Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Darkest Hour

I went to see this new movie today. I went with trepidation as I was so disillusioned with the movie Dunkirk. I am relieved to tell you this was done correctly. The theater was filled to capacity and at the end there was applause. This gives me hope that all is not lost. The people of today that did not live through those years and are poorly taught cannot possibly understand how critical that time was. The movie covers the fateful days in May 1940. Europe was falling nation by nation. The Army of Briton was trapped at Dunkirk. Churchill had just been appointed Prime Minister by a reluctant King. His military leaders were mostly defeatist in nature. The War Cabinet strenuously pushed for making peace with Hitler, threating to resign if he wouldn’t seek peace. With all of this pressure Churchill rose to the occasion and gave his famous “We will fight them on the beaches, we will….” The overwhelming response from Parliament and the British people kept England in the fight. Churchill was the right man at the right time. The whole world owes him a debt of gratitude. Who knows what the world would be like if he had failed? I urge you to see this movie and take others with you. I am attaching my book review that I have sent out before entitled “Five Days in London” by John Lucas. Jack B. Walters December 26, 2017

No One Gets It

Over and over I have read or listened to opinions about the tax plan approved and slated to begin in February 2018. The Corporate rate drops from 35% to 21%.This is referred to as a giveaway to large corporations with trickle down to the little people. I state that this is not true. The whole premise is to lower the tax rate from the highest in the world to a more reasonable figure. I know it is difficult for the Socialist people among us to understand Capitalism but the basic premise is to be profitable. Should a company not be profitable it will cease to exist. It is just as simple as it can be. If you can accept this as fact then you might understand that taxes, labor, material, transportation and other factors are part of the decision maker’s process when considering location of faxtories. For the past thirty years under Republican and Democratic governments the factors have been overwhelming to relocate jobs from America to lower cost countries, China being the outstanding recipient. Lowering the corporate tax will remove that factor from the process. The hope is that companies will return but at the very least perhaps companies considering moving will decide to remain. The beneficiaries of this tax cut therefore will be willing workers not corporations. I have pleaded for this for over 15 years in my “Last Angry Man” books. I can’t wait to see the results. Trump gets the credit. The Republican Party just went along with him. He cares about displaced workers as I can remember FDR always did. Jack B. Walters December 26, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017

Washington's Crossing

By; David Hackett Fischer This book was a gift from my daughter Amy who knows of my extreme interest in history. This is an excellent book covering 1776, the first year of the War of Independence. It starts with our crushing defeat in New York and ends with the tide turning against the British. By then it was beginning to be understood that England could not conquer colonies that were about three million in population with the men owning accurate long rifles and willing to fight. In a bitter cold December, Washington was able to garner enough able bodied men to cross the ice filled Delaware river in the night and stage a surprise raid on the Hessian soldiers in Trenton, New Jersey, defeat them in an overwhelming victory. Washington returned to his base camp and decided to attack again. He returned to Trenton and was attacked by a superior force from Lexington. He won the first day’s battle and slipped away during the night avoiding the British troops and attacked a smaller force at Lexington which was defeated. He then returned to his base to recoup his Army. For the rest of the winter, partisans attacked small patrols sent out to find fodder for their horses severely weakening the British forces. An important aspect of this war was the brutal treatment of American prisoners compared to the positive treatment by our Army. Washington, John Adams and the Continental Congress determined to establish an American tradition completely different from Europe’s. At the end of the war over three thousand Hessians stayed in America rather than returning home. I was feeling cold as I read of the nearly shoeless soldiers, poorly clad in the bitter cold. Their courage and devotion was a testament to their love of country and of General Washington, a man they respected and followed thru hard times. I hope you will be interested in reading. You won’t be disappointed and it might rekindle love of country which appears to be weakening, in my opinion. Jack B. Walters December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Clinton Cash

By; Peter Schweitzer (The untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary rich) This is a small book, only 184 pages. It is a compilation of events that occurred at the same time very generous contributions were given to the Clinton Foundation. I am taking a lazy approach to reviewing the content. There are many examples given, enough to convince me that this should have been investigated for fraud and conspiracy but then those of you who know me would not expect me to think otherwise. It is available at the Tucson public Library should you care to read for yourself. Jack B. Walters December 7, 2017

