Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random thoughts about the Tea Party movement

As a self described “Last Angry Man” you would expect that I would rally around this new group of disgruntled citizens. I haven’t for a number of reasons. The first is my total disregard of their number one leader, former Governor Sarah Palin. She moves rapidly around the country. Just a week ago she spoke to about 4,000 people at the Tucson Fairgrounds. Her rallying cry was “Do you like your freedom”. This was followed by the comment that the new Republican Party wasn’t the party of no; it was the party of hell no. Both comments were cheered by the attendees. I totally disagree with every statement she makes. People like her stir up hatred and indirectly incite their listeners to violence as has been noted across the country in the days following passage of the health care bill.
The wrath of this movement is centered on the Democrats and is striving for the defeat of any who voted for the bill. I feel the same way, but what they conveniently choose to forget is that the Republican Party was in power for eight years, during which time nothing of positive value was done for Americans. They can talk about their health care ideas being rejected. Where were those ideas during their eight years in power? They gave us two wars, a senior drug program that was a costly give away to the drug companies and the “No Child Left Behind” program which adds billions to the cost of education without adding to the learning experience. I have proposed many times that canceling this program would allow precious, scarce funds to be spent on education not testing.
There is little chance that a tea partier will ever read any of my writings but if they did this is what I would challenge them to do, vote against any candidate regardless of party who accepts campaign funds from corporations or unions. This may be impossible to do. If that is so then look for any candidate that accepts the fewest dollars. We must wean them off of the bribery gifts they receive today or we will never regain our freedom. Search for populist type candidates who care about the things most Americans care about and not about what the corporations demand.
Just this week there was another article about a major energy company shutting down production of solar panels our country and moving to China. This would not stand if we had a president who understood that this was wrong. I say that because I have not heard of any comments from the White House that they understand or care. Believe me our former president also did not care. Millions of factory jobs were sent to China on his watch so don’t tell me that an overwhelming victory by the Republican Party will be any better.
I strive for the day a third party arises that consists of candidates that do not accept corporate gifts, a party big enough to include all Americans under their umbrella. Then we could begin taking back our country. Until then I urge the tea partiers to not allow them to take your vote for granted that you will be in lock step for any candidate with a Republican label. Feel sorry for those of us who voted in the present administration. All of our hopes and dreams have already gone up in smoke. That in the end is what is most disturbing to us all and that is that rhetoric spoken that we want to hear is not what happens once elected. We must be more vigilant and question all candidates and check their record leading up to their candidacy. This takes time and effort which most would rather not have to do. We don’t have any other choice. It is now or never.

Jack B. Walters
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March 30, 2010

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Gwen said...

Hello Mr. Walters...I disagree with you on several accounts. I DO read your blogs and am an avid member of the Tea Party and 9-12. I have always been a fiscal conservative and have always supported the candidates that abide by the Constitution of the US. I agree with the principles of the Tea Party...smaller government,balanced budget, less government waste and spending,abide by the Constitution, support our military...just to name a few. I have been involved since it's inception and not once have I heard Sara Palin was our "leader." She may support the Tea Party but she does not lead or speak for them. I also disagree that the Tea Party is against all that is Democrat. Party affiliation is not what is important. I do appreciate and respect your opinion even though I may disagree at times.

Thank you and God Bless America!