Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside Job-a documentary film

A documentary by Charles Ferguson is now playing at the Loft Theatre in Tucson. This theatre shows off beat films. I can only hope that it is showing in other theatres around the country so that some of you receiving this report may have the opportunity to see it for yourself. It is not new information but is put together in convincing fashion to enable the viewer to grasp the complexity of the upheaval in our financial institutions.
One of my articles in my last book was entitled “The Golden Age of America”. It covered the decades following the Second World War until the mid 70”s. I listed many issues leading to the good times coming to an end. I blamed the financial institutions and the mega-corporations for abandoning Americans as they strove for greater profits for themselves. This film clearly documents the demise of regulation in favor of self regulation which was supposed to happen but didn’t. It all started with President Reagan with his push for deregulation of banking, utilities, airlines, etc. All the following presidents added to the process up to and including President Obama. All thru his campaigning he talked about ending the greed of Wall St. but surrounded himself with those who were largely responsible for creating the problem. I will give him credit for knowing what needed to be done but in the end he caved in to his advisors and Congress. The bill passed was too weak to be effective. I am sure his current decision to extend the tax breaks for the very rich was due to pressure from those same advisors. One memorable statistic stated that the top 1% of Americans now owns 23% of GNP.
Both political parties are responsible which leaves us hanging as to what needs to be done. I am repeating myself from other messages I have sent out but I am convinced the politicians will continue to allow this pillaging to continue unless we find the will to resist forcibly.

Jack B. Walters
December 13, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Never Surrender-a book report

A soldier’s journey to the crossroads of faith and freedom
LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin
Former commander of U.S. Army Special Forces and founding member of Delta Force
With Lynn Vincent

I had recently received an e-mail which contained a speech General Boykin had made recently. It was stirring, full of his religious beliefs and the threat facing our nation from radical Muslim terrorists. Many of you receiving a copy of this book report will recognize that this has been a subject of great interest to me ever since we discovered the great hatred that exists in the radical element of persons professing to be Muslim believers.
As the General describes his life journey, I was reminded of a recent book about Ronald Reagan. Both men had extremely religious mothers who nurtured their faith at an early stage sufficient to carry them thru life.
Most of the book follows his growth thru his Army service. It was interesting to find he was a member of the first Delta Force organized for hostage rescue and quick raids to capture enemies. I received a whole new perspective on the planned raid to rescue the 54 Americans held hostage by Iranians during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The preparation on the part of Delta was thorough. The mission could have been successful except for the failure of the Navy helicopters to carry them to the Embassy in Tehran. A minimum of six were required. Only five were in good enough shape to fly so the mission was scrubbed. One of them on takeoff crashed into a plane carrying Delta force men creating havoc. I will let you read to learn more.
He was also on the raid to capture Noriega in Panama and was the commander in Somalia where he ordered the raid to capture enemies and disaster occurred with the loss of many good men. If you have seen the movie “Black Hawk Down” you will be interested in his perspective and how deeply the loss of so many good men impacted him.
His last four years of service to his country was in the Pentagon as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. It was during these last years that he started participating in giving speeches to Christian assemblies. He spoke as a devout Christian and his concern for the threat to America from radical Islamists. The news media took after him with a vengeance. How dare he do this while wearing his uniform? After extensive investigation he was exonerated but I am sure the conflict led to his decision to retire. He still speaks out today. I am one who supports him totally. Wake up America.

Jack B. Walters

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

American Conspiracies-a book report

By Jesse Ventura

I learned about this book from an e-mail I received. It intrigued me enough to purchase. I have not been disappointed. A large portion of it was confirmation of information I had absorbed over time from books read or by other means.
My skepticism began about the time of the slaying of President Kennedy. His death profoundly affected me. As he was growing in stature as president Americans began to believe in themselves again. There was hope and optimism not only here but around the globe. When news came of his death I was working in Canada. My fellow employees were as devastated as I was. Tears were flowing. I was convinced then and I am still convinced that there was a conspiracy involved not just a lunatic loner.
President Kennedy was planning to reduce our advisors in Vietnam which would have restricted the growth of the military/ industrial alliance, former President Eisenhower warned the nation about. His brother Bob was putting the heat on the Mafia without the support of J. Edgar Hoover. The CIA was playing dirty tricks in Cuba including assassination attempts on the life of Fidel Castro, at the same time Kennedy was considering normalizing relations. He was beginning to take monetary control away from the Federal Reserve. In short there were multiple groups who wanted him out of the way. With his death the hopes and dreams died with him. This book implies a conspiracy and formulates how it may have occurred. The most devastating part is the alleged cover up perpetrated by the FBI and others in authority and the fallacy of the findings of the Warren Commission.
He covers other conspiracies starting with Abraham Lincoln. I was newly aware; as this was documented for me in a Lincoln book I had just finished reading. He covers the deaths of Robert Kennedy and suggests that the assassin was either drugged or the victim of brain washing and states that the number of bullets fired could not have come from the same weapon. Here again evidence was lost or destroyed.
He raises questions about the Jonestown Massacre which are intriguing.
There are 14 chapters in all. In the later ones he comes down hard on the elections of 2000 and 2004. He insists they were rigged and stolen by various means. I agree totally. It was unbelievable that the Supreme Court would bestow upon themselves the authority of declaring a candidate elected in the middle of the vote count. In 2004 exit polls declared Kerry winning easily in Ohio but the results were just the opposite. He claims the electronic voting machines were the reason. Whether it is true or not, I continue to support paper ballots as the only sure way to prevent fraud.
Those of us who continue to believe that the World Trade Centers could not possibly be brought down in ashes within minutes by the jet fuel of airplanes are considered hopeless. Most cannot believe that government could be involved. He brings to light many factors which are inconsistent with the report of the 9/11 Commission. A cover up is implied. He condemns corporate controlled media for swaying the public.
Chapter 13 is entitled “The Wall Street Conspiracy”. His condemnation of the fat cat financial gurus is right on the mark. They operated recklessly knowing full well the government would rescue them if things went wrong. He solidifies my thinking that all of Washington is in bed with these thieves and that our only hope as a free country is to vote all of these elites out of office. He and I condemn both parties equally. There is not much time left for us if this is not done.
The last chapter should be of concern. It covers the continuing loss of privacy of us all and the threat that poses on us continuing as a free people.
Whether you agree with him or not, should you take the time to read you will not be bored. Ventura’s book reminds me of Lee Iacocca’s book “Where have all the leaders gone”. Neither author is timid about naming names and placing blame. My copy is available for anyone who asks.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
November 2, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Green President

I watched a commentary news program yesterday. The subject was green energy, which has always been important to me. The comment was made that Obama should be called the green president not the black president because of his strong commitment to green energy. They stressed the importance of wind and solar. Then they glossed over the fact that most of the jobs created to produce the materials necessary to accomplish were being manufactured in China.
I can remember during the campaign that often Obama would laud the ability of American workers and further it was assumed without question that green jobs would be created in America. I consider this a betrayal on his and Congress’s part of American workers. He and Geitner continue to talk tough with China about their unfair trade policies but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to take action. In the meantime they can find funds to fight obesity with their gift of $15 million to Pima County. Whoopee.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
October 20, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Black & White - a book report

Setting the Record Straight
American History
In Black & White
By David Barton

I was informed about this book and immediately ordered a copy from It is only 138 pages long but is chock full of information some of which I was well aware and others that even though occurring in my life time I had forgotten or just never realized how bad it was.
Having just finished reading a book about President Lincoln and the Civil War I was cognizant of the situation during those years but the years following I had never studied
Until the years following WWII the Democratic Party was dedicated to keeping the black people in America in their place.
The Republican Party was created by people who were opposed to slavery. Lincoln became their first President.
Some people have claimed that the Constitution was a racist document. The author disputes that and I concur with him. The reason stated is that black men were counted as 3/5 of a person. The reason was that the Southern States wanted to count them to increase the number of representatives they would have in the Congress. The compromise reached was 3/5. It recognized the reality of slavery at the time we were breaking off the yoke of England. It was not the time to try to eliminate slavery. That would have to wait for another time. It is indisputable that the Democratic Party both North and South supported slavery. The Civil War was fought because of their insistence that slavery be extended into the new States being created in the Western part of the Continent.
Following the Civil War the Southern States were ordered to change their Constitutions prohibiting slavery. This they did. For a few years blacks voted and became legislators in these States but as time went on the Southern Democratic Party removed some of the protections afforded the blacks and began to systematically harass and did all manner of things to keep them from voting in addition to segregating education, housing, eating establishments, etc. They were kept as virtual slaves for over 80 years following the XIII and the XIV Amendments to the Constitution in 1865 and 1868. Not one Democrat voted in favor of the XIV Amendment.
In 1893 Grover Cleveland Alexander was elected President. He was a Democrat and the majority of the House and Senate were Democrats. It was then that the Congress started turning back the clock on rights and actually attempted to repeal the XIII and XIV Amendments in 1900. There were enough Republicans to prevent that from occurring. Think about what I just wrote, Democrats wanted to re-institute slavery in 1900. That is just 110 years ago.
During the decades after the Civil War blacks were controlled not only by legislatures and law enforcement but also by the KKK. The author contends the KKK was synonymous with the Democratic Party.
FDR was the first Democrat to want to do something for the blacks but had his hands full with WWII. His wife Eleanor did resign from the DAR when they refused to allow Marion Anderson to sing at their annual convention. Truman did take action. He desegregated the military. He attempted to pass civil rights legislation which caused the Southern Democrats to break away and form the Dixiecrat Party. President Eisenhower tried to pass civil rights bills and faced stiff opposition from Democrats. It wasn’t until Kennedy that a Democratic President took action to integrate schools and after his death Lyndon Johnson was able to get Kennedy’s Civil Rights programs enacted into law.
He doesn’t explain how in recent years the black voters have turned to the Democratic Party to sustain them. Perhaps it is the never ending give away programs which while giving support at the same time create dependency whereas the Republicans want people to work and sustain themselves without government handouts. I just wonder if keeping them poor, ignorant and dependent is the new age strategy of the Democratic Party.
If you want to be better informed about our history I highly recommend reading this book.