Jerusalem-Israel's Capitol

The United States in 1947 was the first country to recognize Israel as a country. We can thank President Truman for making this bold decision. For the intervening 70 years most of the nations still question their right to a homeland. The United Nations on a nauseating frequency writes condemnations of Israel for any and all reasons they can find to do so. Any reasonable person regardless of their religious beliefs should have at least a little sympathy for the few Jewish people existing today. There are six and one half million Jews living in Israel today. That nearly equals the six million who were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime in WWII. The total worldwide population in 2016 was estimated at only 14,410,000. Yesterday President Trump made a bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. He was immediately condemned by not only Muslim majority countries but also our so-called Allies in Europe as well as Russia and China. If this wasn’t so tragic it would be humorous. Every other country on Earth has the right to choose the location of their Capitol. The reason most often given is that Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians. That is not true, nor has it ever been true. Three thousand years ago it was the Capitol of the Hebrews. After being expelled by Babylonia, they were finally allowed to return. There was a time when it was part of Jordan and later a British Mandate but always the Jews considered Jerusalem as their Capitol. In my opinion there are two reasons why the nations refuse to recognize this fact. I- They have not ever accepted that Israel is a nation. They consider them as conquerors of Palestinian lands and therefore illegitimate. 2- They fear the response of Muslims around the world and the chaos that might result. We are holding our breath over this. My thoughts are that if they do they will be showing their true nature as religious intolerant people who hate the Jewish people going all the way back to when they refused to convert as Mohammad demanded and were slaughtered as a result. I have done everything I can to read and learn about Islam. I have just finished two semesters of OLLI classes on this subject. The more I learn the more I am convinced that it is time to put these ancient beliefs and conflicts aside and start working together to create a just and equitable society for all people while allowing everyone to worship as he or she desires. Jack B. Walters December 7, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans

By; Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger (The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny) I have read a number of books about Andrew Jackson out of respect for this great man and the many contributions he made for our country. This one concentrates on the events leading up to the New Orleans battle and the battle itself. I am writing this at a time in our history when great men like Jackson are being reviled rather than praised for the fact that there were slaves in those times and the Indians were forced to leave their native lands as more and more immigrants from Europe came to America and moved steadily westward until finally we encompassed all of the continent from ocean to ocean. Just in today’s Star was an editorial about Roy Moore. The writer included a sentence about Jackson. He referred to him as “the slave holder known as Indian Killer who was responsible for the forced removal of Native Americans from Southwestern states to what is now Oklahoma.” There is an active effort to remove his likeness from the $20 bill. Step by step this current generation is reviling all of the great men of our country including Washington and Jefferson. I find that tragic. Now I will write my report of the book. After a brief review of his life there is a massacre of 300 men, women and children at Fort Mills by the Red Stick Creeks led by William Weatherford , the son of a Native American mother and a Scot trader. This was in 1803. Jackson was recovering from a gunshot to his chest from a duel. Regardless he rose from his bed to lead the militia to avenge this tragedy and to assure it wouldn’t occur again. After defeating the Indians he discovered an orphan Indian boy and brought him home to Hermitage and raised him as a son. His national fame increased for his success. When war with England was commenced in 1812 he was given the responsibility to Keep New Orleans out of the possession of England. This was very important as the British negotiators attempted to add a proviso that at the signing of a peace treaty that whoever held land would keep it. This would have cut America off from expansion west of the Mississippi River. The British fleet after burning Washington headed for New Orleans. This was an overwhelming force of ships and soldiers. Jackson’s ability as a bold leader prevented them from succeeding. After the battle and as the ships were returning to England they discovered that the battle occurred after the treaty of Ghent was signed. There were about 2,000 British soldiers dead and 12 Americans. It was an overwhelming victory over the best trained infantry in the world vs a collection of militia including blacks, pirates and men from different States. There was even a language problem to overcome. Shortly after the British retired it was learned the treaty had been signed. The British returned to England. As a final comment, when he ran for President in 1824 the House selected John Quincy Adams. In 1828 he became President. This was the first election when all male Americans could vote. Prior to this property holdings was a requirement. This is an easy book to read. I highly recommend you do so. I found this at the Public Library. Jack B. Walters December 5, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Kennedy Half Century by; Larry J. Sabato

