Saturday, March 26, 2016

Islamic Terrorism-letter to the editor

We are so duty bound to respect religious freedom that we dare not be critical of Islam. There is a difference between Islam and all other religions. I am referring now to those Muslims who adhere to the strict tenants. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim or you face death. Anyone who speaks or writes critically about their Prophet or the Koran can be condemned to death. Any parcel of land that was once under the rule of Islam is considered their land which is why they will not stop until all the Jews in Israel are driven out or murdered. Few in government or the media will condemn the religion. They speak of radicals as if they were somehow distorting the tenants of that faith. I contend they are only carrying out what they consider to be their duty. Those who don’t are cowed into silence for fear of retribution. Jack B. Walters March 24, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Wright Brothers

By David McCullough We all should know that these two men were the first to fly. Others, in other countries were attempting to do it often with funds provided by their governments. The Wrights did it on their own with only studying birds in flight, their own ingenuity and thoughts shared by friends who believed as they did that it was possible. What set them apart I believe after reading this excellent book was their willing expenditure of time and energy. Except for Sundays, they earned their living while experimenting with concepts. There were two quotes attributed to them that I want to share as I believe their philosophy of hard work and diligence could allow anyone to be successful. “Make business first, pleasure afterward. And that guarded. All the money anyone needs is just enough to prevent one from being a burden to anyone”. “In business it is the aggressive man, who continually has his eye on his own interest, who succeeds. Business is merely a form of warfare in which each combatant strives to get the business away from his competitors and at the same time keep them from getting what he already has. No man has ever been successful in business who was not aggressive, self-assertive and even a little bit selfish perhaps. There is nothing reprehensible in an aggressive disposition, so long as it is not carried to excess, for such men make the world and its affairs move….” They grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Their father was a minister who traveled a lot carrying out his mission. Bicycles were a new form of transportation. Wilbur and Orville opened a repair shop and later designed two bicycles one less costly than the other. With sales and repair they provided for the family and later hired a good man Charlie Taylor to work in their shop. He covered for them while away to Kitty Hawk and built the first engines that powered the planes. Motors this small were not available on the market. McCullough is an excellent researcher and writer. I hope you will all read .It is an inspiring book. I found it at the library. Jack B. Walters March 18, 2016