Monday, June 28, 2010

Stupidity at the G-20 Summit

The purpose of the gathering of “leaders” from the major countries was to find a way to restore fiscal sanity. They are all awash in debt with the exception of China which has so much of the world’s debt that they can’t spend it fast enough.
I find it extremely ironic that the estimated cost of Security was $900 million. Protesters assemble any time these mega conferences are held no matter which major city in the world. There is much to protest about but that is another topic. I certainly hope that the Mayor of Toronto promptly bills all 20 nations to cover this cost. The good citizens of Canada should not have to pay alone.
How about this for a suggestion, hold the next meeting on the island next to Ketchikan, Alaska? This is the place where the bridge to nowhere was to be built. They could meet in the hanger. Bring in trailers for their accommodations and eat simply.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More letters, less Fitz

This letter was published in the Arizona daily star 6/15/2010.
I wrote it as they were filling up the editorial page with cartoons and editorial columns by David Fitzsimmons leaving minimal space for letters from people. For the record I did enjoy his walk around Tucson articles. They were informative and enjoyable. As a short term series it was OK. I only wrote when the Star gave him a large portion of the page for his political commentary which had the effect of shutting out average concerned citizens.

Is it your intention to keep reducing the space available on the editorial page so that fewer citizen's comments will be printed? Not only does Fitzsimmons have a cartoon but also a large column almost daily anymore. Some of us are growing weary with his placing us in the category of stupid and racist. I like to read articles from the people, not paid journalists.

No good to use Guard as paper pushers

This was published in the Arizona Daily Star- 6/1/2010

Do you really think that Americans are happy with the decision to send troops to the border? Perhaps they are but not me. It will be no different than the last time. They are not sent as soldiers but as paper pushers. They were not allowed contact with illegals or drug runners. They were forced to back down when they encountered men with AK-47's. Their officer was quoted as saying they followed orders. Of course they were. Why not instead call out and demand the invaders drop their weapons and surrender to authority. Then the message might finally get thru that our government meant business. It will not happen I can assure you.

Washington failed on Gulf oil spill

This letter was published in the Arizona Daily Star on 5/30/2010.

The enormous oil spill in the Gulf is another clear example of why it seems Washington is incapable of doing the job we expect. In my opinion it was the lack of oversight on the part of regulatory agencies. The rules in regard to Nuclear Energy are so stringent as to make it nearly impossible to build and operate new plants. Why then are oil companies like B.P. allowed to drill in the Oceans off our shores without oversight to assure disasters like this can never happen? My answer is the cozy relationship between the corporations and the regulators. Personnel pass back and forth on a continuing basis with regulators rewarded with cushy jobs. This must end one way or another. This is not a political issue. It is business as usual. My only solution as an individual is throw out all incumbents and start over with ordinary citizens who care .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still Angry

I have just published my third book. The title is "Still Angry". It is similer to my "The Last Angry Man" book which was published in 2006. This latest one covers the years from 2007 to the present. Many of the articles found in my web site were put together in book form. The list price is $25.38. I have given away many copies. I plan to sell on Amazon if possible. Making money is obviously not my purpose. My purpose is to try to understand the world we live in and I suggest many ways improvement could be achieved. I would like to reach as many people as possible.