The Presidency, assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy This book was published in 2013. I mentioned I was reading it to my son Andy. He asked what 50 years meant. I couldn’t answer then but now I can. It refers to the amazing legacy that continues today and how Kennedy is revered by so many Americans of all political parties. Every President who followed Kennedy quoted Kennedy or referred to him as they attempted to govern. I remember the debates with Nixon. I was solidly in favor of Nixon and was distressed to see him defeated. There is no question in my mind that the debates were what enabled Kennedy to squeak out his victory. I was devastated until I heard his inaugural address. Not since Lincoln and FDR had I heard such encouraging words spoken. His call for all to “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” was stirring. The entire population came together. We were energized and looked positively toward the future. The author takes us thru his brief tenure as President with emphasis on his handling of the October crisis with the Soviet Union when they brought missiles to Cuba. He began the process of improving the lives of our black citizens which at that time was a stain on our country, particularly in the South but also the entire nation. Upon his untimely death L.B.J. was able to pass historic legislation to eliminate the Jim Crow voting process that denied blacks the right to vote The author spends a considerable amount of ink in describing the assassination of Kennedy. Even today most people like me who were alive do not accept Oswald as the lone assassin. This month was the time 50 years later that all records were to be released. At the intelligent people’s urging even Trump did not release all records. There is no question in my mind that the CIA and FBI don’t want these released. I am not inferring they were responsible for his death but they have dirt under their fingernails that they don’t want us to see. Don’t you find it reprehensible that citizens are denied access to the truth? There were numerous persons who were nearby when it occurred. Some of them were never questioned by the Warren Commission. There were many unexplained happenings that were not explored. It appeared that Johnson and the Commission wanted to put this to rest by naming Oswald as the only shooter. This author missed one important point. The bullet that went into his neck was a normal bullet but the one that hit his brain shattered his head. Fragments were found in the brain matter. Only a dumdum bullet would have done that. Shells remaining at the book depository building were normal. Where did this one bullet come from? No answer was given. I will go to my grave not believing the Warren Report. As far as Vietnam is concerned there is no clear proof one way or the other that Kennedy would have backed off or accelerated as LBJ did. My humble opinion is that he would not have made it into the monumental mess that it became. The most important thing to take from reading this book is how tragic it has been to Americans. Kennedy was bringing us all together with hope for the future. With his death that was lost. No other President to follow could restore that feeling. I would grant that Reagan was the closest but even he could not duplicate that feeling of contentment that was lost. Look at how tragic our fractured country is today. Had we been able to follow Kennedy’s leadership things today would be vastly different. I need to add that the author didn’t spare Kennedy from his womanizing tendencies. It is abundantly clear there were no harassment incidents. The pleasure was mutual. I don’t say this to be flippant but there is a great difference to the charges we read about on a daily basis anymore. The Press in those days did not report on these transgressions as they do today. At any rate the vast majority of Americans were able to discount this in their new found feeling that all could be well. Upon his death Jackie coined the phrase “Camelot”. We all agreed this was a mystical time that was lost forever, never to return. This is an excellent book to read if you like history. I found this at the Tucson Public Library. Jack B. Walters November 19,2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Social Security Scam- letter to the editor

For two years we received no increase in our monthly social security checks. Next year it will go up 2% or $25. Oh I forgot, that is needed to pay for the increased cost of Medicare. As a result we will be paying income taxes on the increase we didn’t receive. If this is not a scam than what is. Jack B. Walters October 17, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Where this will end

I am writing this prematurely anticipating what will occur. Having received a great deal of attention the NFL players disrespecting our flag and national anthem will return to standing as they should have done all along. The sunshine fans that live and die depending on their team winning or losing will forgive and forget. All will be as before. I will be one of the holdouts. I will not return. They have shown who they are and what they believe. Standing erect now will only be a pretense to elicit the return of their fan’s loyalty and thereby enhancing their exorbitant way of life. Jack B. Walters October 1, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jefferson- A book Report

