Wednesday, November 3, 2010

American Conspiracies-a book report

By Jesse Ventura

I learned about this book from an e-mail I received. It intrigued me enough to purchase. I have not been disappointed. A large portion of it was confirmation of information I had absorbed over time from books read or by other means.
My skepticism began about the time of the slaying of President Kennedy. His death profoundly affected me. As he was growing in stature as president Americans began to believe in themselves again. There was hope and optimism not only here but around the globe. When news came of his death I was working in Canada. My fellow employees were as devastated as I was. Tears were flowing. I was convinced then and I am still convinced that there was a conspiracy involved not just a lunatic loner.
President Kennedy was planning to reduce our advisors in Vietnam which would have restricted the growth of the military/ industrial alliance, former President Eisenhower warned the nation about. His brother Bob was putting the heat on the Mafia without the support of J. Edgar Hoover. The CIA was playing dirty tricks in Cuba including assassination attempts on the life of Fidel Castro, at the same time Kennedy was considering normalizing relations. He was beginning to take monetary control away from the Federal Reserve. In short there were multiple groups who wanted him out of the way. With his death the hopes and dreams died with him. This book implies a conspiracy and formulates how it may have occurred. The most devastating part is the alleged cover up perpetrated by the FBI and others in authority and the fallacy of the findings of the Warren Commission.
He covers other conspiracies starting with Abraham Lincoln. I was newly aware; as this was documented for me in a Lincoln book I had just finished reading. He covers the deaths of Robert Kennedy and suggests that the assassin was either drugged or the victim of brain washing and states that the number of bullets fired could not have come from the same weapon. Here again evidence was lost or destroyed.
He raises questions about the Jonestown Massacre which are intriguing.
There are 14 chapters in all. In the later ones he comes down hard on the elections of 2000 and 2004. He insists they were rigged and stolen by various means. I agree totally. It was unbelievable that the Supreme Court would bestow upon themselves the authority of declaring a candidate elected in the middle of the vote count. In 2004 exit polls declared Kerry winning easily in Ohio but the results were just the opposite. He claims the electronic voting machines were the reason. Whether it is true or not, I continue to support paper ballots as the only sure way to prevent fraud.
Those of us who continue to believe that the World Trade Centers could not possibly be brought down in ashes within minutes by the jet fuel of airplanes are considered hopeless. Most cannot believe that government could be involved. He brings to light many factors which are inconsistent with the report of the 9/11 Commission. A cover up is implied. He condemns corporate controlled media for swaying the public.
Chapter 13 is entitled “The Wall Street Conspiracy”. His condemnation of the fat cat financial gurus is right on the mark. They operated recklessly knowing full well the government would rescue them if things went wrong. He solidifies my thinking that all of Washington is in bed with these thieves and that our only hope as a free country is to vote all of these elites out of office. He and I condemn both parties equally. There is not much time left for us if this is not done.
The last chapter should be of concern. It covers the continuing loss of privacy of us all and the threat that poses on us continuing as a free people.
Whether you agree with him or not, should you take the time to read you will not be bored. Ventura’s book reminds me of Lee Iacocca’s book “Where have all the leaders gone”. Neither author is timid about naming names and placing blame. My copy is available for anyone who asks.

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