Jack B. Walters
October 7, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Team of Rivals - A book report

The Political Genius of Lincoln
By Doris Kearns Goodwin

This book is another interesting approach to understanding our greatest president; Abraham Lincoln. I have read many books on his life. They usually approach the subject from different vantages. This one reviews the lives of the members of Lincoln’s cabinet leading to being appointed to his cabinet. Three of them were in the running for president against Lincoln. He chose them as he considered them to be the most capable men available and wanted their advice as he led our country thru its most perilous period.
It has 754 pages of reading, much of which requires concentration to keep the various people in the proper order since many names are made a part of this history book. It is an excellent work that required years of diligent research to compile. I am going to take a Lincoln break now even though I find his life and thinking of outstanding value.
It is available at the Tucson Public Library.

Jack B. Walters
October 4, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I am Confused

In today’s Arizona Daily Star (10/3/2010) there was a recap of votes taken in Congress last week.
The House voted 348 to 79 in favor of enacting trade penalties on China (HR2378). In Arizona, Democrats were in favor and Republicans against. I have promoted this for seven years now. This vote is meaningless without the Senate also voting and the President signing into law. So now we hold our breath awaiting their return after the elections. Based on this with more Republicans in the Senate it probably won’t occur anyway. Since it has been so obvious for so long that China was not playing fair why did it take until now for the House Democrats to take action? Even if the Senate had voted in favor I doubt the President would have signed the bill.
On a different bill the Senate voted 53 for and 45 against a bill (S3816) which would have rewarded companies repatriating jobs back to America and penalizing the reverse. It did not pass as 60 votes were required. Guess what McCain and Kyl both voted against. These guys are supposed to care about American jobs. This is what they do to show their concern. They keep mouthing platitudes but when the rubber hits the road they take a powder.
Somebody please explain this to me with all the talk about great Republican victories. No one is as upset as I am with the Democratic Party but as the above shows I have no respect for the Republicans either.

Jack B. Walters
October 3, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Candy Bombers - a book report

The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America’s Finest Hour
By Andrei Cherny

This is truly a beautiful story. I knew something about it from reading the life story of General Lemay who was in charge of the Air Force in Europe at the beginning. I was a young GI serving in Japan while it occurred. I guess we were preoccupied with our own sphere of concern to understand what was happening in Germany. This fine book filled in the gaps for me and I will guess would for you as well. This would be particularly true for those too young to have been around at that time. I highly recommend reading by anyone interested in history and in particular American history.
It begins with the joyous meeting of Russian and American soldiers at the Elbe River. This is where our forces were ordered by General Eisenhower to stop. He saw no good reason to lose more lives fighting for Berlin since the war was essentially won. The book reports that the Russians lost 350,000 men taking Berlin. That is a larger number than the West lost in the European war to date. That was a wise decision.
The Russians were brutal in their revenge; looting, raping and killing citizens of the city. The partition of Germany into four zones; Russian, English, French and American also included the city of Berlin. Each country shared in administering. As the years advanced from 1945 to 1948 animosity built between Russia and the Allies. Russia lowered the Iron Curtain over the countries to the west of Russia and was on a mission to make all Europe Communist States. They refused to co-operate on issues large or small. During these years hatred of Germans was shared by all parties. The hardships they were suffering were what were owed to them after the devastation they had brought to Europe.
In March 1948 President Truman asked the Congress for prompt passage of the Marshall Plan to save Europe. This was not acceptable to Premier Stalin. Berlin was located deep in the Russian Zone. It was supplied by narrow corridors for planes, trains and trucks. On April 1, 1948 all routes into the city were blocked except air. Air became the only way to supply the Allied Forces and the two and one quarter million citizens. An airlift was immediately started. No one had any faith it would be able to sustain a population that large. All of Truman’s advisors recommended pulling out our troops and giving the city to Russia. Truman held firm. He said “We will not leave Berlin”. The Chief of Staffs refused to send additional aircraft. They were overruled by Truman.
The Airlift was haphazard at best until General William Tunner arrived. Under his leadership it became a well oiled machine with planes landing every three minutes night and day. One of the pilots was Hal Halvorsen. On one of his trips he wandered over to where German children were standing watching the planes coming in. He reached in his pocket and broke two pieces of gum and handed it thru the fence. He immediately got the idea of dropping candy with handkerchiefs as parachutes. He was able to communicate his intention. He told them to watch a plane that wiggled its wings. He did that and continued whenever he could get rations.
To make a long story short, let me just say that this small act of kindness mushroomed into a complete change between the citizens and our forces. They endured hardships thru that winter but held out in their resolve to be free. On May 1, 1949 the Russians opened the corridors and normalcy returned. American citizens were absorbed in the drama. It is suggested that President Truman was elected for a large part because of “Operation Candy Bombers”.
I found this book at the Tucson Public Library.

Jack B. Walters
September 22, 2010

Teach our children the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

(Letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star)
I feel compelled to write in response to your lengthy editorial in today’s Star entitled “Ethnic-studies defense group must be open”. I support your insistence that the Ethics Group clean up their act. Have any of your reporters checked into where the funding is coming from? If you did I am convinced you would realize that it is being supported by the organizations that were responsible for the Legislature passing House Bill 2281 in the first place. Check the La Raza web site as a good place to start.
Teaching Hispanic youths that the white founders of our country were evil and that white people today wish to hold them down is completely wrong. Whether America was wrong about taking the territory of New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California from Mexico is of no interest. There was a war and that was the result. The home is where families can discuss their heritage, not the schools. That goes for the children of all immigrant families whatever their race or creed.
What should be taught to all students before they reach High School is a full year curriculum about our Constitution and the men and women who placed their lives on the line to give us today the freedoms we still enjoy? That the men who wrote the words were white and wore powdered wigs does not detract from the fact that they forged the greatest government doctrine of all time, a doctrine some, I fear; believe to be outmoded and needing correction. Should it need to be improved there is a Constitutional process to accomplish that change.
I will be thankful should you be able to assure me that what I propose is already happening. Since my children have long ago attended High School I do not have information from them. I am convinced however from the attitude of students showing disrespect to speakers who do not mouth the words they want to hear, that the Constitution is not a part of all students curriculum.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
September 22, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Grand Jihad-a book report

