Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pakistan, Egypt, Libya Aid Cutoff Legislation

During the week ending September 21 the Senate voted on a bill to end financial aid to the countries listed above. The bill was defeated by a vote of 10 for and 81 against. Guess how our Senator’s McCain and Kyl voted. Hooray for you, you guessed right. They voted to continue aid as if nothing had happened. Now they are home supposedly on a break until the elections are over with complete satisfaction of a job well done. Should they take the time to ask constituents they would find to their amazement that 90% disagree with them? Oh, I know some of those funds find their way back to Raytheon and other armament producers. That still doesn’t justify giving funds to countries who hate America and Americans. The Star will not allow me enough words to explain. If you are not aware, restating would be useless. Jack B. Walters September 23, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter to the editor 9/14.2012

I have waited several days before weighing in with my assessment of the destruction of our Embassy in Libya and the accelerating attacks on Embassies in the Middle East, not all of them American. To hear Hillary and Obama apologizing for a film made by an Egyptian is disgraceful to me. We, as Americans, either believe in free speech or we don’t. There is no half way point. If the Islamists get their way free speech and our Constitution will cease to exist, replaced by Sharia law which is reprehensible and the worst type of hate filled dictates. The Middle East is a dangerous place made more so by our complicit removal of the strong men who had kept a lid on the radical Muslims. Our Congress is even now approving billions in armaments for Egypt and other Islamic nations all of whom are dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Our President has left them out in the cold to fend for themselves. This is outrageous and criminal in my opinion. Jack B. Walters

The Party is over by Mike Lofgren

How Republicans Went Crazy Democrats Became Useless And the Middle Class Got Shafted I just happened to catch a Public TV program where Jim Lehrer was interviewing Mike Lofgren. Afterwards I ordered a copy of his book. Wow, he really takes the Republican Party apart and at the end gives the Democrats’ a shot, just too even things out. Since the early eighties until just recently he was a Republican working in various positions on Capitol Hill. He finally became fed up and just walked away. He writes in clear unmistakable language the problems he sees in the party. For those reading this who have agreed with me that Obama must go you will not enjoy reading this book. I must say I didn’t either. I purchased it in the interest of fairness. We get carried away only reading articles and books that support our agenda and refuse to listen to the other point of view. Those of you who have not agreed with me should rush right out and buy a copy. You will be thrilled. Most of you who have received articles from me in recent years know how I feel about our current president. You should also remember my complete disdain for the past president. In short it would appear that neither party nor president has performed as government should, in my opinion. That is why I register as an Independent except for a brief changeover so I could vote for Ron Paul in the primary. He was the only one who promised to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East. There are twelve chapters. He is most irritated by the tax policies slanted for the benefit of the richest among us, their drumbeat for using our armed forces as a tool instead of diplomacy (Senator’s McCain and Lieberman are the chief proponents), the influence of the religious right and the incessant overextending our military machine, all of the above without regard to taking us down to financial ruin. In the last chapter he provides thoughts on how to get our government under responsible control. The number one item is to stop the outrageous money being poured into both parties principally by Corporations who the Supreme Court has granted that they have the same rights as real people and can spend as they desire on campaigns. If you are paying attention at all you must realize how bizarre this is. Over $1billion has been raised for each presidential candidate alone, and similar amounts to all other candidates for office. With those funds comes leverage to pass legislation favoring the contributors, not the American people. The amount of time devoted to raising funds rather than enacting the countries business is outrageous. His solution is public funding of reasonable candidates with no money from individuals, corporations or unions. Shorten the election campaign to several months as other nations do. Perpetually running for office leaves little time to solve our problems. I proposed similar thoughts in my “Still Angry” book, but that is beside the point. You must agree that constant concentration on picking candidates and campaigning is out of control. The media, of course, love it for the revenue they receive. I wonder who will be interested enough to check out this book? Jack B. Walters September 13, 2012

Who is the racist?

I am white. Four years ago I and millions of other whites voted for Barack Obama. I liked what he said. Obama has not lived up to his promises. Almost everything he promised to do he didn’t accomplish such as his pledge to make us energy independent in four years. He added $5 trillion to the debt when he said he would bring it down. His health care bill is an abomination which greatly adds to our debt and adds 15,000 IRS agents to track down those who are not enrolled in a private plan. This time I will vote for Mitt Romney, a decent family man with a proven record of accomplishments and service. I told a Democratic friend and he said I was racist. I reject that statement. Over 90% of blacks will vote for Obama in spite of his abysmal record. That is being racist. Jack B. Walters September 10, 2012

2016 : Obama's America

A documentary film co-directed by Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan They pose the question of where will we be if Obama wins a second term. I went to see it today. There weren’t more than 30 attendees and no young people. At the end those attending clapped their hands. It wasn’t a joyous type of celebration due to the content of the film. I will be sending a copy of this article to my entire mailing list, over half of whom to this day are staunch supporters of Obama. Regardless, I am asking all to see this film, after all what should they be afraid of. If they think it is garbage, at least they will have shown enough interest to check it out. This film reminds me of Fahrenheit 911 a Michael Moore film which was a negative review of the presidency of George W. Bush. I saw that with my liberal friends at that time. I am specifically requesting they attend, if nothing else but to square the books. This film follows Obama’s life journey and points out the major persons who influenced his thoughts. Most were anti-colonialists or outright communists. They go to great lengths to prove their thesis; case in point, the strange decision to return the bust of Winston Churchill. They claim it was because of Churchill’s earlier life as a colonialist of India and other countries. There are many names listed including his Kenyan born father who abandoned Barack at an early age. Much of the film includes scenes from places of interest including Hawaii, Indonesia and Kenya. They interview Obama’s half-brother who lives in a shack in Kenya without any assistance from Barack which seems bizarre until you understand the difference in philosophy between them. They refer to Obama’s first book “Dreams from my Father”. They contend he was influenced by what he knew about his own father but more importantly by his third father Frank Marshall Davis an avowed communist on the FBI register as someone to keep track of. Barack lived with him from age 9 to 18. The ending suggests a bankrupt America which loses its standing in the International community and also weaker militarily so that we become vulnerable. He shows the entire Middle East as totally converted to Islam surrounding little Israel who will be left to die without American support. This is pretty scary stuff. Check it out for yourself. Jack B. Walters September 1, 2012