Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marked for Death by Geert Wilder- Islam's War against the West and me

This is the true life story of a courageous crusader who has deliberately placed his life in danger in the hope of alerting elected officials of Western nations, including the United States, of the danger of the spread of Islam throughout the free world. It is mind boggling how they collectively, it appears, have turned a blind eye to the threat. The facts are plain to see. The Islamists have stated many times their goal of converting all nations to Islam with all the horrors that would entail. The interesting thing is that, particularly in Europe, the ordinary citizens get it but the leaders don’t. Much of the book was a rehash of the creation of Islam by Mohammad over 1,300 years ago. For me, after reading so many books on the subject, this part was redundant. Others reading this book perhaps would grasp the significance of how it all came to be. The author proposes a suggested reason why the West has been so open to immigration from Islamic countries and why they have bent over backwards to prevent criticism of Islam. In 1973 when OPEC was formed the Western world was thrown into turmoil. That was in the middle of my working years with Firestone, so my memory is quite clear on the havoc wrought by that decision. He quotes Bat Ye’or the author of “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis”. He states that European Union leaders began building an alliance with the Islamic world to ensure oil supply. As part of this arrangement, Bat Ye’or contends, European leaders agreed not to hinder the spread of Islam in Europe, not to pressure Islamic immigrants to assimilate, and to ensure that European schools and media outlets would portray Islam positively. In order to accomplish this, the EU seized power over national governments. Wilders believes it is deeper than this. He contends that Cultural relativism is more to blame than oil. By this he means that immigrants need not assimilate, since that would imply the superiority of European culture over the immigrant’s native cultures. Again, as I stated previously the ordinary citizens resent losing their national heritage and being forced to adopt Arab culture. The stranglehold the EU has over nations is the reason I am personally opposed to International Treaties such as the proposed Law of the Sea Treaty being debated right now in the United Nations. Wilder’s trouble with Islam dates to 2007 when he decided to produce a 15 minute documentary film about the Islamic threat. The title is Fitna.The theme was to use pages from the Koran which contain verses calling for violence, particularly against non-Muslims, with footage of terrorist attacks and other violent deeds these verses have inspired along with clips of Islamic leaders inciting violence for the sake of Allah. He states that Islam made the film, all he did was put it together. This is when death threats were made and for the past 5 years he has been living under protection by the Dutch government, sometimes being housed in prisons as the safest place to be. He was sued and for two years was under trial for being offensive to Muslims. In June 2011 he was finally acquitted because he had criticized Islam not Muslims and because he was an elected official participating in a public debate, they deemed he was entitled to greater freedom of speech than everyday citizens, that last part alone causes me problems; the thought that a politician has more rights than individuals. He ends the book on a positive note by noting the beginnings of legislation in European countries to curb the abuses. He refuses to accept that the Islamization of the free world is inevitable. This is a valuable resource for anyone who is concerned about the spread of Islam. My copy is available to be loaned. Jack B. Walters August 12, 2012

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