Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A positive response to Mr. Pitt's column

(Mr. Pitt had reacted to comments made by Glenn Beck that you should flee your church if the Pastor preaches about helping the poor.)

Dear Mr. Pitts,
I couldn't agree with you more than the content of this column. I have been an ardent admirer of Rev. Wallis ever since I read his book and recognized him as a great religious leader. His main theme has been caring for the poorest among us.
I think I know where Glenn Beck is coming from. He hates entitlement programs almost as much as I do. Give aways to people capable of working and contributing to the economy are wrong except when given to cover a gap in time between jobs.
If your intent was that we should do all in our power to help people become independent then I am with you. If you just want to continue to give money to those who should and could be working, then I disagree.
The Pastor of my church cares for those in need, so I attend the right kind of church as I assume you do.
Yours truly,

Jack B. Walters
March 21, 2010

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