Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toyota Letter

I sent this to the Arizona Daily Star in response to another letter, I disagreed with.

There was a letter to the editor this morning that I must reply to. It was from Guy Josserand III. The subject was the recent episode with the Toyota Co. He went too far when he lumped Toyota, Ford and Firestone with Enron. Enron was an out and out scam perpetrated by Ken Lay, a close personal friend of the Second President Bush.
I was a plant manager with Firestone making passenger tires during the 500 problem. This was not greed; it was the direct result of trying to convert too quickly from bias to radial. My company took it on the chin. What is never said is that the entire US tire manufacturers were having the same problems to varying degrees. The Ford Explorer was tip over prone due to its height. The design was soon changed and no further problems were reported.
As to Toyota, in my opinion they have been crucified by the Media and by Congress. I own one and am completely satisfied with its performance. Toyota led the way into the new world of Hybrid vehicles while G.M. in particular dragged its feet. Toyota Executives earn a third as compared to the Big Three and are scheduled for a 30 % reduction in line with their current fiscal problems. The Democratic Congress enjoys beating up on Toyota executives; I believe to try to prove that they are as irresponsible as the Big Three and to placate the UAW union. Remember Toyota was not bailed out with Billions of tax payer dollars nor will they be. They are aggressively reacting to repair the re-called models. My next purchase will be Toyota and I would venture to guess that other owners feel the same as I do.

Jack B. Walters
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March 1, 2010

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