Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abraham Lincoln - a book report

Abraham Lincoln
A man of
Faith and Courage
By Joe Wheeler

I don’t know about you but I can never get enough reading about the life of Abraham Lincoln. This particular book is very positive in all respects. It emphasizes his deep religious beliefs and the gentleness of his character. Appendix Two and Three are stories of kindness and concern in separate instances involving children. In addition, throughout the book, there are many references to his honesty and compassion. There can be little doubt that he deserves to be recognized as the greatest of all our presidents.
He learned to hate the slavery of blacks early in his life by witnessing the cruelty of those in power over the slaves. He vowed to do whatever he could to remove this curse from America. He alone deserves the recognition that it was accomplished. During the critical debates with Stephen Douglas he made this the central theme of his campaign. When he was announced as the President-elect the Southern States seceded from the Union. Prior to his taking office Washington was nearly taken over. In fact on his way to Washington there were attempts made on his life.
The early days were fraught with impending disaster. There were many instances where he could have perished but he lived on to see his dream realized a United States of America without slavery. There has never been a man elected President from such a low estate. He thanked profusely his second mother for providing opportunities to learn to read against his father’s will. His father thought learning anything other than the basics to survive was wasted effort. Thru hard physical labor Abraham developed into a very strong man. A number of times his strength was necessary for survival.
The overriding theme of this book is the strong faith that he relied on during the darkest days. He did not hide it. Many of his speeches and writings included references to God and his purpose for mankind.
In today’s world our leader has asserted that we were never a Christian nation and has gone out of his way to prove his conviction. Where, oh where, is our Abe Lincoln when he is so desperately needed not just for America but for the world.

You can ignore my last paragraph. I do recommend reading this book.

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