their Congress person or Senator. We could be energy independent but Obama will keep putting in road blocks to assure it doesn’t happen, I will stop now with the above optimistic report. Jack B. Walters November 8, 2012