Architect of Liberty By; John Boles History has been very much on my mind. I had the opportunity to give a talk in my home town of Lockport, N.Y. I was given recognition as a Distinguished Graduate. I took the occasion to pay tribute to the educational system in Lockport and all across America in the 30’s and 40’s. We were taught to appreciate our heritage and were grateful to be American citizens. That obviously is no longer the norm. The Millennial Generation in particular doesn’t agree. The movement to destroy Civil War Monuments and change the name of buildings, Streets, etc. is reaching a crescendo. I don’t believe it will end until all of our history is erased from view. We will pretend our history never happened. The condemnation of great men because of slavery is unconscionable. Slavery was a fact of life before we became a country. Many realized it was wrong but for many reasons it remained until ended by the Civil War. Even then, for the next 100 years blacks were treated poorly, particularly in the South but the North was just as guilty. I recently purchased a book entitled Slavery and the Founders. It was a short book but after reading I had a better understanding of how ingrained slavery was at our beginning. You are probably aware of the 3/5 rule that granted a larger count of citizens in the South by including black men in the count at the 3/5 ratio. The debates as our Constitution was written included many sessions where slavery was discussed. My contention after reading is that there never would have been a new country formed if the North had insisted of ending slavery. In fact I was amazed to realize that slavery existed in every State not just the South. Gradually over the years one State after another phased it out. George Washington upon his death granted freedom to all of his slaves. While he was alive he didn’t purchase or sell any and treated them kindly. Thomas Jefferson on the other hand kept his slaves even though on many occasions during his life he proposed ending the practice. Upon his death only five were granted freedom. They were relatives of Sally Hemmings. Supposedly when they were living in Paris he promised he would if she returned. Had she stayed she would have been free by French Law. His problem was one of money. When he left Washington after serving eight years as President he was deep in debt. No matter what he attempted during the years after, he was still deep in debt when he died. One of the reasons was his support of all of his family but also his desire to make Monticello a great home. He too was kind to his slaves and treated them well. At his death they were all sold as well as the property. It was years later that the debts were finally settled. Putting the above subject aside there can be no question that Jefferson was a great man and accomplished much good for our Country. He is highly regarded as the most intelligent of all the Presidents. He never stopped learning. It was a passion to him. He did after all author The Declaration of Independence that started it all. He fought for and obtained freedom of religion in his State on Virginia and the United States as well. He founded the University of Virginia. It was while he was President that the Louisiana Purchase occurred more than doubling the size of our Country. Of great importance was his strong belief in the Constitution. His Republican Party included the people. The Federalist Party favored the British Parliamentary System with a House of Lords. The reason Jefferson stayed on for a second term was to assure our Constitution remained as written. In this he was successful. He had a remarkable life. He was kind and generous and a Patriot thru and thru. He did everything possible to nurture the new country during its infancy. We owe a deep debt of gratitude that he lived and accomplished what he did. I found this book at the Tucson Library. I recommend reading to anyone interested in our history. Jack B. Walters September 16, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

President Trump changes course

President Trump has reached out to the Democratic leadership in an effort to speed up the legislation he pledged to accomplish during the campaign. The Republicans do not possess his zeal in moving these projects forward. Senator McCain proudly gave a thumb down gesture as he cast his vote to defeat the Republican effort to rectify the worst of Obama Care. I have no idea if this should have been passed or not. I am fully aware that Obama Care as enacted is tremendously expensive and is inadequate to accomplish the goal of providing health care to all of our citizens. McCain’s dramatic return from surgery supposedly to give the final vote necessary to assure passage was a cruel joke. I believe this was the tipping point for Trump. Unable to get the Republican Party to push through legislation he has turned to the Democratic Party to see if enough of them can be brought on board. I heard Senator Schumer on the floor of the Senate speaking derisively to the end that he would only co-operate if Trump gives him what he wants. This will not suffice. The Republican Party didn’t win the last election, Trump did. We also voted Republican assuming that party would jump at the chance to prove capable. Instead it has been business as usual with continuing to promise but keep delaying. Senator McConnell stated that Trump is inexperienced and doesn’t understand how things are done. Trump does understand but will not accept business as usual. Those of us who voted for him want things done and done now. The time for oration is past. The Congress took the whole month of August off. What a waste. They should be working overtime not diddling. I heard that in a study it was found that 91% of editorials were negative to Trump. He ignores that and keeps plowing ahead. We are watching and are still supportive of the President Jack B. Walters September 14, 2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mr. Hansen

I couldn't agree more. I quit attending Arizona games two years ago. Getting home at midnight was not my idea of having a good time. Also, just as our team was moving the ball a very long TV commercial timeout was called. I was incensed every time. My other issue so far does not relate to college, at least as far as I know. That is not standing erect during the playing of our National Anthem. I am 89 and a member of the generation considered great by some. I quit watching Pro games last year as well. I can live without it. I still have my season basketball tickets but I anxiously scan the player lines. The first time I detect disrespect and I will give up sports altogether. There are so few of us left it probably won't matter except to us. Sincerely yours, Jack B. Walters

