Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I am Confused

In today’s Arizona Daily Star (10/3/2010) there was a recap of votes taken in Congress last week.
The House voted 348 to 79 in favor of enacting trade penalties on China (HR2378). In Arizona, Democrats were in favor and Republicans against. I have promoted this for seven years now. This vote is meaningless without the Senate also voting and the President signing into law. So now we hold our breath awaiting their return after the elections. Based on this with more Republicans in the Senate it probably won’t occur anyway. Since it has been so obvious for so long that China was not playing fair why did it take until now for the House Democrats to take action? Even if the Senate had voted in favor I doubt the President would have signed the bill.
On a different bill the Senate voted 53 for and 45 against a bill (S3816) which would have rewarded companies repatriating jobs back to America and penalizing the reverse. It did not pass as 60 votes were required. Guess what McCain and Kyl both voted against. These guys are supposed to care about American jobs. This is what they do to show their concern. They keep mouthing platitudes but when the rubber hits the road they take a powder.
Somebody please explain this to me with all the talk about great Republican victories. No one is as upset as I am with the Democratic Party but as the above shows I have no respect for the Republicans either.

Jack B. Walters
October 3, 2010

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