How Islam and the Left Sabotage America
By Andrew C. McCarthy

I don’t even know where to begin in reviewing this powerful book. Mr. McCarthy is another brave person who is willing to stand up and be counted. In my searching for answers over the past nine years I have read many books to try to grasp what is happening in the world and in particular America. This book in its entirety conforms to the knowledge previously gained. It is always amazing to me that writers like Mr. McCarthy can compile so much information and then share it so the reader can understand it as well.
I highly recommend reading. I found it on All who seriously consider that they are patriots must learn the truth of what is happening in the world and especially in America.
There are several chapters devoted to our current president. This book asserts that he is deliberately and systematically abetting the Muslim community in their stated goal of transforming our Constitution by replacing it with Sharia law. Obama has stated over and over that America will never be at war with Islam, conveniently refusing to accept that Islam is and has been at war with America for decades. Obama has allowed these people to be infiltrated in his administration but also throughout the legal system including the Attorney General’s Office, Homeland Security, the Courts and the FBI. He has ordered all agencies including the military to purge all words that might suggest the Muslim community is perpetrating acts against us. Words like; Islamic terrorists, Muslim terrorists, jihad, war, long war, global war on terror. War is now referred to as “Overseas Contingency Operation”. Enemy combatants held at Guantanamo are simply referred as “individuals currently detained at Guantanamo Bay”. Islam is never to be uttered in conjunction with terror. Those guilty are instead referred to as “violent extremists”.
Under Islam, blasphemy is a capital offense. Anyone found guilty is to be put to death. Had the Florida Pastor burned copies of the Koran as he boasted he would do, not only would a call be put out to kill him but in my opinion the entire Muslim world would have exploded with thousands or more lives taken. There is no tolerance. How many examples do you need to hear about before you become convinced? Author Jytte Klausen wrote a scholarly book on the Danish cartoon controversy. It was to be published by the Yale University Press. It was only done after purging the guts out of the book making it meaningless. The same thing occurred to two writers in Canada, Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. Steyn’s book was entitled “America Alone”. Levant’s was “Shakedown”, about Canada’s human rights racket. In England the Cambridge University Press apologized for publishing an academic book called “Alms for Jihad”. They agreed to pay damages, retrieve the books and pulp any unsold copies. A Dutch Parliamentarian after the famous cartoon drama studied the Koran and made a 15 minute film called Fitna. It recites faithfully the exhortations to violence such as Sura 9:5 that “when the sacred months have past,” Muslims must “slay the idolaters wherever you find them”. He was found guilty by the Amsterdam Court of Appeals for inciting hatred. Suspected al Qaeda members are welcomed in the British Parliament. Just in today’s Arizona Daily Star (9/17/2010) was a very small article about a cartoonist in Seattle. Her name is Molly Norris. She had written a satirical piece called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. She has gone into hiding on the advice of the FBI, told to change her name and wipe away her identity. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST WROTE? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AMERICA. If I were in charge I would order the FBI to track down those who have threatened her life. It won’t happen while Obama is president.
There is a complete chapter about the Enclave in Minnesota. It is a precursor of what is happening all over America including right here in Tucson. Islamicization is seeping into the classrooms where a study has been introduced called “Islam in the Classroom”. The content purports how peaceful and loving the religion is. There were enough Muslims to elect a member of Congress, Keith Ellison. This is where it gets scary, the melding together of Islam and the Left. The community supported Al Franken in his successful campaign for the US Senate. Muslims find comfort and support from the Democratic Party. I wonder if the Tea Party folks are aware of this. If so, I have not heard any statements showing that they are now on the side of the angels in striving to maintain America as the founding fathers gave it to us. Perhaps a copy of this report will reach one of them and a fire gets started.
Islam is totalitarian in its designs. It would usurp almost all of what, in American society, is the secular space controlled by free people governing themselves in accordance with their own desires, under no obligation to heed any creed. This would not be possible under Sharia law. There you are either Muslim and live according to the tenants or you are dhimmis, second class citizens forced to pay tribute to your masters.
Not all Muslims share the goal of converting the world. He estimates a third are content as we are to live and work in a free society enjoying the fruits of their labor and living with neighbors who may share the faith or not. The other two thirds are divided between the violent ones who want to force the issue. There are the al Qaeda types who strap bombs to their bodies, fly planes into buildings, etc. Then there are those who are patient and are willing to devote the time and effort to conquer by infiltrating and weakening the people until their goal is reached which is the same as the violent ones.
My conclusion after absorbing the contents of this book and others I have read recently like The Muslim Anti-Christ is that the elections this November are vital. I will swallow my pride and support Republican candidates as I want Obama’s presidency to weaken to where the damage he can commit is lessened. I believe he is guilty of treason and should be impeached. Many, if not all of you, will disagree with this strong statement. If I am wrong then give me your suggested books or other information for me to read which might prove me wrong. I don’t think that is possible.

Jack B. Walters
September 17, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010


By Harold Holzer

I found this book at the Public Library. I am not going to recommend reading except for those who can absorb great detail. It is nearly 500 pages covering almost daily events between the times Lincoln was elected until his swearing in ceremony, November 6, 1860 to March 4, 1861. Much of it has to do with the endless petitioning for patronage jobs. The author introduces thousands of names I found difficult to keep track of.
Nearly four full months elapsed before he could take control. Had the process been shortened as it is today, perhaps the secession of the Southern States might have been avoided. The current President James Buchanan could not or would not take decisive action. One by one the States declared their independence from the Union. Before he was sworn in Jefferson Davis had already been elected as the President of the Confederacy.
Lincoln worked tirelessly perfecting his inaugural address hoping he could persuade the South to re-enter the Union, to no avail. In it he agreed to uphold their right to slavery and also pledged to enforce the return slave policy which had been enacted by the current Congress. The only point he would not accept was allowing slavery in States yet to be admitted into the Union. By this time the Congress had also outlawed bringing more slaves to America. Lincoln’s theory was that if contained in the original States that over time it would end of its own accord.
I can only ponder what might have happened had they accepted his terms; might slavery still be in effect today?

Jack B. Walters
September 5, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Muslim structure near ground zero

( letter to the editor 8/27/2010)

This is another attempt to get the attention of the editorial staff of the Arizona Daily Star about the opposition to the one hundred million dollar Muslim structure planned to be constructed near the place that used to be the World Trade Center.
It is my belief that it is an affront to all Americans or should I exclude those high and mighty all knowing who consider us bigots, racists, etc. I leave it to you to add other negative traits showing our ignorance and backwardness.
Since these people probably won’t even notice I will now report on the article in today’s Star from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It seems a supermarket had hired eleven women as clerks. Under pressure from strict religious groups the women were discharged.
When will the women of America start to speak up in defense of women all over the world who are demeaned on a continuing basis whenever Muslims are in the majority and Sharia law is enforced? A good friend who is female wrote to me and said American women would never stand for it. I replied that when that time arrived she would not have a voice in the decision.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A wake up call for America

I am grateful that the Islamic leadership has chosen to shove our precious commitment to religious freedom down our throats. What they have done is bring out into the open their program to take over America without dropping bombs. They are using our Constitution to further their aims. They have been exceedingly successful throughout most of the world including Europe. Shariah courts are allowed to function in England right now.
The number quoted to erect this Mosque is $100,000,000. I don’t know about you but that is a large sum to me. I feel proud to drop a twenty dollar bill in the collection plate on Sunday morning. Where is the investigation journalist to dig in to find out who is supplying these funds? I would venture to guess it is Saudi Arabia. It is well documented that they contribute large amounts providing Islamic education in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are called Wahhabi madrassa and are a conservative fundamentalist offshoot of Sunni Islam and the official religion of Saudi Arabia’s rulers.
In today’s Star there was an article about the stoning to death of a young couple in Afghanistan found guilty of adultery by Muslim Taliban militants. It is considered legal punishment in Iran. If you follow the news you should be aware that a young woman was sentenced to die in this manner recently. It has been postponed due to condemnation from outside Iran but her fate is still in their hands.
Our so called leaders including the President and the Mayor of N.Y. are spouting religious freedom garbage. They should instead condemn this sacrilege. It boggles the mind to think that they want to build this structure at ground zero of the dastardly attack on the World Trade Center by Islamic terrorists. People like to refer to them as extremists. I think not. Just check out the atrocities others have committed over the last decade all around the world.
Again I say thanks for the wake up call. The question is will it be heeded by those in leadership positions.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

After Empire by Dilip Hiro-a book report

The Birth of a Multipolar World
Whenever I see a title like this I can’t resist reading. I wrote an article dated June 9, 2005 entitled American Empire by Andrew Bacevich. In it I referred to two others, After the Empire by Emmanuel Todd and The Sorrows of Empire by Chalmers Johnson. The article summed up my conclusions of all three books. This was included in My Last Angry Man book. I just recently wrote a review of The Post-American World by Fareed Zakara dated 7/19/2010. I had sent this to you by e-mail and also placed it in my blog,
This book I am reviewing was published in 2010. It takes the theme from the earlier ones and brings us up to date on where we stand as a nation at this time in his estimation. His conclusion mirrors Zakara’s book which was published in 2009. Much of the earlier predictions have been proven true. Having lived through the decades where we became the strongest and best nation in my time on earth, it continues to sadden me that the decline is accelerating with a total lack of understanding by our elected leaders on what is needed to reverse the downward spiral. I am convinced it doesn’t have to be this way. We need to recognize that we cannot go it alone in the years to come and we must accept that dropping bombs and sending our carrier fleets to trouble spots around the globe will no longer be acceptable to the rest of the world nor with our own people.
The tragic preemptive wars started by George W. Bush have done the greatest harm to our standing in the world. The loss of lives of our servicemen together with the lives of Iraqis and Afghans and squandering over one trillion dollars has hurt us greatly. While all of this was taking place President Bush gave away billions in tax breaks mainly benefiting the richest among us. We as a people were not asked to shoulder the financial burden, just go out and spend to keep the economy moving and leave the fighting and dying to others. At the time I felt this was disgraceful. Now that President Obama echoes this thought I haven’t changed my mind.
Before I start with the review I just have to share information on page 45. He reports that a team of American experts calculated the IQs of the U.S. presidents since George Washington using a complex process. They found that George W. Bush scored poorly on “openness to experience, cognitive proclivity that encompasses unusual receptiveness to aesthetics, actions, ideas and values”, a factor closely associated with intelligence. Compared to Bill Clinton (182), John F. Kennedy (182), Abraham Lincoln (195) and Thomas Jefferson (199), Bush’s score was zero.
If you took the time to read my Last Angry book will know my low opinion of him. He was a disaster for America and the world. How he got thru college is beyond my ability to comprehend.
There is so much I should report but the enormity of it all prevents me from condensing the book content into sound bites that might spur you to read. The sum total of it all is that America continues to extend itself militarily throughout the world and exhausting itself financially by going deeper and deeper into debt. The rubber band can only stretch so far and then it will snap. Our perceived enemies need only to wait us out while they grow stronger.
Communism is defunct now replaced by pseudo capitalistic systems that mirror capitalism but remain managed under tight control. It appears to be effective. Countries like Russia, China and India have been increasing their GDP by healthy percentages on an annual basis improving the lives of their citizens while America has floundered with stagnant growth, increasing joblessness and decline in the standard of living we had enjoyed for decades. These countries while allowing some freedom still keep a tight lid to prevent the excesses that are rampant in America as seen by the financial meltdown that has still not run its course.
Our political system has deteriorated into warfare between the major parties. Billions are spent annually swaying the voters which in the end changes nothing. No candidate has the courage to take controversial positions if not wanting to seem radical. Staying the course is the most radical position they should take. With Corporations free to spend all they wish I see no hope of getting sanity and honesty back into the system.
In his epilogue chapter he says, “By strictly regulating the appreciation of the Yuan against the dollar, China continues to sell its products at prices lower than those of American-made products”. He also states, “That China and Russia will prevent the United Nations from authorizing military action against Iran, no matter what it does with its nuclear program”. This means we go alone or with a few allies. A multi-polar world is taking shape. His last sentence is, “That marks the end of the American Empire”.

