Monday, October 26, 2009

Job Creation

I sent this to Representative Gabrielle Giffords

Thank you for responding in a positive manner to my letter with reference to outsourcing American jobs. I am encouraged to continue providing ideas. I understand that leaders Pelosi and Reed are making job retention an important issue. My comments will be brief.
1-Jet aircraft maintenance sent to San Salvador resulting in our machinists and technicians losing their jobs. What ever happened to safety concerns?
2-Mexico renewing their plan to construct a deep sea port on the Baha coast. The result will be fewer longshoremen workers on the job. If Mexico is allowed full trucking access to America then teamsters and independent drivers will either lose their jobs or be forced to work for $10/hr. Would you like to sit in a cab 10 to 12 hours a day in summer and winter conditions for such meager earnings? Further, I understand a major hub is being planned for Kansas City as a terminus for these trucks. All of this is happening without any response from Washington.
3-General Motors taking tax payer dollars and investing in a new Buick factory in China.
4-GE is shutting down the last incandescent bulb factory to manufacture in China. Green revolution jobs are fast moving overseas. Are you telling me that nothing can be done to assure this new technology results in good paying jobs for Americans.
5-Read the 10/26/09 edition of Fortune to learn the plans China has to purchase the world. If this doesn’t get your attention, nothing will.
6- The present health care program being discussed with the burden of paying for it placed on manufacturing, please explain to me how this will create a climate of growth of manufacturing jobs. We are not just talking about laborers but all kinds of technical support jobs being lost. Trust me I know. I was the Plant Manager of the Firestone factory in Des Moines, Iowa with a work force of over 3,000 people.
7-It seems to me that all Congress’s efforts are to provide balm in the form of unemployment benefits or public service type jobs, nothing is being done to create private sector jobs. Believe me I understand that the Manufacturers Association and The National Chamber of Commerce will fight every step of the way. They have no loyalty to America only profit. This was not always so. In my day we cared about our employees and our communities.
My solution to all of this is that you need to re-adjust the rules of the game. At the present time it is more profitable to move jobs off shore. Just reverse tax laws to give our factories a chance. You said you agreed with fair trade, so do I. The free trade agreements in effect do not assure that we have a fighting chance. Don’t distinguish between large and small. I even want lower taxes on the US Oil Industry. That would renew their incentive to find energy in America instead of Iraq.
As the dollar drops in value our export opportunities should increase but cannot when countries like India and China peg their currency to our own. Our government is too subservient particularly with China. Their Yuan gives them a 40% edge. That together with the government providing factories and low cost or free power and not burdening them with health care makes it impossible for us to compete. I don’t care that they possess over 2 trillion of our dollars. How can you allow them to use that as blackmail? They will dump them at the time of their choosing anyway so why not put a 40% surcharge immediately and let the chips fall where they will.
Refuse to accept that our time has passed for America to produce products. Too many of your co-horts have. Rebuilding our manufacturing base will provide the opportunity for our people to have jobs which can support their families as we were able to do just 30 years ago. That was about the time American jobs started heading overseas. Remember well paying jobs creates tax revenue to help with our countries needs. Isn’t that better than paying out unemployment checks with money we have to borrow. The clock is running out. Swift decisive action is what is required before it is too late.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
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October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

FDR's words quoted on the WW II Monument in Washington, D. C.

On July 1, 2004 I wrote an extremely critical letter condemning the people responsible for the quote from FDR’s Declaration of War Speech which appears on the World War II monument which was dedicated by President George W. Bush on May 29, 2004. I accused them of deliberately leaving out the words “so help us God”. After discussing with others and rechecking with Snopes I find that I was partially wrong. I say partially because I still feel that they were insensitive and chose another phrase that was more politically correct.
This is the phrase they used;

If I had been on the commission it would have read as follows;