Friday, August 18, 2017

Chaos in Charlottesville, Virginia

The vast majority of writers, politicians and public are missing the most important point and that is the push to pretend that our history never happened. Taken to its ultimate conclusion then any statue, portrait or writing of those who lived on plantations should be deleted including Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Huston and other of our early leaders. Slavery was a fact 240 years ago and 2,000 years ago. It still exists. No decent human being living today accepts slavery. We recognize it is evil. I see a parallel between what is happening in America today and the vile antics of adherents to ISIS beliefs where they systematically destroy artifacts in the Middle East that have existed for thousands of years since they don’t conform to their belief system. Get past the universal hatred of our current President and think about the consequences as these events continue to escalate. Jack B. Walters August 17, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mr. Tim Steller

I am writing this in response to your article today about the tragic happening in Charlottesville, Virginia. You and the vast majority of writers, politicians and public are missing the most important point and that is the push to pretend that our history never happened. Taken to its ultimate conclusion then any statue, portrait or writing of those who lived on plantations should be deleted. George Washington will no longer to be revered as the father of our country, Thomas Jefferson didn’t write the Declaration of independence, Andrew Jackson didn’t defeat the British in the battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, and Sam Huston didn’t avenge the slaughter of the brave men who died in defense of the Alamo and freed the territory of Texas from Santa Anna. Slavery was a fact 240 years ago and 2,000 years ago. It still exists. No decent human being living today accepts slavery. We recognize it is evil and always has been. Passages in the Bible state that “slaves should obey their masters”. Religious people today just ignore those edicts accepting that was the norm of those days and was wrong. Finally, I see a parallel between what is happening in America today and the vile antics of adherents to ISIS beliefs where they systematically destroy artifacts in the Middle East that have exited for thousands of years since they don’t conform to their belief system. Get past the universal hatred of our current President by those who were thwarted in their desire to have Hillary Clinton as their President and think about the consequences as these events continue to occur. Jack B. Walters August 16, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dunkirk-the movie

There are very few of us still alive who lived during the war years of the 30’s and 40’s. I encouraged friends and family to see this movie. A great opportunity was squandered to educate our people on those critical times when the fate of civilization was in jeopardy. Instead we follow two cowards as they use a wounded soldier as a ruse to move to the front of the line to escape to England. Director Christopher Nolan stated he avoided Churchill as he didn’t want to get bogged down in politics. There is a great little book “Five Days in London May 1940” by John Lukacs. The cabinet was considering negotiating with Germany for peace. Had Churchill not been Prime Minister they would have capitulated. This was during the evacuation from France. To tell this dramatic story would have thrilled audiences knowing how desperate the situation was. Jack B. Walters July 24, 2017 j

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Education of American children is failing to install respect for our country

When I attended grade and high school education in the thirties and forties the education we received in American and World history filled us with pride in our country. Those great men who created the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were heroic figures to us. Men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine. They were followed by others like James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Daniel Webster and Sam Houston. Through their leadership over time the United States of America was created from sea to shining sea. Some of the above lived on plantations with blacks as slaves. There can be no dispute that slavery is wrong. It was wrong in Bible days and it is wrong today. It is my conviction that the children in our schools today are being given negative impressions of these pioneers. It is playing out every day on college campuses where names are being taken off of buildings, monuments are being taken down and there is a movement to take Jackson’s picture off of the twenty dollar bill. I recently heard a derogatory comment from a teenager condemning some as powerful men who took advantage of black women. My belief is that the education I received was directly responsible for the creation of what is referred to as “The Greatest Generation”. We were willing to fight to preserve our way of life. It is my contention that if the education continues as it is today there will never be another greatest generation. Jack B. Walters July 20, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Leonard Pitts Jr. article 7/16/2017

