Monday, June 28, 2010

Stupidity at the G-20 Summit

The purpose of the gathering of “leaders” from the major countries was to find a way to restore fiscal sanity. They are all awash in debt with the exception of China which has so much of the world’s debt that they can’t spend it fast enough.
I find it extremely ironic that the estimated cost of Security was $900 million. Protesters assemble any time these mega conferences are held no matter which major city in the world. There is much to protest about but that is another topic. I certainly hope that the Mayor of Toronto promptly bills all 20 nations to cover this cost. The good citizens of Canada should not have to pay alone.
How about this for a suggestion, hold the next meeting on the island next to Ketchikan, Alaska? This is the place where the bridge to nowhere was to be built. They could meet in the hanger. Bring in trailers for their accommodations and eat simply.

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