Jack B. Walters
August 14, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abraham Lincoln - a book report

Abraham Lincoln
A man of
Faith and Courage
By Joe Wheeler

I don’t know about you but I can never get enough reading about the life of Abraham Lincoln. This particular book is very positive in all respects. It emphasizes his deep religious beliefs and the gentleness of his character. Appendix Two and Three are stories of kindness and concern in separate instances involving children. In addition, throughout the book, there are many references to his honesty and compassion. There can be little doubt that he deserves to be recognized as the greatest of all our presidents.
He learned to hate the slavery of blacks early in his life by witnessing the cruelty of those in power over the slaves. He vowed to do whatever he could to remove this curse from America. He alone deserves the recognition that it was accomplished. During the critical debates with Stephen Douglas he made this the central theme of his campaign. When he was announced as the President-elect the Southern States seceded from the Union. Prior to his taking office Washington was nearly taken over. In fact on his way to Washington there were attempts made on his life.
The early days were fraught with impending disaster. There were many instances where he could have perished but he lived on to see his dream realized a United States of America without slavery. There has never been a man elected President from such a low estate. He thanked profusely his second mother for providing opportunities to learn to read against his father’s will. His father thought learning anything other than the basics to survive was wasted effort. Thru hard physical labor Abraham developed into a very strong man. A number of times his strength was necessary for survival.
The overriding theme of this book is the strong faith that he relied on during the darkest days. He did not hide it. Many of his speeches and writings included references to God and his purpose for mankind.
In today’s world our leader has asserted that we were never a Christian nation and has gone out of his way to prove his conviction. Where, oh where, is our Abe Lincoln when he is so desperately needed not just for America but for the world.

You can ignore my last paragraph. I do recommend reading this book.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck

Ok, I know how you feel about Glenn Beck. I can take him sometimes and others I can’t. I believe he stretches the truth to make his points. At any rate I found this book at the public library and said to myself, oh well, why not.
He weaves his general philosophy of government into a “thriller”. That is how he described it. It pits the ever decreasing minority of patriots against the powers that are in control. The time is not too far in the future. Those in power are getting anxious to garner complete control over the masses who they believe will give up all pretense of being a government of the people. All that is needed is a 9/11 incident, only one more deadly, then out of fear whatever freedom still remains will be surrendered.
It is conceivable for me as I believe the mega corporations already have us under their thumb. With the vast resources available they can sway the people out of fear to vote for the candidates most beholden to them. I can see the time when they tire of the game and go for the whole enchilada.
He weaves many facts into his story and at the end provides access to web sites to learn more. This book is just presenting his views in a more casual manner.

Jack B. Walters
July 28, 2010

Engaging the Muslim world by Juan Cole

There can be little doubt that Mr. Cole possesses a great deal of knowledge about the Middle Eastern countries including history. The purpose of his book, in my opinion, is to convince the readers that they have nothing to fear as far as Muslims are concerned.
His hatred of all things Jewish offended me the most. I readily admit that Israel together with the backing of America has pushed their weight around in their desire to provide a homeland for all of the Jewish persuasion. Jews from around the globe have migrated here as a refuge from discrimination and persecution everywhere but particularly in the Muslim world. They have successfully defended their country many times since being created in 1947. They must win or it is all over for them. This I firmly believe.
Mr. Cole, in the first chapter spells out the truth of America and England interfering in their lands in the quest for domination over their petroleum resources. These facts are well documented. I firmly believe that the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan are following the same script.
His other premise is that Muslims just want to be left in peace. He did not convince me. To be honest, I am too far gone to be persuaded that their goal is not domination of all countries on earth. If they are as peaceful as he claims why is it you can be jailed for possessing a Bible, can be killed if you convert to Christianity, why do their text books tell the students that infidels must be destroyed or made subservient to their leaders?
As I stated at the beginning Mr. Cole knows his subject. You could learn a lot about this issue by reading as long as you just add this to the information
you already possess.
I want to end by quoting a comment from his Conclusion Chapter. It is on page 245, first paragraph, “If they (the Palestinians) cannot have a state of their own, then Israel will have to grant them citizenship. With one and one half million living in Israel as citizens today, this has been my personal conviction for many years. I have recommended adding small sections one at a time to allow them to be assimilated and then add more. He and I agree totally on this point.
I found this book at the public library.

Jack B. Walters
July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I bought this book expecting the worse and was proven wrong. The author includes many instances over hundreds of years in his attempt to assume the factors leading to the rise and fall of nations.
His conclusion is not that America will decline in stature but that the rest of the world is improving to where our influence will not be as great over the next decades as it has been since the late 1800’s.
Without checking I will grant that his history of the world is accurate. I found no glaring errors from my limited knowledge. He points out that America’s strength is in the innovation and determination of our citizens and that our weakness is our political system as it has evolved to where the two parties continuously parley for dominance without working together to resolve issues. I certainly agree with this. I have written many times how money distorts the election process.
He is firmly convinced that our military is very strong, far superior to other nations but that even so our enemies today and in the future will not be daunted by this power as it will be impossible to use it for fear of harming civilians. I agree with this also. Sending a million dollar missile to blow up a vehicle isn’t cost effective from my point of view. Part of the reason we are going deeper and deeper into debt is to support thousands of bases throughout the world. No other country does this. Even if this gives us an advantage to move quickly he reasons that going it alone as was the policy of Bush, Cheney just cannot continue. The world resents what they consider to be bullying tactics. He asks that we become more humble and instead of telling our allies what they must do he believes we should listen as well. What a novel idea.
I disagreed with his comments on illegal immigration and the threat from Islamic terrorists. He believes that the illegal immigrants just want jobs. We hear this over and over from those who can’t wait to grant citizenship to millions here illegally. Work visas where there is a need to those willing to work but not welfare, free medical, free schooling and all the rest. We simply cannot afford “cheap tomatoes” anymore. I got this phrase from an e-mail about how truly expensive it is when all costs are considered. As to Islamic terrorists, he minimized this threat concentrating on the growth of China and India. In my opinion this is the most serious threat we face as these people want domination and are willing to kill and die to accomplish their goal whereas China and India’s people are just learning and working harder to compete which is the way it should be. I am sure our president while reading will learn from it and perhaps use it to govern better but if he continues his love affair with Islam instead of facing this threat to the world we will be sorry he did. On that fateful day not too far in the future it will be too late.
My copy is available for anyone interested.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Islamic Anti Christ- a book report