63 million voted for this guy---that’s the problem It is difficult for me to believe that you are still afforded the opportunity to write columns as you do. In this one you had the audacity to refer to President Trump as “a lying, narcissistic, manifestly incompetent child man who is as dumb as a sack of mackerel.” How low have we sunk as Americans to treat elected officials with such verbiage? Your representation of the 63 million is totally off base. They were not angry at Obama’s color but at his ineffectiveness to govern. Race relations deteriorated during his eight years. I believe it started when he referred to a police officer as being stupid during a confrontation with a black professor. It never stopped as he went after law enforcement creating an environment where police backed off from doing the job we as citizens want. His abandoning of our people in Benghazi was deplorable. The engagement continued for 13 hours without a rescue mission. The health care bill was and still is a disaster which the Republicans are trying to resolve without any assistance from your party. The Clinton Foundation was a gigantic loophole for the Clintons to receive multi millions from countries all over the earth. Have you checked recently to see if Hillary is still racking in funds like she did before the election? The people I know who voted were small town people who had histories of working to provide for their families, not fat cats. We also want to preserve our Constitutional way of life. We are not interested in Socialism or Communism. I will admit that we have a genuine fear of Islam forcing its way all thru Europe and also hear at home. Their principles are directly opposed to our way of life. It wasn’t Trump we voted for, it was against the Socialist Bernie Sanders and the not to be trusted Hillary. Our goal was to slow down the train taking us to oblivion. If Trump fails, our great experiment on self-governing will end. Jack B. Walters

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Enough is enough

This morning a nut case opened fire on Republicans who were practicing before a charity game with their Democratic colleagues. A number were injured. The Capitol Police returned fire and killed the shooter. On the news last night there was a report on a new play on Broadway. It is a modern day copy of Caesar. Caesar is a Trump look-a-like. We were shown the knife stabbing scene. It was disgusting. We learned that The Academy of Arts (our tax dollars at work) funded this with $30, 000,000. The other sponsors are The New York Times and CNN. You are all aware by now of the hideous display of Kathy Griffin holding a blood dripping severed head that resembles Trump. Any of you who know me well understand that I believed that Obama was doing irreparable harm to America. I never wanted him dead, I just wanted him gone. Hillary would have been a continuation of his failed policies so I voted for the only alternative left. That was Trump. The Liberal Media and rabid liberals opposed to Trump continue to do all in their power to keep him from fulfilling the promises he made to those of us who voted for him. Do I like the Tweets, no? Do I agree with some of his actions, no? The truth is I have never agreed with all of the decisions of any President. It is time for all political leaders and Americans to pull together to solve the many problems we face as a nation. I saw positive signs this morning as Congressmen of both parties stood side by side in harmony. I can only hope the feeling has staying power. Jack B. Walters June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Letters to the editor

There are usually no more than six letters published on a daily basis. It seems that two or more are from people who dislike Martha McSally. You continue the process you followed prior to the last election of castigating all who are of a conservative viewpoint with the express purpose, in my opinion, of influencing readers prior to the next election cycle. She was able to gather enough support to be elected, so her supporters are out there. I refer to them as the silent majority. You are mistaken if you believe your strategy will prevail. The tragic thing is to attempt to discredit a person who risked her life flying combat missions on behalf of our country. That alone puts her at the top of my list. As to her voting record she is voting in support of the issues that the majority demanded, nothing more and nothing less.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Heretic by; Ayaan Hirsi Ali

(Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now) I have watched her in a debate, the subject of which was “Is Islam a Religion of Peace” there were knowledgeable speakers on both sides. At the end the audience was requested to deliver their conclusion. Overwhelmingly it was that Islam is not a religion of peace. One of the most compelling points was when the audience were reminded that to attend the event they were submitted to checks such as we go thru at Airports. She has written three other books, the one I read and reported on was “Infidel”. She repeats some of that in this book as necessary to assure the reader that her background gives her credibility to write as she does. In reviewing other articles I have written describing my thoughts on how evil this religion is today, I will not restate these facts. If you are not aware you should be. Pretending it is not true is not the correct thing to do. Rather I will mention that she does report in the last chapter that she has reason to hope that the Muslims of the world can turn away from violence and become a respected part of humanity. There is no denying that much of what is written in the Old and New Testament contains support for actions which today we cannot accept, but that is exactly the point she is making. While Christian and Jew adherents have rejected these writings the Muslims as a group have not. Taking the world back 700 years and forcing these rules on people today will only continue the carnage being seen in countries all over the world especially in Western nations that have provided generous benefits to refugees from the Middle East. Those who willingly sacrifice their human lives for eternal bliss in the hereafter are tragic figures in my opinion. All you and I know is the here and now of our existence. To throw that away is irrational. She mentions the names of a number of Muslims trying to encourage people to reject Jihad as the way to preserve their religious beliefs. I recommend this book to any who wants to learn more about what is happening today. Jack B. Walters April 30, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Legislatures are making a big mistake by allowing Public Funds for Religious Education