The first two lines were at the beginning of his speech. The rest was five paragraphs from the end. The sentence I want is the second from the end. Now you may ask what is the difference. I will reply that his final words which ended with a prayer were the words that inspired all of our people to come together to defeat the Axis powers. If there was someone who was an adult living at that time on the commission, then I just cannot understand why he or she did not feel as I still do about his speech and that sentence. People born after can be excused I guess, based on how screwed up we have become. The greatest generation caught fire hearing those stirring words. As we die off no one will remember. I think that is just plain wrong.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
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October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been thinking quite a bit lately about the resurgence of anti- Semitism in the world today. The following are my thoughts after reading the letter written by Mr. William E. Grim, an American of German descent telling about his personal observations gleaned by visiting Germany. He is not a Jew.
Everything I have read regarding this subject makes the truth of his words acceptable to me. If you disagree strongly or even mildly then I ask that you send information to me so I can learn from reading it.
In 1945 the civilized world was stunned to realize the enormity of the Holocaust and the slaughter of over 6 million Jews and another 6 million of persons found to be inferior or not willing to conform to the tenets of Nazism. It is starting all over again. It is like a virus that just can’t be killed. It pops up here and there and eventually consumes all in its path. The Jewish people it seems are blamed for all sorts of problems. They are an easy target. A funny thing happened after the war when they settled into the Holy Land. They were attacked again and again and guess what instead of allowing themselves to be led to the slaughter houses they fought back and won each time. For them there will no second chance. The first war they lose and the curtain of death will descend on them. That will trigger world chaos. It cannot be allowed to happen.
A few days ago I forwarded an e-mail entitled “The Speech” given by the current Prime Minister of Israel. I thought it was brilliant. Some of you responded about how horrible the Jews have been in their treatment of the Palestinians. I cannot dispute the truth of this. In particular those who fled during the wars with neighboring Arab countries were not allowed to return. In addition many were forced off their land to make room for Jews immigrating to Israel from Europe. I will not equate this to the extermination of over six million Jews by the Nazis during WWII.
Now that they have a homeland they are determined to stay against the entire Arab world whose goal is to rid the world of all Jews. The Arabs are supported again and again by the majority of countries in the U.N. The U.N. never condemns the Palestinians from sending missiles indiscriminately into Israel. They only condemn Israel when they fight back.
Early in Mr. Grim’s letter he refers to Mein Kampf, the famous book written by Adolf Hitler. It was published in 1925. I read this after America entered WWII to try to understand what was happening. The one part I will never forget was his condemnation of all Jews. He used the Bible as reference. Go to Mathew Chapter 27, verse 25 and there it is written, And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and our children”. That was his justification for the slaughter that followed as soon as he acquired the power to do so. He called all Jews “Christ Killers”. It worked. The German people allowed them to be rounded up and deported to places unknown. Whether they knew of their fate is a question to be answered. They happily acquired the homes and properties as their own.
A book written by Bruce Bawer in 2006 entitled, “While Europe Slept” exposes the threat to Jews everywhere in Europe by the rapid increase in the Muslim community which he estimates at over 20 million just three years ago.
I have just re-read the letter I composed to the Israeli Embassy in Washington 6/11/03. It was entitled, “Open Letter to the Israeli Government”. My basic premise I still believe was right. The only difference is that Bush is no longer President, Obama is. Regrettably he is pushing hard for a separate State solution, which I claimed then and now, can never be. All of the territory must be encompassed under one government with charity and understanding between those of different beliefs. If in fact the current Israeli government is pushing to create a Jewish State then they will fail. A homeland for displaced Jews is one thing. Discrimination against other faiths is another. What I had proposed was assimilating portions into the new nation and letting the natural process of improved lives for all create the climate necessary to sustain the process.
I decided to check out the internet, so I Googled “Anti-Semitism”. You could do the same. There are many opportunities to research history up to the present day even here in America. I copied a few that caught my attention. Most I gleaned from Wikipedia. There are hundreds of other sources. I do not have the wherewithal nor energy to explore every word to see if 100% correct. Should you see something that bothers you as to accuracy I would be pleased to hear from you. I have sent out retractions in the past and will no doubt also in the future with this or other subjects.
The following are from those sources:
Recently Professor Dietz Bering of the University of Cologne defined anti-Semitism as, “Jews are not only partially but totally bad by nature, that is, their bad traits are incorrigible…..Jews bring disaster on their “host societies” or on the whole world, they are doing it secretly, therefore the anti-Semites feel obligated to unmask the conspiratorial, bad Jewish characteristics.
Henry Ford wrote many anti-Jewish articles in his newspaper “The Dearborn Independent”.
There is a large section entitled “New Testament and anti-Semitism. It points out the many instances where the Gospel writers expressed Jews in unfavorable terms. I had pointed out one in the paragraph at the top of page two.
Martin Luther wrote a book “On the Jews and their lies”. He advocated the murder of those who refused to convert to Christianity, writing that “We are at fault for not slaying them”.
The Roman Catholic Church in the 19th and 20th centuries was strongly anti-Semitic.
Saudi textbooks today teach Muslim children to “hate” Christians, Jews and other non believers. A line from a book stated that ” fighting between Muslims and Jews will continue until judgment day”. In 2005 the US expressed “serious concerns” over anti Semitic passages in Pakistani text books.
Finally there are recent articles about incidents in America which proves to me that those of the Jewish faith are not safe even in our country, so we can’t just say it is a problem somewhere else.
I guess all I can ask of you receiving a copy of this letter is to take any opportunity to stand up for and offer protection to Jews whenever a situation presents itself. In my life I have known a number of people who are professing Jews. I have considered them friends. I don’t discriminate based on a person’s religious beliefs.