The shocking Truth about the real Nature of the Beast
By Joel Richardson

I was advised of this book by a like minded friend. I ordered it from The astonishing thing is that it was published and could be found for sale. The normal strategy of radical Islamics is to threaten with death for anyone writing about Mohammad or Islam in a way that they consider blasphemous. The author took a pen name and revealed as little as he could out of fear for the safety of himself and his family. The following is part of a vicious e-mail he received. It was one of many.
…Allahu Akhbar!! (Allah is the greatest!) Yaaaa Allah! (Oh, Allah!) I will chop off your head! May Allah damn you and your whole family. May you and your whole family rot in hell forever. I want you to know that all Muslims call upon Allah to damn you and put you in hell. I will personally kill your family. You will die a very slow and painful death inshallah (by the will of Allah)…….
In spite of this I will sign my name at the end of this review. When I send it out I will blind copy all those receiving it for your protection.
He tries as best he can to avoid condemning Muslims as a group. He wants us to consider them one person at a time. Regardless of his assertion, I cannot conceive that any practicing Muslim would not be offended by the premise contained in this book.
He states “This book is first and foremost a study of Islamic eschatology (end time belief) and those specific doctrines and practices that seem to correlate….to the biblical descriptions and prophecies of the last days”. All thru the book he quotes Chapter and verse from the Koran and from the Bible showing how similar the writings were in describing the earth’s last days. He states that Muslims as well as Christians expect Jesus to return to Earth but the expectation is different for each religion.
In Chapter One he emphasizes the rapid growth of Islam. Not only Europe but also in America. Conversions from Christianity and birth rates will assure that Islam will be the dominate world religion within the next 15 to 20 years. In America the growth is predominately in the major cities. There are an estimated 350,000 in Chicago and over 700,000 in New York City. Another startling statistic is that African Americans represent 85% of conversions. He asserts that Islam will be the primary vehicle that will be used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible about the future political/religious/military system of the Antichrist that will overwhelm the entire world just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. (This is pretty heavy stuff).
In explaining Islamic eschatology he states that the Qur’an mentions five things a Muslim must believe in order to be a Muslim. They are;
1-Belief in Allah
2-Belief in the last day.
3-Belief in Angels.
4-Belief in the scripture.
5-Belief in the prophets.
Christians on the other hand generally ignore the last days in spite of the fact that end-time belief plays a prominent role in the New Testament.
The principle person to emerge is referred to as Mahdi. He will be Islam’s messiah. He will be the leader who will rule over the Islamic world and will lead a world revolution to establish an Islamic world order. The first order of business will be the total destruction of Israel until only a few remain. He will reign for seven years during which time Islam will be the only religion practiced on the Earth. In Chapter 5 he makes the assertion that the biblical anti Christ and the Mahdi are the same person. The prophecy also includes Jesus returning not as a Christian but Muslim converting all to Islam or having them killed. (Not a pretty picture).
Chapter 18 is a summary of comparisons between the Islamic and Biblical narrative of the end times. You will have to read to see what they are.
Whether you as a Christian believe in end times or not, a true Muslim does. This is what will drive them in their quest for world domination. My copy is available to anyone interested in pursuing further or you could order it as I did until there are no more available to purchase.

Jack B. Walters

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stupidity at the G-20 Summit

The purpose of the gathering of “leaders” from the major countries was to find a way to restore fiscal sanity. They are all awash in debt with the exception of China which has so much of the world’s debt that they can’t spend it fast enough.
I find it extremely ironic that the estimated cost of Security was $900 million. Protesters assemble any time these mega conferences are held no matter which major city in the world. There is much to protest about but that is another topic. I certainly hope that the Mayor of Toronto promptly bills all 20 nations to cover this cost. The good citizens of Canada should not have to pay alone.
How about this for a suggestion, hold the next meeting on the island next to Ketchikan, Alaska? This is the place where the bridge to nowhere was to be built. They could meet in the hanger. Bring in trailers for their accommodations and eat simply.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More letters, less Fitz

This letter was published in the Arizona daily star 6/15/2010.
I wrote it as they were filling up the editorial page with cartoons and editorial columns by David Fitzsimmons leaving minimal space for letters from people. For the record I did enjoy his walk around Tucson articles. They were informative and enjoyable. As a short term series it was OK. I only wrote when the Star gave him a large portion of the page for his political commentary which had the effect of shutting out average concerned citizens.

Is it your intention to keep reducing the space available on the editorial page so that fewer citizen's comments will be printed? Not only does Fitzsimmons have a cartoon but also a large column almost daily anymore. Some of us are growing weary with his placing us in the category of stupid and racist. I like to read articles from the people, not paid journalists.

No good to use Guard as paper pushers

This was published in the Arizona Daily Star- 6/1/2010

Do you really think that Americans are happy with the decision to send troops to the border? Perhaps they are but not me. It will be no different than the last time. They are not sent as soldiers but as paper pushers. They were not allowed contact with illegals or drug runners. They were forced to back down when they encountered men with AK-47's. Their officer was quoted as saying they followed orders. Of course they were. Why not instead call out and demand the invaders drop their weapons and surrender to authority. Then the message might finally get thru that our government meant business. It will not happen I can assure you.

Washington failed on Gulf oil spill

This letter was published in the Arizona Daily Star on 5/30/2010.

The enormous oil spill in the Gulf is another clear example of why it seems Washington is incapable of doing the job we expect. In my opinion it was the lack of oversight on the part of regulatory agencies. The rules in regard to Nuclear Energy are so stringent as to make it nearly impossible to build and operate new plants. Why then are oil companies like B.P. allowed to drill in the Oceans off our shores without oversight to assure disasters like this can never happen? My answer is the cozy relationship between the corporations and the regulators. Personnel pass back and forth on a continuing basis with regulators rewarded with cushy jobs. This must end one way or another. This is not a political issue. It is business as usual. My only solution as an individual is throw out all incumbents and start over with ordinary citizens who care .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still Angry

I have just published my third book. The title is "Still Angry". It is similer to my "The Last Angry Man" book which was published in 2006. This latest one covers the years from 2007 to the present. Many of the articles found in my web site were put together in book form. The list price is $25.38. I have given away many copies. I plan to sell on Amazon if possible. Making money is obviously not my purpose. My purpose is to try to understand the world we live in and I suggest many ways improvement could be achieved. I would like to reach as many people as possible.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns

I missed the discussion led by Ken Kolenbrander and Anne Donovan the day this book was discussed so I didn’t hear whatever they had to say about it. Since then my good friend Ausma loaned me her copy to read. I have just finished and while it is still fresh I will attempt to state what I gleaned from it.
It was well written and clearly stated the needs of the people of the world but more importantly described how their condition could be improved if only those of us proclaiming to be Christian actually began to live as Christians. I include myself in this condemnation as there were many times in my life when I looked the other way. Without being too hard on myself I did my best to provide for my family, my company, our employees, our customers and our community. We were always active participants in our church and made contributions with treasure and talent whenever we could. I only share these thoughts as all thru the book Mr. Stearns asks us to think in terms of individuals with the sure conviction that if we did we could change the world.
There is a chapter on Time, Talent and Treasure. It matters not if we are billionaires we can make a difference. There are some at Rosemont that work in soup kitchens. Others visit the sick and offer friendship and companionship. There are many ways to help others less fortunate than ourselves.
There was a study made that is mentioned in the book. It compared the lives of people who claimed to be born again Christians and Atheists. Their behavior was very similar, much of which was not to be admired. He takes from this that words don’t determine actions but good works do. He insists that faith is foremost but also that faith without good works is empty. He points out the staggering sum that could be amassed if Christians as a dedicated group would tithe and give a substantial portion to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.
I am going to close by saying that most of us consider that we are a Christian Nation. If that is so, why do we spend staggering sums on armaments of all kinds? How can this be doing Christ’s work in this world? A tiny portion used properly could help to improve lives and reduce hatred among nations and religions. Our government thinks granting loans so countries can purchase arms from our protected defense industries, is being of benefit. I say no. Help dig wells, build school houses, treat the sick and show them how to be self sufficient, the benefit of that type of program would be beneficial and who knows we just might increase harmony throughout the world. Perhaps even other religions might want to participate in humanitarian programs as well.
The HOLE he refers to is the lack of carrying out God’s promises. Mouthing platitudes and singing in the Choir on Sunday just isn’t enough. I hope many of you will read this book and further that discussion groups probe it further.

Jack B. Walters
May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flyboys-a book review

By James Bradley

Mr. Bradley also authored Flags of Our Fathers. I have read both books. He is another author that does extensive research before writing. This included personal visits with Japanese soldiers who were involved with captive flyers on the Island of Chichi Jima. This was an outpost manned by 35,000 soldiers. It had two mountain peaks which had been used to install radio equipment for communication to Japan. It was located near to Iwo Jima. There were eight prisoners. Only one lived. He had been sent to Japan and survived the war. Another pilot shot down near the island was rescued by a submarine. His name was George H.W. Bush. The two crew members in his plane did not survive.
One by one the prisoners were executed after being stabbed with sharp sticks or bayonets. They were then beheaded and in a number of instances their livers and strips of flesh from their thighs were cut out and fed to officers. This all came to light during interrogation. The details were filled in by Mr. Bradley hunting down and persuading soldiers to tell their story.
The main story is about these men as young lads who eagerly signed up to be part of the Navy’s Air Arm, some as pilots, others as gunners or radio men. We get to know them and their families.
Woven into the book is a snapshot of how brutal the war was on both sides. The Japanese soldiers were treated harshly by their officers and non coms. They were taught to obey all orders without question. If they died it was for the Emperor and they would be rewarded. The slaughter of Chinese soldiers and civilians was carried out methodically and without any semblance of humanity.
One of the stories is about the B-24 Bombers taking off from an Aircraft Carrier to bomb Japan early in 1942. Psychologically it was effective both in America and Japan. We needed a lift from all the bad news. The Japanese were stunned that the war could come to their sacred lands. All of the planes crashed before reaching the Chinese Airfields due to the task force being discovered 200 miles short of the planned take off. To punish the Chinese over 200,000 were slaughtered in the area closest to Japan as they assumed the planes had used airfields in China.
We do not always come off as the good guys. The author traces our history leading to this latest conflict. I will let you discover the data when you read the book. Read it and get a refresher on how brutal war is.

Jack B. Walters
May 21, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

SB 1070 - What happens now?

