Monday, March 29, 2010

1982 UN Committee on the Law of the Sea

I have been reading articles and watching news programs recently which relate to the depletion of sea life in the oceans of our world. According to an article I gleaned from Google, the United Nations has been debating this subject and attempting to resolve at least beginning in 1982. All manner of fish and coral life are disappearing. The coral because of fish nets scrapping the ocean floor. With the technology at their disposal today fishing vessels are extremely efficient and there are increasing numbers putting to sea every year. Many nations led by America have attempted to put some order into the process to little avail. Salmon runs are depleted by the mass fishing of cod which nurtures them during their annual migration. Further with the technology they can be found at sea and harvested long before returning to the streams that spawned them. Tuna is reaching the point of no return and the nations wanting them the most refuse to make even small reductions. These same nations harvest fins from sharks and throw the carcasses back into the ocean. Again these nations continue to hunt and kill whales for “scientific” purposes while most of the civilized nations accept the need to let them rebuild their numbers. The primary nations involved are Japan, Norway and Iceland.
Recent efforts by the United Nations were thwarted by China, Japan and Russia. What this proves to me again is how useless the United Nations is in resolving issues of critical importance to the world. A few nations can prevent programs from being implemented to curb what some nations consider to be their right, and so populations will continue to be depleted while the U.N continues their useless unproductive debating sessions.

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March 29, 2010

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