Friday, September 21, 2012

2016 : Obama's America

A documentary film co-directed by Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan They pose the question of where will we be if Obama wins a second term. I went to see it today. There weren’t more than 30 attendees and no young people. At the end those attending clapped their hands. It wasn’t a joyous type of celebration due to the content of the film. I will be sending a copy of this article to my entire mailing list, over half of whom to this day are staunch supporters of Obama. Regardless, I am asking all to see this film, after all what should they be afraid of. If they think it is garbage, at least they will have shown enough interest to check it out. This film reminds me of Fahrenheit 911 a Michael Moore film which was a negative review of the presidency of George W. Bush. I saw that with my liberal friends at that time. I am specifically requesting they attend, if nothing else but to square the books. This film follows Obama’s life journey and points out the major persons who influenced his thoughts. Most were anti-colonialists or outright communists. They go to great lengths to prove their thesis; case in point, the strange decision to return the bust of Winston Churchill. They claim it was because of Churchill’s earlier life as a colonialist of India and other countries. There are many names listed including his Kenyan born father who abandoned Barack at an early age. Much of the film includes scenes from places of interest including Hawaii, Indonesia and Kenya. They interview Obama’s half-brother who lives in a shack in Kenya without any assistance from Barack which seems bizarre until you understand the difference in philosophy between them. They refer to Obama’s first book “Dreams from my Father”. They contend he was influenced by what he knew about his own father but more importantly by his third father Frank Marshall Davis an avowed communist on the FBI register as someone to keep track of. Barack lived with him from age 9 to 18. The ending suggests a bankrupt America which loses its standing in the International community and also weaker militarily so that we become vulnerable. He shows the entire Middle East as totally converted to Islam surrounding little Israel who will be left to die without American support. This is pretty scary stuff. Check it out for yourself. Jack B. Walters September 1, 2012

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