Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck

Ok, I know how you feel about Glenn Beck. I can take him sometimes and others I can’t. I believe he stretches the truth to make his points. At any rate I found this book at the public library and said to myself, oh well, why not.
He weaves his general philosophy of government into a “thriller”. That is how he described it. It pits the ever decreasing minority of patriots against the powers that are in control. The time is not too far in the future. Those in power are getting anxious to garner complete control over the masses who they believe will give up all pretense of being a government of the people. All that is needed is a 9/11 incident, only one more deadly, then out of fear whatever freedom still remains will be surrendered.
It is conceivable for me as I believe the mega corporations already have us under their thumb. With the vast resources available they can sway the people out of fear to vote for the candidates most beholden to them. I can see the time when they tire of the game and go for the whole enchilada.
He weaves many facts into his story and at the end provides access to web sites to learn more. This book is just presenting his views in a more casual manner.

Jack B. Walters
July 28, 2010

Engaging the Muslim world by Juan Cole

There can be little doubt that Mr. Cole possesses a great deal of knowledge about the Middle Eastern countries including history. The purpose of his book, in my opinion, is to convince the readers that they have nothing to fear as far as Muslims are concerned.
His hatred of all things Jewish offended me the most. I readily admit that Israel together with the backing of America has pushed their weight around in their desire to provide a homeland for all of the Jewish persuasion. Jews from around the globe have migrated here as a refuge from discrimination and persecution everywhere but particularly in the Muslim world. They have successfully defended their country many times since being created in 1947. They must win or it is all over for them. This I firmly believe.
Mr. Cole, in the first chapter spells out the truth of America and England interfering in their lands in the quest for domination over their petroleum resources. These facts are well documented. I firmly believe that the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan are following the same script.
His other premise is that Muslims just want to be left in peace. He did not convince me. To be honest, I am too far gone to be persuaded that their goal is not domination of all countries on earth. If they are as peaceful as he claims why is it you can be jailed for possessing a Bible, can be killed if you convert to Christianity, why do their text books tell the students that infidels must be destroyed or made subservient to their leaders?
As I stated at the beginning Mr. Cole knows his subject. You could learn a lot about this issue by reading as long as you just add this to the information
you already possess.
I want to end by quoting a comment from his Conclusion Chapter. It is on page 245, first paragraph, “If they (the Palestinians) cannot have a state of their own, then Israel will have to grant them citizenship. With one and one half million living in Israel as citizens today, this has been my personal conviction for many years. I have recommended adding small sections one at a time to allow them to be assimilated and then add more. He and I agree totally on this point.
I found this book at the public library.

Jack B. Walters
July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I bought this book expecting the worse and was proven wrong. The author includes many instances over hundreds of years in his attempt to assume the factors leading to the rise and fall of nations.
His conclusion is not that America will decline in stature but that the rest of the world is improving to where our influence will not be as great over the next decades as it has been since the late 1800’s.
Without checking I will grant that his history of the world is accurate. I found no glaring errors from my limited knowledge. He points out that America’s strength is in the innovation and determination of our citizens and that our weakness is our political system as it has evolved to where the two parties continuously parley for dominance without working together to resolve issues. I certainly agree with this. I have written many times how money distorts the election process.
He is firmly convinced that our military is very strong, far superior to other nations but that even so our enemies today and in the future will not be daunted by this power as it will be impossible to use it for fear of harming civilians. I agree with this also. Sending a million dollar missile to blow up a vehicle isn’t cost effective from my point of view. Part of the reason we are going deeper and deeper into debt is to support thousands of bases throughout the world. No other country does this. Even if this gives us an advantage to move quickly he reasons that going it alone as was the policy of Bush, Cheney just cannot continue. The world resents what they consider to be bullying tactics. He asks that we become more humble and instead of telling our allies what they must do he believes we should listen as well. What a novel idea.
I disagreed with his comments on illegal immigration and the threat from Islamic terrorists. He believes that the illegal immigrants just want jobs. We hear this over and over from those who can’t wait to grant citizenship to millions here illegally. Work visas where there is a need to those willing to work but not welfare, free medical, free schooling and all the rest. We simply cannot afford “cheap tomatoes” anymore. I got this phrase from an e-mail about how truly expensive it is when all costs are considered. As to Islamic terrorists, he minimized this threat concentrating on the growth of China and India. In my opinion this is the most serious threat we face as these people want domination and are willing to kill and die to accomplish their goal whereas China and India’s people are just learning and working harder to compete which is the way it should be. I am sure our president while reading will learn from it and perhaps use it to govern better but if he continues his love affair with Islam instead of facing this threat to the world we will be sorry he did. On that fateful day not too far in the future it will be too late.
My copy is available for anyone interested.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Islamic Anti Christ- a book report