Jack B. Walters
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Tucson, AZ 85750
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October 13, 2009



Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is a documentary film now showing in a few theaters around the country. For those living in Tucson it started at the Loft today. I went to the matinee. There were six others who watched it with me.
It is a film that took 11 years to compile. Josh Tickell was the director and the energy behind the production. Growing up in Louisiana surrounded by the petroleum refineries he witnessed first hand the staggering pollution to the environment and the health problems as a result. His own mother had 9 miscarriages.
He discovered that Bio Fuels could power any vehicle with a diesel engine. He visited Europe. Germany and Sweden in particular have made great strides in converting. Sweden has a goal to be 100% free of petroleum products in another decade.
One part that confused me was that progress was being made in our country until about four years ago when the press starting with Time Magazine came down on it as being the wrong thing to do which killed the progress being made. I will try to check it out. It is strange that I missed this. I think it had to do with using crops for fuel.
The hopeful part is that technology is starting to blossom giving hope for the future. As usual the politicians come out as villains. Just like the banks and the health industry, the petroleum industry spends big bucks getting them to do their bidding. He asks us to make our voices heard and pay attention and vote out those who refuse to make the decisions we all are waiting for so that we can climb out of the hole we are in.
That’s enough. I sure hope some of you will see this film and become more active.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
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October 10, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Bible (A book report)