Arizona and other States are passing legislation using public funds to be spent by parents for the education of their children in religious schools. They should be allowed to spend their own money but not the public’s. On our State tax form we can designate to have some of our tax given to religious schools. This includes Christian, Jewish and Muslim schools at $546/person or $1092/ family. In 2009 the Arizona Supreme Court rejected it but it was overturned by the Federal Supreme Court in 2011 Now in 2017, Arizona has passed legislation providing tuition of $5,700/year for private and parochial students. This is open to all students. Parochial refers to Catholic schools. Having established the precedent, there is nothing to prevent any religion from receiving the same treatment. I am sure the Supreme Court would rule in favor. Jack B. Walters April 26, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The above prohibits discrimination against people who come from countries other than the U.S. It also applies to State, Local and private industry. According to Wikipedia in 2013 the State of Michigan employed 45 speakers who could speak Arabic. Dearborn has a large percent of their population who speak Arabic. California, New York and Illinois also have populations requiring Arab speakers. Go to Dearborn welfare programs and you will be directed to English, Spanish or Arabic. I am writing this short memo to criticize this program. It is only in the past eight years that the Arab speaking population has increased dramatically. Do you really believe that any Americans other than a very few can actually speak Arabic? My guess is that those who are employed by Government who can are Arab immigrants themselves. Can you really believe that they would deny benefits for their people? Because of the tremendous cost of education, immersion in English should be mandated. This is a critical issue that must be addressed before it gets completely out of hand. Jack B. Walters April 19, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hero of the Empire by; Candice Millard

This is the third book written by this author. The others are; Destiny of the Republic and River of Doubt. Now I have read them all. She is an excellent writer using great research to provide interesting facts and intimate details that add to the authenticity. Rather than attempt to write my own review I will only write the following found on the jacket. “At age 24, Winston Churchill was utterly convinced it was his destiny to become Prime Minister of England one day, despite the fact he had just lost his first election campaign for Parliament. He believed that to achieve that goal he must do something spectacular on the battlefield. Despite putting himself in extreme danger as a British officer in the colonial wars in India and Sudan, and as a young journalist covering a Cuban uprising against the Spanish, glory and fame had eluded him.” “Churchill arrived in South Africa in 1899, valet and crates of vintage wine in tow, there to cover the brutal colonial war the British were fighting with Boer rebels. But just two weeks after his arrival, the soldiers he was accompanying on an armored train were ambushed and Churchill was taken prisoner. Remarkably he pulled off a daring escape--but then had to traverse hundreds of miles of enemy territory, alone, with nothing but a crumpled wad of cash, four slabs of chocolate, and his wits to guide him.” “The story of his escape is incredible enough, but then Churchill enlisted, returned to South Africa, fought in several battles, and ultimately liberated the men with whom he had been imprisoned.” For those of you interested in history as I am I strongly recommend this book to you. Mine is available on loan. Jack B. Walters April 5, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hillbilly Elegy By; J.D. Vance

This book has received great reviews and is ranked as #1 New York Times Bestseller. It was recommended to me by several friends. I went to the Library and was placed 356 on the waiting list. Another friend in OLLI loaned me his copy last week. I have finished and will now make a short report. It is well written. At the end he thanks the many people who helped him. When I wrote my memoirs I never allowed anyone to see what I was writing until the book was published. Perhaps it could have been better, I will never know. I didn’t want anyone to soften my comments and be more politically correct. One accomplishment this author received was publicity creating huge book sales. I gave my copies away. No one who didn’t know me would be interested enough to purchase. As well as this was written I do not understand why it is so popular. It is his life story. The fact that he was born in Kentucky rather than New York as I was doesn’t have any special hardship as far as I am concerned. He does add comments about lifestyles in Middle America and draws conclusions which are of general interest. I apologize for not reacting as others have. It is worth reading but as a primer for solving our nation’s problems I learned nothing new. Jack B. Walters March 28, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

