Thursday, June 17, 2010

Washington failed on Gulf oil spill

This letter was published in the Arizona Daily Star on 5/30/2010.

The enormous oil spill in the Gulf is another clear example of why it seems Washington is incapable of doing the job we expect. In my opinion it was the lack of oversight on the part of regulatory agencies. The rules in regard to Nuclear Energy are so stringent as to make it nearly impossible to build and operate new plants. Why then are oil companies like B.P. allowed to drill in the Oceans off our shores without oversight to assure disasters like this can never happen? My answer is the cozy relationship between the corporations and the regulators. Personnel pass back and forth on a continuing basis with regulators rewarded with cushy jobs. This must end one way or another. This is not a political issue. It is business as usual. My only solution as an individual is throw out all incumbents and start over with ordinary citizens who care .

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