By; Karen Armstrong

This is another difficult book to read and understand. It is something like a text book that I imagine might be used in a Seminary to create discussion with students. I will defer to Pastor D. assuming he reads it to interpret the content.
This is an astounding effort by Ms. Armstrong. She follows the origin of the Old and New Testaments as they were created and passed on generation to generation. Mark was written in 70, Mathew and Luke in the late 80’s and John in the late 90’s. She makes the point that these men in their writings separated the Jewish community into good and bad. The bad meaning they did not follow Christ. These words written have been used over the centuries as justification for the persecution of Jews.
We tend to think of the Bible as if it was always as we know it today. She details the endless revisions made over the centuries, revising texts, eliminating books or adding. Whether these revisions were God directed or the work of men is the question she raises.
Until Luther and the printing press, it was something that only scholars and priests could read and study. Luther broke away partly because he was incensed by the papal policy of selling indulgences to swell the coffers of the church.
In the 1600’s people like Zwingli and Calvin wanted their congregations to be acquainted with the entire Bible whereas before they only read portions. Science and Astrology were pointing out facts about the natural world. These men could accept advances as religious activities. Galileo was silenced by the inquisition at about the same time and forced to recant his conclusions that Earth was not the center of the Universe.
The Puritans who ventured to the new world likened their journey to the Exodus. They gave their colonies biblical names like Hebron, Salem, Bethlehem, etc.
In 1859 Charles Darwin published “On the origin of Species by means of Natural Selection”. This created havoc continuing today. Dwight Moody founded the Moody Bible Institute to bring people back to the faith. The Rapture theory was ardently articulated by Nelson Darby during the same time period.
She mentions the role people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have had in our time. Their goal was to replace the secular administration with a Christian government run along strictly biblical lines (Page 216).
Let me conclude by admitting my ignorance as far as ascertaining if the content is totally factual or not. Her work was praised by noted organizations and knowledgeable persons. I believe her intent was to prove that the Bible is a living thing in that meanings have changed generation to generation. I liken it to our Constitution. It too is not a dead document but living and changing over time.
If you have the time and willingness to concentrate while reading and want to learn more about the history of the Bible, this book will do it for you. I found it at the Tucson public Library.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
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October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


( This is an abreviated version of my previous article to fit within the guidelines to be considered for publication.)

The invasion of Afghanistan was a direct result 9/11/2001 and our desire to punish the Taliban because of them allowing terrorist training camps in their country. We joined forces with a group already fighting the Taliban. They were called, “The Northern Alliance”. It worked to our advantage. We gave them support including heavy weapons and air support. Our troops acted as advisors minimizing loss of American lives. It was brilliant. Why then must we now go it alone? I realize training of Afghans is in process but what happened to the Alliance? They should be fighting for their country as they did at the beginning.
I am not soft on the need to control radical Muslim terrorists and the threat they pose to us, but continuing to fight and die here, if anything just enrages more to join with them to drive out foreigners as they did the Soviets.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
October 7, 2009

Afghanistan Question

Our politicians, military officers, media and others are debating ad nausea about what steps to take to solve the riddle of this poor country that has centuries of history of being conquered by other nations. The United States with support from a few NATO countries being the latest.
I find this tragic not only for them, but also ourselves, as we continue to be trapped by an ideology that demands that we never surrender but must always be victorious. What this means is that when our current president makes his decision it will be to remain and in all likelihood involve increasing our forces. He can make no other decision. If he did he would be accused of being a coward, and a betrayer of all those who have given their lives in that country.
There is no getting away from it we are a militaristic country. We see the world conforming to our viewpoint or risk our wrath. Being a super power means only that we have the capability of destroying any and all that do not conform. Under the Republicans it was called Pax Americana. Obama was elected partly because of his disagreement with the war in Iraq. So far we still have substantial forces there with no clear cut decision to end our occupation any time soon.
Americans are divided on what course to take in both countries mainly I insist because they have no personal stake in it. Their sons and daughters do not have to die as there is not a draft which would equalize the equation between rich and poor. That is the fundamental difference when compared to Vietnam.
I started writing this article to bring to light something that I have not heard or read about. To refresh your memory, the invasion of Afghanistan was a direct result 9/11/2001 and our desire to punish the Taliban because of them allowing terrorist training camps in their country. In addition all decent persons were appalled at their stern treatment of the people. Women, in particular, were denied dignity. They could not be educated, nor could they work outside the home as nurses, teachers or anything else.
Now here is the punch line. We joined forces with a group already fighting the Taliban. They were called, “The Northern Alliance”. It worked to our advantage. We gave them support including heavy weapons and air support. Our troops acted as advisors minimizing loss of American lives. It was brilliant. Why then must we now go it alone? I realize training of Afghans is in process but what happened to the Alliance? They should be fighting for their country as they did at the beginning.
It is after all, their country not ours. I am not soft on the need to control radical Muslim terrorists and the threat they pose to us, but continuing to fight and die here, if anything just enrages more to join with them to drive out foreigners as they did the Soviets.
One final point, the downfall of the Soviet Union was caused to a large degree because of the cost of fighting in this country. We face the same situation. We are nearing bankruptcy just as they were. For this reason alone we must leave this tragic part of the world and let them settle matters as they choose. Perhaps we would no longer be the object of their wrath.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
October 7, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Capitalism-A Love Story

