Saturday, March 26, 2016

Islamic Terrorism-letter to the editor

We are so duty bound to respect religious freedom that we dare not be critical of Islam. There is a difference between Islam and all other religions. I am referring now to those Muslims who adhere to the strict tenants. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim or you face death. Anyone who speaks or writes critically about their Prophet or the Koran can be condemned to death. Any parcel of land that was once under the rule of Islam is considered their land which is why they will not stop until all the Jews in Israel are driven out or murdered. Few in government or the media will condemn the religion. They speak of radicals as if they were somehow distorting the tenants of that faith. I contend they are only carrying out what they consider to be their duty. Those who don’t are cowed into silence for fear of retribution. Jack B. Walters March 24, 2016

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