The Arizona Legislature has created quite a furor by passing this legislation. In the final analysis the only positive aspect will be that the subject of illegal immigration and drug smuggling has been elevated in the consciousness of those Americans who are concerned about matters such as this.
This letter is being written with a heavy heart as I am probably the only one who has it all figured out. Those who have taken offence at the heartlessness of Arizonans can rest easy for I am sad to tell you that nothing of consequence will occur. The reason I can say this is that the will of the majority has been continuously thwarted for many years now. Knowing the heavy burden we have been forced to live with we have taken every opportunity to vote for any proposition designed to stop the invasion into our State.
Several years ago we approved strong penalties against employers who knowingly hired illegal immigrants. The thinking was that if jobs were not available they would return to their own country or migrate to other parts of the country. That was callous on our part but we felt if it worked as we hoped then other States could pass their own laws to do the same thing. Over time the illegals would be squeezed out. The problem is that the law has not been enforced. The reasons given were lack of funds and higher priorities. To date only two firms have been identified. One of them had already closed their doors and no action has been taken against the second firm. Perhaps it was a mistake in the wording of the resolution in that proper funding was not included. In my opinion the answer is that those in positions to enforce just do not agree and have sat on their hands defying the will of the people.
SB 1070 with a few exceptions will not be enforced. To start with random stops are prohibited, so the advice I would give to those here illegally is to have your vehicle in good operating condition. Be sure head and tail lights are working and obey all traffic rules. If in a 25/mph construction zone, drive 22/mph, etc. Do not give law enforcement officers an excuse to pull you over and question you as to whether you are in America legally. If you are pulled over just show your drivers license whether obtained fraudulently or legally and you will be free to go on your merry way.
It should be readily apparent that there are two sanctuary cities i.e.; Flagstaff and Tucson. Both City Councils have voted to sue the State. Whether their suits are successful or not, I ask you what directions will they pass on to the Police Chief and how hard will they come down on any officer who takes the initiative to follow the law. I think you know the answer to that. There will be a few deportations. You can be sure the Arizona Daily Star will print heart wrenching stories about families being broken up and how they just wanted to be good citizens living here whether they came legally or not.
We all know that neither political party in Washington has the fortitude to enforce laws that have been on the books for decades fearing backlash and lost votes from the Hispanic Community. There will be many sound bites but the only result, if any, will be a repeat of times past with citizenship granted to millions. Hollow threats about keeping others out will be just that, hollow threats and so America will become more Latinized on a steady trend until the majority has been attained. At that time we will be just like Mexico and the other Central American countries with corruption the rule. I of course will be long gone when that occurs which is the reason I feel compelled to make my voice heard now.
I am not totally depressed as there are a few brave souls out there trying to resolve this issue in a reasonable fashion. Perhaps in the end reason will prevail. We can only hope. In the meantime those in favor of open borders should relax and enjoy the fact that nothing will change as a result of

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
May 14, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God and Ronald Reagan

A spiritual life
By Paul Kengor

I have a good friend at my church who reads as much or more than I do. She is a Christian in every sense of the word. Her first name is Ausma. She handed this book to me to read with the admonition that she knew I had been disillusioned by the policies of Reagan when he was president. She wanted me to understand the depth of his Christianity. This book clearly states the truth of her thinking.
It doesn’t change my thinking in regards to legislation passed during his years in office. I won’t take your time now by listing them. There were many that have led to the disasters we are living with today. Be that as it may, this book opened my eyes to the essential goodness of this man and his life long belief in Christianity and his resolve to help all peoples everywhere enjoy the freedom to live with their beliefs without fear of persecution as was happening so severely in the Soviet Union and the satellite states under their control.
This book takes us to his childhood with a devout mother and influential clergy who were close to him. He offended the communist elite in Hollywood by railing against that ideology. His greatest success was opening up Russia and to some extent China and allowing religious freedom. Premier Gorbachev must also be given credit. Reagan felt that deep down Gorbachev was a Christian. At any rate Reagan throughout his years in office did everything he could to accomplish this goal. It was of course successful. The Berlin wall did come tumbling down and the Soviet Union was dissolved with the satellite states regaining their rights to function as free countries.
The above was the result but reading the book gave me an insight into the deeply held beliefs he had and how they were developed and nurtured along the way. I now have a much greater understanding of this unique personality who was our president during the perilous cold war years.
I recommend reading to those who enjoy history and believe religion can be a positive influence.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random thoughts about the Tea Party movement

As a self described “Last Angry Man” you would expect that I would rally around this new group of disgruntled citizens. I haven’t for a number of reasons. The first is my total disregard of their number one leader, former Governor Sarah Palin. She moves rapidly around the country. Just a week ago she spoke to about 4,000 people at the Tucson Fairgrounds. Her rallying cry was “Do you like your freedom”. This was followed by the comment that the new Republican Party wasn’t the party of no; it was the party of hell no. Both comments were cheered by the attendees. I totally disagree with every statement she makes. People like her stir up hatred and indirectly incite their listeners to violence as has been noted across the country in the days following passage of the health care bill.
The wrath of this movement is centered on the Democrats and is striving for the defeat of any who voted for the bill. I feel the same way, but what they conveniently choose to forget is that the Republican Party was in power for eight years, during which time nothing of positive value was done for Americans. They can talk about their health care ideas being rejected. Where were those ideas during their eight years in power? They gave us two wars, a senior drug program that was a costly give away to the drug companies and the “No Child Left Behind” program which adds billions to the cost of education without adding to the learning experience. I have proposed many times that canceling this program would allow precious, scarce funds to be spent on education not testing.
There is little chance that a tea partier will ever read any of my writings but if they did this is what I would challenge them to do, vote against any candidate regardless of party who accepts campaign funds from corporations or unions. This may be impossible to do. If that is so then look for any candidate that accepts the fewest dollars. We must wean them off of the bribery gifts they receive today or we will never regain our freedom. Search for populist type candidates who care about the things most Americans care about and not about what the corporations demand.
Just this week there was another article about a major energy company shutting down production of solar panels our country and moving to China. This would not stand if we had a president who understood that this was wrong. I say that because I have not heard of any comments from the White House that they understand or care. Believe me our former president also did not care. Millions of factory jobs were sent to China on his watch so don’t tell me that an overwhelming victory by the Republican Party will be any better.
I strive for the day a third party arises that consists of candidates that do not accept corporate gifts, a party big enough to include all Americans under their umbrella. Then we could begin taking back our country. Until then I urge the tea partiers to not allow them to take your vote for granted that you will be in lock step for any candidate with a Republican label. Feel sorry for those of us who voted in the present administration. All of our hopes and dreams have already gone up in smoke. That in the end is what is most disturbing to us all and that is that rhetoric spoken that we want to hear is not what happens once elected. We must be more vigilant and question all candidates and check their record leading up to their candidacy. This takes time and effort which most would rather not have to do. We don’t have any other choice. It is now or never.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

1982 UN Committee on the Law of the Sea

I have been reading articles and watching news programs recently which relate to the depletion of sea life in the oceans of our world. According to an article I gleaned from Google, the United Nations has been debating this subject and attempting to resolve at least beginning in 1982. All manner of fish and coral life are disappearing. The coral because of fish nets scrapping the ocean floor. With the technology at their disposal today fishing vessels are extremely efficient and there are increasing numbers putting to sea every year. Many nations led by America have attempted to put some order into the process to little avail. Salmon runs are depleted by the mass fishing of cod which nurtures them during their annual migration. Further with the technology they can be found at sea and harvested long before returning to the streams that spawned them. Tuna is reaching the point of no return and the nations wanting them the most refuse to make even small reductions. These same nations harvest fins from sharks and throw the carcasses back into the ocean. Again these nations continue to hunt and kill whales for “scientific” purposes while most of the civilized nations accept the need to let them rebuild their numbers. The primary nations involved are Japan, Norway and Iceland.
Recent efforts by the United Nations were thwarted by China, Japan and Russia. What this proves to me again is how useless the United Nations is in resolving issues of critical importance to the world. A few nations can prevent programs from being implemented to curb what some nations consider to be their right, and so populations will continue to be depleted while the U.N continues their useless unproductive debating sessions.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 29, 2010

Health Care Bill Passed

I have waited several weeks before attempting to put words to paper. If you are still with me so far you will have read the articles I wrote attempting to suggest what I thought should be in the bill. I pretty much struck out.
There are high sounding words abounding with praise from the one side and derision from the other side. As for me, I hope that the Supreme Court, upon examination will find that the Federal Government has overstepped its Constitutional authority by demanding that everyone must buy health insurance. This is by far the worst aspect of the legislation. Like everyone else who mentions this I have to state up front that I am not a lawyer but common sense tells me that the founders of our country never had it in their minds that the government should have this much authority over the lives of the people. The power of the Federal Government was intended to be limited in scope and all else the responsibility of State Governments. It has been reported that 18,000 IRS agents will be hired to monitor compliance of citizens and those found guilty were to be fined a hefty sum to get their attention. If we were hiring agents to collect taxes owed by those who deliberately cheat the system, then I would say hooray, but not this.
The unseemly deals cut to purchase votes were smarmy at best and irresponsible at worst. Those involved should suffer defeat at the next opportunity for people to vote. The health insurance industry won out as I had predicted. These millions of forced new customers, most of whom are young and in good health will be a profit boon to the industry. Many of these people are college graduates struggling to find employment in their chosen fields and saddled with debt accumulated to graduate. They will have little to show for their years of dedicated learning and will be forced to put off purchases and improvements in their lives with these costs to contend with.
Depending on the ever changing definition of poverty, those individuals or families will automatically receive free health care thru Medicaid. My question knowing the devastation that can be wrought by illness, why would these people ever strive to rise above the poverty level? The few dollars of additional income would not be worth it if they lost free care. This is just something to think about.
The heavy burden to pay for all this will fall on those who thru skill and effort have reached the upper levels of the middle class. While I am always willing to make sure the very rich pay their fair share, I consider this a disincentive for striving to excel. What do you think?

