Friday, August 27, 2010

Muslim structure near ground zero

( letter to the editor 8/27/2010)

This is another attempt to get the attention of the editorial staff of the Arizona Daily Star about the opposition to the one hundred million dollar Muslim structure planned to be constructed near the place that used to be the World Trade Center.
It is my belief that it is an affront to all Americans or should I exclude those high and mighty all knowing who consider us bigots, racists, etc. I leave it to you to add other negative traits showing our ignorance and backwardness.
Since these people probably won’t even notice I will now report on the article in today’s Star from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It seems a supermarket had hired eleven women as clerks. Under pressure from strict religious groups the women were discharged.
When will the women of America start to speak up in defense of women all over the world who are demeaned on a continuing basis whenever Muslims are in the majority and Sharia law is enforced? A good friend who is female wrote to me and said American women would never stand for it. I replied that when that time arrived she would not have a voice in the decision.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A wake up call for America

I am grateful that the Islamic leadership has chosen to shove our precious commitment to religious freedom down our throats. What they have done is bring out into the open their program to take over America without dropping bombs. They are using our Constitution to further their aims. They have been exceedingly successful throughout most of the world including Europe. Shariah courts are allowed to function in England right now.
The number quoted to erect this Mosque is $100,000,000. I don’t know about you but that is a large sum to me. I feel proud to drop a twenty dollar bill in the collection plate on Sunday morning. Where is the investigation journalist to dig in to find out who is supplying these funds? I would venture to guess it is Saudi Arabia. It is well documented that they contribute large amounts providing Islamic education in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are called Wahhabi madrassa and are a conservative fundamentalist offshoot of Sunni Islam and the official religion of Saudi Arabia’s rulers.
In today’s Star there was an article about the stoning to death of a young couple in Afghanistan found guilty of adultery by Muslim Taliban militants. It is considered legal punishment in Iran. If you follow the news you should be aware that a young woman was sentenced to die in this manner recently. It has been postponed due to condemnation from outside Iran but her fate is still in their hands.
Our so called leaders including the President and the Mayor of N.Y. are spouting religious freedom garbage. They should instead condemn this sacrilege. It boggles the mind to think that they want to build this structure at ground zero of the dastardly attack on the World Trade Center by Islamic terrorists. People like to refer to them as extremists. I think not. Just check out the atrocities others have committed over the last decade all around the world.
Again I say thanks for the wake up call. The question is will it be heeded by those in leadership positions.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

