Sunday, June 8, 2008


Censorship is promoted by the editorial staff of the Arizona Daily Star
Ann Brown, the Editorial Page Editor published a major editorial today (6/8/2008) entitled, “Hispanic group right to stand up to hatemongers”. She attacks Mr. Lou Dobbs in particular and others including Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and a local radio program on Tucson radio station 104.1-FM, “The Jon Justice Show”. What she advocates is that the owners of the networks put pressure on their talk show hosts and censure their comments.
I certainly can agree that any group or individual can boycott as they wish. That is their right. I, in fact have a number of products, stores, stations and countries that I boycott. None of them are aware of my pitiful gesture, nonetheless I feel better for doing it and showing my concern.
What bothers me is the strident attack by the editor stating that Lou Dobbs has lied deliberately. I do not believe this for a minute. He may make a misstatement but I have heard him make a correction when brought to his attention. The truth of the matter is that illegal immigration is totally out of control and mostly from Mexico. You obviously have your mind made up but if you want to be considered an informed editor then you should read other points of view. I refer you specifically to a book entitled,”Mexifornia” by Victor Davis Hanson published in 2007. You will probably assume it is racist and hateful. I am half way thru reading it and I find he is very sensitive to the plight of illegals and how they are mistreated and cheated out of their hard earned wages by one and all.
Their only protection can come by having a viable foreign worker program to give them legal status to work in this country and be paid the going wage and pay all taxes accordingly as Americans must do, instead of cash payments which are the norm today. The policy of the Mexican Government is to export the lowest of their citizens, those with little education. In this way they defuse resentment and minimize the risk of rebellion for their continuing mistreatment in their own country.
How would you like it if the owner of the Star told you what to write in your editorials or worse read them before publishing and amending to their thinking? That is what you are asking CNN to do. Shame on you.

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June 8, 2008

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