Friday, September 21, 2012

Who is the racist?

I am white. Four years ago I and millions of other whites voted for Barack Obama. I liked what he said. Obama has not lived up to his promises. Almost everything he promised to do he didn’t accomplish such as his pledge to make us energy independent in four years. He added $5 trillion to the debt when he said he would bring it down. His health care bill is an abomination which greatly adds to our debt and adds 15,000 IRS agents to track down those who are not enrolled in a private plan. This time I will vote for Mitt Romney, a decent family man with a proven record of accomplishments and service. I told a Democratic friend and he said I was racist. I reject that statement. Over 90% of blacks will vote for Obama in spite of his abysmal record. That is being racist. Jack B. Walters September 10, 2012

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