After Empire by Dilip Hiro-a book report

The Birth of a Multipolar World
Whenever I see a title like this I can’t resist reading. I wrote an article dated June 9, 2005 entitled American Empire by Andrew Bacevich. In it I referred to two others, After the Empire by Emmanuel Todd and The Sorrows of Empire by Chalmers Johnson. The article summed up my conclusions of all three books. This was included in My Last Angry Man book. I just recently wrote a review of The Post-American World by Fareed Zakara dated 7/19/2010. I had sent this to you by e-mail and also placed it in my blog,
This book I am reviewing was published in 2010. It takes the theme from the earlier ones and brings us up to date on where we stand as a nation at this time in his estimation. His conclusion mirrors Zakara’s book which was published in 2009. Much of the earlier predictions have been proven true. Having lived through the decades where we became the strongest and best nation in my time on earth, it continues to sadden me that the decline is accelerating with a total lack of understanding by our elected leaders on what is needed to reverse the downward spiral. I am convinced it doesn’t have to be this way. We need to recognize that we cannot go it alone in the years to come and we must accept that dropping bombs and sending our carrier fleets to trouble spots around the globe will no longer be acceptable to the rest of the world nor with our own people.
The tragic preemptive wars started by George W. Bush have done the greatest harm to our standing in the world. The loss of lives of our servicemen together with the lives of Iraqis and Afghans and squandering over one trillion dollars has hurt us greatly. While all of this was taking place President Bush gave away billions in tax breaks mainly benefiting the richest among us. We as a people were not asked to shoulder the financial burden, just go out and spend to keep the economy moving and leave the fighting and dying to others. At the time I felt this was disgraceful. Now that President Obama echoes this thought I haven’t changed my mind.
Before I start with the review I just have to share information on page 45. He reports that a team of American experts calculated the IQs of the U.S. presidents since George Washington using a complex process. They found that George W. Bush scored poorly on “openness to experience, cognitive proclivity that encompasses unusual receptiveness to aesthetics, actions, ideas and values”, a factor closely associated with intelligence. Compared to Bill Clinton (182), John F. Kennedy (182), Abraham Lincoln (195) and Thomas Jefferson (199), Bush’s score was zero.
If you took the time to read my Last Angry book will know my low opinion of him. He was a disaster for America and the world. How he got thru college is beyond my ability to comprehend.
There is so much I should report but the enormity of it all prevents me from condensing the book content into sound bites that might spur you to read. The sum total of it all is that America continues to extend itself militarily throughout the world and exhausting itself financially by going deeper and deeper into debt. The rubber band can only stretch so far and then it will snap. Our perceived enemies need only to wait us out while they grow stronger.
Communism is defunct now replaced by pseudo capitalistic systems that mirror capitalism but remain managed under tight control. It appears to be effective. Countries like Russia, China and India have been increasing their GDP by healthy percentages on an annual basis improving the lives of their citizens while America has floundered with stagnant growth, increasing joblessness and decline in the standard of living we had enjoyed for decades. These countries while allowing some freedom still keep a tight lid to prevent the excesses that are rampant in America as seen by the financial meltdown that has still not run its course.
Our political system has deteriorated into warfare between the major parties. Billions are spent annually swaying the voters which in the end changes nothing. No candidate has the courage to take controversial positions if not wanting to seem radical. Staying the course is the most radical position they should take. With Corporations free to spend all they wish I see no hope of getting sanity and honesty back into the system.
In his epilogue chapter he says, “By strictly regulating the appreciation of the Yuan against the dollar, China continues to sell its products at prices lower than those of American-made products”. He also states, “That China and Russia will prevent the United Nations from authorizing military action against Iran, no matter what it does with its nuclear program”. This means we go alone or with a few allies. A multi-polar world is taking shape. His last sentence is, “That marks the end of the American Empire”.

Jack B. Walters
August 14, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abraham Lincoln - a book report

Abraham Lincoln
A man of
Faith and Courage
By Joe Wheeler

I don’t know about you but I can never get enough reading about the life of Abraham Lincoln. This particular book is very positive in all respects. It emphasizes his deep religious beliefs and the gentleness of his character. Appendix Two and Three are stories of kindness and concern in separate instances involving children. In addition, throughout the book, there are many references to his honesty and compassion. There can be little doubt that he deserves to be recognized as the greatest of all our presidents.
He learned to hate the slavery of blacks early in his life by witnessing the cruelty of those in power over the slaves. He vowed to do whatever he could to remove this curse from America. He alone deserves the recognition that it was accomplished. During the critical debates with Stephen Douglas he made this the central theme of his campaign. When he was announced as the President-elect the Southern States seceded from the Union. Prior to his taking office Washington was nearly taken over. In fact on his way to Washington there were attempts made on his life.
The early days were fraught with impending disaster. There were many instances where he could have perished but he lived on to see his dream realized a United States of America without slavery. There has never been a man elected President from such a low estate. He thanked profusely his second mother for providing opportunities to learn to read against his father’s will. His father thought learning anything other than the basics to survive was wasted effort. Thru hard physical labor Abraham developed into a very strong man. A number of times his strength was necessary for survival.
The overriding theme of this book is the strong faith that he relied on during the darkest days. He did not hide it. Many of his speeches and writings included references to God and his purpose for mankind.
In today’s world our leader has asserted that we were never a Christian nation and has gone out of his way to prove his conviction. Where, oh where, is our Abe Lincoln when he is so desperately needed not just for America but for the world.

You can ignore my last paragraph. I do recommend reading this book.