Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why Don't They Get It?

First we were told that by the end of this year 5,000 troops would be leaving Iraq. I applauded the news, but now we are told that the new plans are to relocate 4,000 of them to Kuwait. No doubt they will be safer there than Iraq. The Pentagon officials and Defense Secretary Panetta have stated they expect to expand the U.S. military in the region to 40,000. The beat goes on. The American people have had a belly full of the useless expenditure of lives and funds trying to change century old traditions which are stubbornly adhered to. After 10 years you would think that someone in high authority would realize the futility of continuing and announce that our sacrificing has come to an end.
I have read in other articles that we spend one million dollars/year/soldier. All the Super Committee has to do to fulfill their charge of reducing expenditures by $1.4 Trillion is to rapidly bring our troops home as quickly as they can consistent with an orderly withdrawal. I am not only thinking about the Middle East but worldwide. We are broke, not far behind Greece, but our leaders continue to act as if we had all the money in the world. We have carried water for Europe, the Middle and Far East for 60 years since WWII.
Using armies to conquer and control other nations has been archaic since the advent of the atomic bomb. Should Iran, N. Korea or other bandit nations start trouble we still have our long range missiles and aircraft that could inflict severe damage, enough so our opponent would cry uncle before very long.

Jack B. Walters
November 4, 2011

Congratulations Mr. Cain

All news media are enthralled by the recent release of information that alleges sexual harassment, whatever that means. You should embrace it. Look at all the free publicity you are getting. Every show wants you to appear. You get your smiling face in front of millions. This would not be happening except for the fact that your message and unbelievable accomplishments to date have struck a cord in the hearts and minds of Americans of all political persuasions. Just think how great it would be to have a non politician in the White House taking on the major problems of today without having had to grovel for funds from the moneyed interests.
Right now your attacks are no doubt coming from the Republican side. You are blowing away all of the other candidates. They will do everything to place doubt in the minds of Americans.
Hang in there. We need you.

Jack B. Walters
November 3, 2011