Saturday, October 3, 2009

Capitalism-A Love Story

A documentary written, produced and directed
By Michael Moore

I went with a like minded friend on opening day. I have seen all of the films produced by Mr. Moore. They have all been excellent but this one surpassed them all. He spared no one, the fat cats raking in their plunder and the politicians from both parties who do their bidding. He asks all of us if we intend to accept our lot forever without taking action to put an end to the carnage that the huge mega companies have foisted on an unsuspecting citizenry.
While, theoretically we have the power of the vote, in reality it amounts to nothing because they are able to use scare tactics and hot button issues to pit us one against the other, nullifying any opportunity to bring common sense solutions to resolve the many woes we face as a nation.
There was one news item which shook me and that was when President Roosevelt sent in the Army when the union workers were on strike with G.M. early in his first term. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover that they were sent in to protect the workers from local law enforcement and goons sent to harass the people. Another great segment was seeing him give his speech in 1945 asking for a second Bill of Rights to be enacted on behalf of all Americans. One of the items was universal health care for all. Others were the right to an education; the right of gainful employment at a wage sufficient to support a family and live in dignity. It was obvious that his health was deteriorating. He died shortly thereafter. His dream died with him. Nothing ever came of his ideas.
Both Clinton and Reagan come in for scorn as they collectively wiped out any vestige of regulation standing in the way of corporations who wanted and received unfettered rights to do as they please. Some of you adore Reagan. He does not come out too well. His Chief of Staff, Don Regan standing next to him, is caught on tape whispering in the President’s ear that he is talking too long. The implication is that Reagan was the spokesperson to convince the electorate that all was well and to go back to sleep because daddy is protecting you while all the while the thieves were at work.
Wal-Mart comes in for scorn when it is discovered that they were taking out life insurance policies on their employees with Wal-Mart the designated beneficiary not the person’s family. Millions are garnered for the company.
He shows families being forced out of their homes after being conned into using their homes like bank vaults and not being able to pay back as the interest balloons. He shows whole areas of communities with bordered up factories and houses. He even interviews a realtor who has named his company Vulture Condominiums. He buys up vacated homes for pennies on the dollar and resells garnering huge profits. This company is not alone. Many with excess funds are doing the same all over the country benefiting from the misery of others.
Two judges in concert with a contractor in Pennsylvania were given millions for sentencing juveniles to the privately owned correction facility. They were eventually found out and punished for it with jail time of their own.
He exposes the pressure that was brought to bear by Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and President Bush which resulted in the passage of the 700 billion dollar bailout with the smiling leadership of Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reed. He goes on to disclose the abuse of the use of those funds in granting lavish bonuses, parties, purchase of private jets and buying up other banks so they could keep getting bigger while we the taxpayers are treated like the saps we are for allowing this to happen.
President Obama is not spared as it is confirmed the huge sums given to him by Corporations during the last election. He has continued the mega funds give away to these same corporations during his administration. Moore doesn’t mention it but I will. The Health Care Bill being debated is just another huge present to the health and drug industries. Those of us who voted for him were hoping for another FDR. So far I have been disappointed.
He closes the film by showing him stringing yellow tape around the headquarters of places such as The Bank of America. The tape has crime scene written on it. He uses a bull horn asking them to surrender peaceably. He can mix humor into a dreary subject.
I know full well before even mailing this that 90% of you will not go to see it. That is a shame as we must band together to tell our elected leaders that enough is enough. Seeing this film would open your eyes.

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October 3, 2009

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