A documentary written, produced and directed
By Michael Moore

I went with a like minded friend on opening day. I have seen all of the films produced by Mr. Moore. They have all been excellent but this one surpassed them all. He spared no one, the fat cats raking in their plunder and the politicians from both parties who do their bidding. He asks all of us if we intend to accept our lot forever without taking action to put an end to the carnage that the huge mega companies have foisted on an unsuspecting citizenry.
While, theoretically we have the power of the vote, in reality it amounts to nothing because they are able to use scare tactics and hot button issues to pit us one against the other, nullifying any opportunity to bring common sense solutions to resolve the many woes we face as a nation.
There was one news item which shook me and that was when President Roosevelt sent in the Army when the union workers were on strike with G.M. early in his first term. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover that they were sent in to protect the workers from local law enforcement and goons sent to harass the people. Another great segment was seeing him give his speech in 1945 asking for a second Bill of Rights to be enacted on behalf of all Americans. One of the items was universal health care for all. Others were the right to an education; the right of gainful employment at a wage sufficient to support a family and live in dignity. It was obvious that his health was deteriorating. He died shortly thereafter. His dream died with him. Nothing ever came of his ideas.
Both Clinton and Reagan come in for scorn as they collectively wiped out any vestige of regulation standing in the way of corporations who wanted and received unfettered rights to do as they please. Some of you adore Reagan. He does not come out too well. His Chief of Staff, Don Regan standing next to him, is caught on tape whispering in the President’s ear that he is talking too long. The implication is that Reagan was the spokesperson to convince the electorate that all was well and to go back to sleep because daddy is protecting you while all the while the thieves were at work.
Wal-Mart comes in for scorn when it is discovered that they were taking out life insurance policies on their employees with Wal-Mart the designated beneficiary not the person’s family. Millions are garnered for the company.
He shows families being forced out of their homes after being conned into using their homes like bank vaults and not being able to pay back as the interest balloons. He shows whole areas of communities with bordered up factories and houses. He even interviews a realtor who has named his company Vulture Condominiums. He buys up vacated homes for pennies on the dollar and resells garnering huge profits. This company is not alone. Many with excess funds are doing the same all over the country benefiting from the misery of others.
Two judges in concert with a contractor in Pennsylvania were given millions for sentencing juveniles to the privately owned correction facility. They were eventually found out and punished for it with jail time of their own.
He exposes the pressure that was brought to bear by Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and President Bush which resulted in the passage of the 700 billion dollar bailout with the smiling leadership of Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reed. He goes on to disclose the abuse of the use of those funds in granting lavish bonuses, parties, purchase of private jets and buying up other banks so they could keep getting bigger while we the taxpayers are treated like the saps we are for allowing this to happen.
President Obama is not spared as it is confirmed the huge sums given to him by Corporations during the last election. He has continued the mega funds give away to these same corporations during his administration. Moore doesn’t mention it but I will. The Health Care Bill being debated is just another huge present to the health and drug industries. Those of us who voted for him were hoping for another FDR. So far I have been disappointed.
He closes the film by showing him stringing yellow tape around the headquarters of places such as The Bank of America. The tape has crime scene written on it. He uses a bull horn asking them to surrender peaceably. He can mix humor into a dreary subject.
I know full well before even mailing this that 90% of you will not go to see it. That is a shame as we must band together to tell our elected leaders that enough is enough. Seeing this film would open your eyes.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
October 3, 2009