Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pima County Jury awards $40 million in drunken driving case

A 14 year old boy was killed by a female who was intoxicated. This happened 1/12/08. The award was assessed against the city of Tucson, Chuy restaurant and the driver. The cities share was $13 million as the jury felt the road was poorly designed. Evidently a lawyer was able to convince the members of the jury to award as they did. I find fault with it and have the following comments to make.
I-It is not the city that will pay, it is the taxpaying citizens. A city that is deep in debt to where it is taking drastic measures to stay afloat does not have the means to pay a frivolous penalty like this.
2-It is my opinion that the city is not bound by some State mandate to design roads to every persons liking. We could be driving on gravel. An engineer makes a decision and somehow that translates to irresponsibility on the part of the city leaders.
3-The driver in question had driven on this road many times before and even in her inebriated state should have known what the road was like.
4-Perhaps a waiter or bartender recognized that the woman had drunk to much alcohol but again why place such a heavy burden on an eating establishment, one of which is struggling to survive in this down economy.
5-This is for the grieving parents; after paying legal expenses you should take any thing over that and give to the charity of your choice. To rake in millions from the death of a loved one is not morally acceptable. There was no mention in the headline article regarding this. If that was their intent then I apologize for this comment.

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