Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is a documentary film now showing in a few theaters around the country. For those living in Tucson it started at the Loft today. I went to the matinee. There were six others who watched it with me.
It is a film that took 11 years to compile. Josh Tickell was the director and the energy behind the production. Growing up in Louisiana surrounded by the petroleum refineries he witnessed first hand the staggering pollution to the environment and the health problems as a result. His own mother had 9 miscarriages.
He discovered that Bio Fuels could power any vehicle with a diesel engine. He visited Europe. Germany and Sweden in particular have made great strides in converting. Sweden has a goal to be 100% free of petroleum products in another decade.
One part that confused me was that progress was being made in our country until about four years ago when the press starting with Time Magazine came down on it as being the wrong thing to do which killed the progress being made. I will try to check it out. It is strange that I missed this. I think it had to do with using crops for fuel.
The hopeful part is that technology is starting to blossom giving hope for the future. As usual the politicians come out as villains. Just like the banks and the health industry, the petroleum industry spends big bucks getting them to do their bidding. He asks us to make our voices heard and pay attention and vote out those who refuse to make the decisions we all are waiting for so that we can climb out of the hole we are in.
That’s enough. I sure hope some of you will see this film and become more active.

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October 10, 2009

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