Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck

Ok, I know how you feel about Glenn Beck. I can take him sometimes and others I can’t. I believe he stretches the truth to make his points. At any rate I found this book at the public library and said to myself, oh well, why not.
He weaves his general philosophy of government into a “thriller”. That is how he described it. It pits the ever decreasing minority of patriots against the powers that are in control. The time is not too far in the future. Those in power are getting anxious to garner complete control over the masses who they believe will give up all pretense of being a government of the people. All that is needed is a 9/11 incident, only one more deadly, then out of fear whatever freedom still remains will be surrendered.
It is conceivable for me as I believe the mega corporations already have us under their thumb. With the vast resources available they can sway the people out of fear to vote for the candidates most beholden to them. I can see the time when they tire of the game and go for the whole enchilada.
He weaves many facts into his story and at the end provides access to web sites to learn more. This book is just presenting his views in a more casual manner.

Jack B. Walters
July 28, 2010

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