Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trillion Dollar Stimulous Package

As I understand it the incoming Congress intends to enact legislation costing as much as a trillion dollars as soon as possible. The only thing I have heard mentioned so far is infrastructure. It appears that there are a number of projects ready to go with only lack of funding to prevent them from being accomplished. I support the idea but whenever funds are thrown at a project on a massive scale like this corruption and waste are sure to follow. It is like believing that the financial leaders could be allowed to operate without oversight since they would obviously exert their own restraint. In you have not been living in a cave, you should realize by now how that turned out.
Does the Congress believe that there are millions of skilled road and bridge workers just waiting for work? How many of those who have lost their jobs in the downturn of the economy, are skilled and capable of functioning efficiently? Are there not winter conditions existing in most of our States that would prohibit construction until Spring rolls around again? Of course they could start in Arizona and the other Southern States. I’m sure the Northern States would be happy to see the funds spent in the South.
Here are my thoughts on how to spend whatever money is appropriated.
1- Immediately raise gasoline taxes by $1.00 or $2.00/ gallon. Use the funds then for infrastructure instead of appropriated funds. Reimburse all owners of vehicles an amount comparable to this increased burden. These owners can than chose to put money into their pockets by purchasing the most gas efficient vehicles on the market. Let the people control the manufacturers. They will get immediate response instead of the song and dance routine of Congress with their CAFÉ standards and Detroit fighting them every step of the way.
2- Immediately cover the total cost of health care that manufacturers and business now must provide. This will remove this costly burden and improve the competitive standing vs. the rest of the world’s businesses who do not pay these horrendous costs. Once this is done, then Congress can finish the job by providing health care to every American citizen.
3- Make funds available to any company in the business of producing energy whether American owned or foreign as long as the production is done in America by American citizens or immigrants in our country legally. Since the sun is the ultimate energy source this is where the emphasis should be placed. The urgency of becoming energy independent is so critical, I would also allow funds to be made available to any other feasible type to help us achieve independence as we move to solar as our final goal.
There are many other places where funds could be spent. I will not enumerate further other than to say that any money available should be shared equally with all Americans rather than enrich those who have brought us to this sorry state of affairs including those who purchased homes they could not afford or went deep into credit card debt to enrich their lifestyles. Try to remember that there are some Americans who have lived within their means. We don’t understand the mentality of rewarding the wanton behavior of these people. We are citizens too. We are the forgotten ones. We do exist and we also vote.

Jack B. Walters
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December 9, 2008