Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside Job-a documentary film

A documentary by Charles Ferguson is now playing at the Loft Theatre in Tucson. This theatre shows off beat films. I can only hope that it is showing in other theatres around the country so that some of you receiving this report may have the opportunity to see it for yourself. It is not new information but is put together in convincing fashion to enable the viewer to grasp the complexity of the upheaval in our financial institutions.
One of my articles in my last book was entitled “The Golden Age of America”. It covered the decades following the Second World War until the mid 70”s. I listed many issues leading to the good times coming to an end. I blamed the financial institutions and the mega-corporations for abandoning Americans as they strove for greater profits for themselves. This film clearly documents the demise of regulation in favor of self regulation which was supposed to happen but didn’t. It all started with President Reagan with his push for deregulation of banking, utilities, airlines, etc. All the following presidents added to the process up to and including President Obama. All thru his campaigning he talked about ending the greed of Wall St. but surrounded himself with those who were largely responsible for creating the problem. I will give him credit for knowing what needed to be done but in the end he caved in to his advisors and Congress. The bill passed was too weak to be effective. I am sure his current decision to extend the tax breaks for the very rich was due to pressure from those same advisors. One memorable statistic stated that the top 1% of Americans now owns 23% of GNP.
Both political parties are responsible which leaves us hanging as to what needs to be done. I am repeating myself from other messages I have sent out but I am convinced the politicians will continue to allow this pillaging to continue unless we find the will to resist forcibly.

Jack B. Walters
December 13, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Never Surrender-a book report

A soldier’s journey to the crossroads of faith and freedom
LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin
Former commander of U.S. Army Special Forces and founding member of Delta Force
With Lynn Vincent

I had recently received an e-mail which contained a speech General Boykin had made recently. It was stirring, full of his religious beliefs and the threat facing our nation from radical Muslim terrorists. Many of you receiving a copy of this book report will recognize that this has been a subject of great interest to me ever since we discovered the great hatred that exists in the radical element of persons professing to be Muslim believers.
As the General describes his life journey, I was reminded of a recent book about Ronald Reagan. Both men had extremely religious mothers who nurtured their faith at an early stage sufficient to carry them thru life.
Most of the book follows his growth thru his Army service. It was interesting to find he was a member of the first Delta Force organized for hostage rescue and quick raids to capture enemies. I received a whole new perspective on the planned raid to rescue the 54 Americans held hostage by Iranians during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The preparation on the part of Delta was thorough. The mission could have been successful except for the failure of the Navy helicopters to carry them to the Embassy in Tehran. A minimum of six were required. Only five were in good enough shape to fly so the mission was scrubbed. One of them on takeoff crashed into a plane carrying Delta force men creating havoc. I will let you read to learn more.
He was also on the raid to capture Noriega in Panama and was the commander in Somalia where he ordered the raid to capture enemies and disaster occurred with the loss of many good men. If you have seen the movie “Black Hawk Down” you will be interested in his perspective and how deeply the loss of so many good men impacted him.
His last four years of service to his country was in the Pentagon as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. It was during these last years that he started participating in giving speeches to Christian assemblies. He spoke as a devout Christian and his concern for the threat to America from radical Islamists. The news media took after him with a vengeance. How dare he do this while wearing his uniform? After extensive investigation he was exonerated but I am sure the conflict led to his decision to retire. He still speaks out today. I am one who supports him totally. Wake up America.

Jack B. Walters