The shocking Truth about the real Nature of the Beast
By Joel Richardson

I was advised of this book by a like minded friend. I ordered it from The astonishing thing is that it was published and could be found for sale. The normal strategy of radical Islamics is to threaten with death for anyone writing about Mohammad or Islam in a way that they consider blasphemous. The author took a pen name and revealed as little as he could out of fear for the safety of himself and his family. The following is part of a vicious e-mail he received. It was one of many.
…Allahu Akhbar!! (Allah is the greatest!) Yaaaa Allah! (Oh, Allah!) I will chop off your head! May Allah damn you and your whole family. May you and your whole family rot in hell forever. I want you to know that all Muslims call upon Allah to damn you and put you in hell. I will personally kill your family. You will die a very slow and painful death inshallah (by the will of Allah)…….
In spite of this I will sign my name at the end of this review. When I send it out I will blind copy all those receiving it for your protection.
He tries as best he can to avoid condemning Muslims as a group. He wants us to consider them one person at a time. Regardless of his assertion, I cannot conceive that any practicing Muslim would not be offended by the premise contained in this book.
He states “This book is first and foremost a study of Islamic eschatology (end time belief) and those specific doctrines and practices that seem to correlate….to the biblical descriptions and prophecies of the last days”. All thru the book he quotes Chapter and verse from the Koran and from the Bible showing how similar the writings were in describing the earth’s last days. He states that Muslims as well as Christians expect Jesus to return to Earth but the expectation is different for each religion.
In Chapter One he emphasizes the rapid growth of Islam. Not only Europe but also in America. Conversions from Christianity and birth rates will assure that Islam will be the dominate world religion within the next 15 to 20 years. In America the growth is predominately in the major cities. There are an estimated 350,000 in Chicago and over 700,000 in New York City. Another startling statistic is that African Americans represent 85% of conversions. He asserts that Islam will be the primary vehicle that will be used by Satan to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible about the future political/religious/military system of the Antichrist that will overwhelm the entire world just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ. (This is pretty heavy stuff).
In explaining Islamic eschatology he states that the Qur’an mentions five things a Muslim must believe in order to be a Muslim. They are;
1-Belief in Allah
2-Belief in the last day.
3-Belief in Angels.
4-Belief in the scripture.
5-Belief in the prophets.
Christians on the other hand generally ignore the last days in spite of the fact that end-time belief plays a prominent role in the New Testament.
The principle person to emerge is referred to as Mahdi. He will be Islam’s messiah. He will be the leader who will rule over the Islamic world and will lead a world revolution to establish an Islamic world order. The first order of business will be the total destruction of Israel until only a few remain. He will reign for seven years during which time Islam will be the only religion practiced on the Earth. In Chapter 5 he makes the assertion that the biblical anti Christ and the Mahdi are the same person. The prophecy also includes Jesus returning not as a Christian but Muslim converting all to Islam or having them killed. (Not a pretty picture).
Chapter 18 is a summary of comparisons between the Islamic and Biblical narrative of the end times. You will have to read to see what they are.
Whether you as a Christian believe in end times or not, a true Muslim does. This is what will drive them in their quest for world domination. My copy is available to anyone interested in pursuing further or you could order it as I did until there are no more available to purchase.

Jack B. Walters