Another topic not related to health care is the legislation that has already passed the House and is waiting for Senate approval. This is the Cap and Trade Energy bill. Within a year after passage you will not be able to sell your home unless it has been inspected to assure it complies with the ever changing energy and water efficiency standards. I have seen estimates that an average cost could be $6,000. I bet you didn’t know about this. You just assumed as I did that the intention was to provide incentive for industry to improve. Once again the Federal Government is taking control over the lives of every day citizens. If this also passes in my opinion the light of freedom in America is fading rapidly.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 29, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another letter in defense of Toyota

This is my third letter on the subject of law suits against the Toyota Company. It seems the ghouls I referred to before have just gotten started. It was reported on March 22, 2010 that new law suits are being filed against the company. These are to recover losses in stock value due to the recent recalls of vehicles. I wonder what effect these will have on further driving down the value of the company’s stock value.
Just for kicks I googled the stock history of General Motors. In the late 90’s a share of stock was worth in the $80’s per share. The latest selling price is $0.75 per share. How about that for losing value. This is even after being bailed out by our government to the tune of billions. I don’t suppose closing down the Hummer Division or Saturn or Pontiac had any adverse effect. In fact if you are interested check out the various actions of the company since the 1900’s and you will see a continuing process of selling off assets.
In my opinion the mismanagement of this company was outrageous. They refused to enter the new world of fuel efficient vehicles while Toyota led the field. I tried to find out if there were class action law suits in process against the loss in value of General Motors stock. I couldn’t find it. Perhaps you will.
To put an end to this letter I would like to come to the defense of all industry. The quality level when compared to a few decades ago is fantastic. The dependability has vastly improved.
Law suits against products produced today our creating havoc with the profitability of many manufacturing companies. The profit margin per unit sold is not large enough to pay out billions. There must be a way to control them or manufacturing will go the way of the Dodo bird.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 23, 2010

Welfare and Unemployment Benefits

I have been pondering this subject ever since the Arizona Daily Star placed a two column editorial on March 5, 2010 criticizing Senator Jon Kyl for remarks he made during the debate in the Senate over continuing unemployment benefits for the entire year of 2010. He was quoted as saying “it was a disincentive for people to seek work”.
As a reminder to my readers it had been previously been approved for the entire year of 2009. What this means to me is that persons previously in the work force could have a full two years of receiving a weekly check in Arizona of $265/ week. Their only requirement is to keep applying for employment similar to the job they had been doing before being laid off.
I very seldom find myself in agreement with our good Senator but in this case I am, at least partially. The reason for partially is that in the end he did vote to extend, I assume under extreme pressure such as he received from the news media.
I will now show how insensitive I am. I would have voted against it or at the very least modified the process.
I am now going to share comments made by Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes Sunday March 21, 2010. He was also upset. He talked about the need for work crews on construction projects or roads. The only job these out of work people deem suitable for their talents is to be the supervisor. They would never consider manual labor. It is beneath them, what with their educational levels and previous jobs. He added that we need plumbers, electricians and brick layers to rebuild our infrastructure that is crumbling all around us. I thought to myself well done. Millions of listeners heard him; some might even be elected officials.
Let me digress now and discuss welfare. Prior to August 22, 1996 many people had spent their entire lives living on their welfare checks. President Clinton signed the “Welfare Reform Act” on that date. He was working with a Republican Congress who insisted changes be made and they were. From that time forth there were stipulations that set limits on entitlements; required most to engage in job activities which included work experience, community service, job training or vocational education. In addition they must find work within two years or perform community service. It mandated a minimum of 30 hours per week and imposed a lifetime limit. Checking the Internet, even with these changes it is mind boggling the various and sundry rules that I am sure can be bent. Regardless, at least an attempt was made and it has been reasonably successful in getting people back to work.
Now let’s return to the subject of Unemployment Benefits. There has to be a way to get these people who are capable back into the work force. The minimum wage in Arizona at the present time is $7.25/hr. That times 40 hours equals $290/week. That would be $25 more than the unemployment check. Of course leaving home and traveling to the job site would be a cost that would deduct from wages earned. I would go so far as to allow deductions that would assure the minimum of $265 is maintained. Most unemployed would be expected to find work paying more than the minimum. My point is that not working for two years is just plain wrong. It is no wonder our nation is on the brink of insolvency. This give away to people in their wage earning years cannot be allowed to continue. It is at this point where I like to remind that FDR’s programs got men out of the house. He did not want them to get used to idleness so that when real jobs were available they would step right in. Why can’t our elected officials understand this fundamental truth? I would also ask the editor of the Star to reconsider and put forth a proposal of his or her own.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 23, 2010

A positive response to Mr. Pitt's column

(Mr. Pitt had reacted to comments made by Glenn Beck that you should flee your church if the Pastor preaches about helping the poor.)

Dear Mr. Pitts,
I couldn't agree with you more than the content of this column. I have been an ardent admirer of Rev. Wallis ever since I read his book and recognized him as a great religious leader. His main theme has been caring for the poorest among us.
I think I know where Glenn Beck is coming from. He hates entitlement programs almost as much as I do. Give aways to people capable of working and contributing to the economy are wrong except when given to cover a gap in time between jobs.
If your intent was that we should do all in our power to help people become independent then I am with you. If you just want to continue to give money to those who should and could be working, then I disagree.
The Pastor of my church cares for those in need, so I attend the right kind of church as I assume you do.
Yours truly,

Jack B. Walters
March 21, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Response to a Leonard J. Pitts Jr. article

Response to your article dated 3/14/2010 entitled
“A reminder that evil comes in all genders and colors”

Writing to you after reading one of your articles is becoming a habit for me. I only do so when it contains racial content. This one was a real stretch.
You are elated that a potential terrorist was not only white but also a diminutive American female. Most of your article was devoted to hammering other columnists that over the years since 9/11/2001, have called for the common sense profiling of Arabic men who fit the profile of those who died while carrying out their dastardly deed. I could give you a hundred or more examples of other terrorist atrocities over the past decade. I am sure you are well aware, so I won’t clutter this note by listing them. As for Colleen LaRose, there was ample evidence for our security forces to stop her from committing the violence she was planning.
Norman Mineta was the Secretary of Transportation under President George Bush at the time of 9/11. He was interviewed on 60 Minutes and stated firmly that profiling would not be allowed. This was quite understandable from his standpoint since his parents of Japanese descent had been incarcerated at the beginning of WWII, unjustly as it turned out. The outrage of Americans to the acts committed on “A date that will live in infamy”, was the justification.
What is happening worldwide today is something altogether different. The radical Muslim leadership is committed to converting the entire planet to their beliefs. Only if you bury your head in sand can you ignore this fact. At the time I tried to make sense out of profiling by stating that if the Irish Republican Army was intending to attack us, then we should take special steps to look for white, blue eyed Irishmen. The fact is they aren’t but Arabic Muslim men and women are. They will strike us again if they can. Taking precautions of checking country of origin or profiling makes sense to me. No matter how you look at it, LaRose was an aberration.
I do agree with your final comment that evil comes in all guises. No argument here.
Yours Truly,

Jack B. Walters
March 14,2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two articles in today's Star caught my attention

1 - Four Democratic Senators are pushing legislation to assure that Stimulus funds for alternate energy are spent in America not China. It seems that solar panels and turbines are being produced in China
2 - The second reminded us that in 2014 we will no longer be allowed to purchase incandescent light bulbs. In case you are not aware, all of the fluorescent bulbs being manufactured today are made in China. In addition General Electric just recently stopped producing incandescent bulbs in America. I can only assume they have moved their production to China as well.
I have two questions to ask. Where are our great and wonderful “conservative” Senators? Why aren’t they joining forces with the Democrats mentioned in the first item? The second is what right does the Federal Government possess that they can dictate the bulbs every day citizens want to purchase?

