Friday, August 27, 2010

Muslim structure near ground zero

( letter to the editor 8/27/2010)

This is another attempt to get the attention of the editorial staff of the Arizona Daily Star about the opposition to the one hundred million dollar Muslim structure planned to be constructed near the place that used to be the World Trade Center.
It is my belief that it is an affront to all Americans or should I exclude those high and mighty all knowing who consider us bigots, racists, etc. I leave it to you to add other negative traits showing our ignorance and backwardness.
Since these people probably won’t even notice I will now report on the article in today’s Star from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It seems a supermarket had hired eleven women as clerks. Under pressure from strict religious groups the women were discharged.
When will the women of America start to speak up in defense of women all over the world who are demeaned on a continuing basis whenever Muslims are in the majority and Sharia law is enforced? A good friend who is female wrote to me and said American women would never stand for it. I replied that when that time arrived she would not have a voice in the decision.

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