ouch/oops article

I was very pleased to read your article and particularly pleased that the Star chose to put in in large print on the front page. I was made aware as you were by listening to the morning talk show as I was driving. My take is twofold; 1- This is a microcosm of what is happening all over America in our Universities. I read where Berkeley spends in the millions. Mr. Trevino’s salary of $214,000 is just the tip. If you are truly interested I suggest you find out the staffing of this new department and the total cost projected. The University feels this is justified while at the same time requesting a large increase in tuition. 2- I will not take the space to list out the many categories as you put in your article. Don’t you believe that by creating all of these different groups that you are fomenting hatred and division, putting one group against another? You went to college and so did I. I went there to learn what I needed for my hoped for career as an engineer. The courses I took were all to prepare me. I took no interest in other activities. After school I studied and worked jobs to help pay my way thru. All of this new activity gets in the way of learning in my way of thinking. How are we ever to come together as a people if we keep dividing us this way? I will admit I am white and went to college in the forties after the war. Perhaps I was just one of those lucky people but I want to state I worked hard for anything I achieved. I never felt of myself as being privileged. Prior to the GI Bill of Rights only the sons of Doctors and lawyers went to college. FDR changed all that for which I am still grateful. We transformed the country and created a golden age that lasted until the mid-70’s. Jack B. Walters March 26, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Letter to the publisher published

George W. Bush Speaks Out Isn’t it wonderful that former President Bush lectures President Trump about the Press? He was applauded when during the entire eight years of President Obama he kept silent. Our new President does not only have the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party to contend with, he has many in the Republican leadership chipping away at him on a daily basis. I include Senator McCain in that group. Those of us who believe in Trump are watching with deep interest. Jack B. Walters March 1, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

This is a followup letter after my previous letter was published

I have had a great week I wrote a letter to the editor of the Arizona Daily Star on Monday. It was published on Wednesday. The subject was Senator McCain and his constant ranting in the press about any and everything our new President did. In Thursday’s paper there were two letters almost violent in their condemnation of mine. Low and behold on Friday there was another and not only that put the publisher found a letter from a columnist for the LA Times and printed it. It was two columns wide and the full length of the page. Guess what, on Saturday they printed another scornful letter berating me. I couldn’t be happier. I struck a nerve. I expect negative feedback from my OLLI classmates next week as well. I have joked from time to time that I can’t die; I have so many people I haven’t pissed off yet. A lot more work to do. I may live forever. I may have discovered the secret for a long life. Jack B. Walters February 4, 2017

Letter to the editor published

Open letter to Senator McCain Almost daily you are published in our paper with criticism of President Trump for one issue or another. It would seem logical that from your esteemed position that you could communicate directly rather than through the use of Media. I am sure he would take a call from you. What you do not understand is that you believe we voted for your Republican principles. Nothing could be further from the truth. We voted for Trump and included Republican Congress people as that was the only reasonable thing to do. The Republican Party has been just as useless as the Democratic Party. Your job is to provide council and support as our President tries to get our country back on track If you and other Republicans get in the way the next election you will all be gone. You have two years to get it right. My hope is that you will. Jack B. Walters January 31, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

White Trash

(The 400 Year Untold History of Class in America) By; Nancy Isenberg This is one of the most depressing books I have ever read. The author shreds any idea the reader might have of how our country came to be. She attacks all of my heroes including Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson and Thomas Paine. She only stops when she ran out of time and published the book. She ends with Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. To give you an idea, on page 320 she lists all of the adjectives that she used throughout the book to describe the lowest element of society; Waste people, Offscourings, Lubbers, Bogtrotters, Rascals, Rubbish, Squatters, Crackers, Clay-eaters, Tackies, Mudsills, Scalawags, Briar-hoppers, Hillbillies, Low-downers, White-niggers, Degenerates, White-trash, Swamp people. I had never even heard of some of these descriptions. Our wholesome history as taught when we were in school had us think of the good people leaving on the Mayflower to be allowed freedom of worship. She describes boatloads of criminals emptied out of jails and poor people who went as indentured servants. We, of course, knew about this. She makes it worse by describing early settlers as indigent, lazy bums looking for an easy way out. This doesn’t change throughout the book. Everything she wrote may be completely accurate. I read it to the end as I always do. I do not recommend reading but if you are interested the Tucson Library has over 10 copies in circulation. Jack B. Walters January 5, 2017