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 4, 2010

American Ghouls

We Americans are a special breed. We are like vultures that descend on dying animals and devour their carcass, not satisfied until the bones are picked clean. I am ashamed to be associated with them. I have always prided myself in being an American but I will not associate myself with what many have become. The following paragraph will explain my wrath.
In today’s Arizona Daily Star there was an article from the Associated Press detailing lawsuits in process against the Toyota Corporation. I can accept that persons injured or deaths as a result of sticking accelerator pedals could be justified in filing claims but what appalled me was that to date over 89 class action law suits have been filed to recover loss of value of Toyota vehicles as a result of the mechanical problem being resolved. Kelley Blue Book has lowered the resale value of Toyotas by an average of 3.5%. These law suits could potentially cost the company in the Billions.
I proudly own a Toyota vehicle. Any law firm that contacts me will be rudely dealt with, as I would never be a part of anything as heinous as this. I can only hope there are likeminded others out there that would agree with me.
The law profession being what it is will always try to take advantage of situations as they arise. In addition juries seem to take great delight in granting huge awards. I am not proud of US Senators berating Toyota executives or Federal Judges working overtime to create class action law suits on behalf of all owners. I wonder how it is possible for manufacturing companies to exist in the America we have become.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toyota Letter

I sent this to the Arizona Daily Star in response to another letter, I disagreed with.

There was a letter to the editor this morning that I must reply to. It was from Guy Josserand III. The subject was the recent episode with the Toyota Co. He went too far when he lumped Toyota, Ford and Firestone with Enron. Enron was an out and out scam perpetrated by Ken Lay, a close personal friend of the Second President Bush.
I was a plant manager with Firestone making passenger tires during the 500 problem. This was not greed; it was the direct result of trying to convert too quickly from bias to radial. My company took it on the chin. What is never said is that the entire US tire manufacturers were having the same problems to varying degrees. The Ford Explorer was tip over prone due to its height. The design was soon changed and no further problems were reported.
As to Toyota, in my opinion they have been crucified by the Media and by Congress. I own one and am completely satisfied with its performance. Toyota led the way into the new world of Hybrid vehicles while G.M. in particular dragged its feet. Toyota Executives earn a third as compared to the Big Three and are scheduled for a 30 % reduction in line with their current fiscal problems. The Democratic Congress enjoys beating up on Toyota executives; I believe to try to prove that they are as irresponsible as the Big Three and to placate the UAW union. Remember Toyota was not bailed out with Billions of tax payer dollars nor will they be. They are aggressively reacting to repair the re-called models. My next purchase will be Toyota and I would venture to guess that other owners feel the same as I do.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 1, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pima County Jury awards $40 million in drunken driving case

A 14 year old boy was killed by a female who was intoxicated. This happened 1/12/08. The award was assessed against the city of Tucson, Chuy restaurant and the driver. The cities share was $13 million as the jury felt the road was poorly designed. Evidently a lawyer was able to convince the members of the jury to award as they did. I find fault with it and have the following comments to make.
I-It is not the city that will pay, it is the taxpaying citizens. A city that is deep in debt to where it is taking drastic measures to stay afloat does not have the means to pay a frivolous penalty like this.
2-It is my opinion that the city is not bound by some State mandate to design roads to every persons liking. We could be driving on gravel. An engineer makes a decision and somehow that translates to irresponsibility on the part of the city leaders.
3-The driver in question had driven on this road many times before and even in her inebriated state should have known what the road was like.
4-Perhaps a waiter or bartender recognized that the woman had drunk to much alcohol but again why place such a heavy burden on an eating establishment, one of which is struggling to survive in this down economy.
5-This is for the grieving parents; after paying legal expenses you should take any thing over that and give to the charity of your choice. To rake in millions from the death of a loved one is not morally acceptable. There was no mention in the headline article regarding this. If that was their intent then I apologize for this comment.

Pima County Jury awards $40 million in drunken driving case

A 14 year old boy was killed by a female who was intoxicated. This happened 1/12/08. The award was assessed against the city of Tucson, Chuy restaurant and the driver. The cities share was $13 million as the jury felt the road was poorly designed. Evidently a lawyer was able to convince the members of the jury to award as they did. I find fault with it and have the following comments to make.
I-It is not the city that will pay, it is the taxpaying citizens. A city that is deep in debt to where it is taking drastic measures to stay afloat does not have the means to pay a frivolous penalty like this.
2-It is my opinion that the city is not bound by some State mandate to design roads to every persons liking. We could be driving on gravel. An engineer makes a decision and somehow that translates to irresponsibility on the part of the city leaders.
3-The driver in question had driven on this road many times before and even in her inebriated state should have known what the road was like.
4-Perhaps a waiter or bartender recognized that the woman had drunk to much alcohol but again why place such a heavy burden on an eating establishment, one of which is struggling to survive in this down economy.
5-This is for the grieving parents; after paying legal expenses you should take any thing over that and give to the charity of your choice. To rake in millions from the death of a loved one is not morally acceptable. There was no mention in the headline article regarding this. If that was their intent then I apologize for this comment.

Soil not Oil by Vandana Shiva - a book report

This is a small book, only 144 pages, but it is filled with dynamite. She clearly states her beliefs about the direction world leaders are taking on behalf of corporations. This is a theme I have been pushing on a personal basis for some time now. The difference is my thoughts are based on gut feelings; hers are based on incredible technical information that was very hard for me to understand. Perhaps you will do better?
Let me try to explain without resorting to the myriad of terms used by Ms. Shiva. She has particular animosity to the Monsanto and Cargill corporations. If you saw the documentary entitled Food Inc. you would understand her concern. These giants are on a world wide mission to have complete control of food production. With their “patents” they can demand that local farmers only purchase seeds from them. What the effect of this is that variety is sacrificed for increased productivity at an enormous expense for farmers. These patents were granted by our own Supreme Court, the same folks who just recently decided that corporations can spend any amount they wish on Federal elections.
Her premise is that the definition of productivity is all wrong. It is based on reducing the workforce on farms in favor of huge fuel driven machines. She points out the huge cost of transporting over thousands of miles by plane, ship and truck. All of which receive huge subsidies from the governments. The energy used to create the bio fuels, fertilizers and seed are immense. All of this adds to the concentration of CO 2 in the atmosphere which is accelerating global warming. The other tragedy occurring on a daily basis is the destruction of tropical forests to create land to produce bio fuels which in her and my opinion are not energy efficient.
She sees the return to farming worldwide as the solution to problems such as pollution, global warming and unemployment. I agree. In our own country huge giveaways are included in each year’s farm program with most going to the mega farms, sometimes just for leaving the ground idle. Her and my program would be just the opposite. Give the greatest assistance to the little guys. The acreage planted would be the same but millions of people could return to life on farms as it was just 30 or 40 years ago. Wouldn’t that be better than them migrating to cities searching for employment that doesn’t exist and going on the dole? What a man made tragedy and we sit idly by as if everything is OK.
Mrs. Shiva’s credentials are impressive. She was a leading physicist before becoming a world-renowned environmentalist. She won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. I found this book in the Public Library.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crossers by Phillip Caputo- a book report

This is a very special novel for people living in Southern Arizona and particularly for hikers, mountain climbers, birders or just plain motor tourists. The reason is that it mentions places that are so familiar to many of us. It centers on the San Rafael Valley south of Patagonia. It includes the Canelo Hills, the Huachuca, Whetstones, Mustangs, Santa Rita’s and other mountain ranges. It mentions the Gadston Hotel in Douglas, the Steak Out Restaurant and the cattle shipping yard in Sonoita, Nogales in the USA and Mexico, the Holding Center in Florence where illegal immigrants are processed, Patagonia and south into Mexico. The Rialto Theatre, University Medical Center in Tucson and the Arizona Daily Star are made a part of the places visited and the newspaper read. All are familiar to me and friends from the Southern Arizona Hiking Club (SAHC).
It is a novel, but it is so close to the truth, that it is almost like reading a newspaper account of happenings today. It begins at the turn of the century of 1900 and ends in 2004. It follows the lives of families who settled down into ranching after exploits soldiering in the Mexican War of Independence. We get to know these people as they come to be embroiled into conflict with drug runners and illegal immigrants who use their ranch as the pathway into El Norte as they refer to America.
One of the main characters loses his wife as a victim of the flight from Boston that flew into one of the World Trade Towers. After contemplating suicide he opts instead to seclude himself in the wilds of Arizona living on the ranch owned by his uncle. After a time he comes alive again as he learns the life of a rancher and does find love. We learn much about the cattle industry in the desert country and ride horses into the canyons searching for livestock or hunting.
This is one of those books that stop the present day story by returning to the early 1900’s. This is the author’s way of tying it all together. The major conflict of the story is a consequence of what happened in earlier days.
The people seem real. You will care what happens to them. There is beauty, love, hatred and greed all mixed together.
If the story took place somewhere else it would still be interesting but when you add in the familiarity of the area, for those of us who have been there so often, it comes alive.

Jack B. Walters
February 2, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enough Already With Payday Loans

This letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star was published 1/25/2010

I am not always in agreement with your editorials but this one is 100% correct. As you state the voters have spoken loud and clear their revulsion of this bloodsucking industry. As I understand it most states have put them out of business. Let them revert to the 36% which is probably reasonable when default is considered.
Legislators pushing to overturn the electorate’s wishes will be sorry as the voters will exact their revenge the next election cycle. They had better keep the bribes as they will have to find other work to do.
You were gracious to publish an article I wrote in 2006. In it I proposed what I felt then and still do to be a reasonable alternative. At the time the issue was about service people. The principle could also be applied to civilians as well. I am attaching that article for whatever it is worth. I hope you keep the heat on until this is over. Thanks.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
January 19, 2010