Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tucson Electronic Surveillance Cameras

I have been a proponent of using cameras to catch those who deliberately speed through an intersection when the yellow light is on and they are still not at the intersection or what is worse when the light has turned red before they even reach the intersection. I have stated that a large number of drivers in Tucson have little or no respect for driving speeds or lights which makes a drive in the city a potentially dangerous event.
What disturbs me is that the lights are catching people who are responsible citizens. I am aware of three incidents where friends received large fines and a day in class for being in the intersection while the light turns red. There are many reasons why this can happen. Just this week, while crossing Speedway on Wilmot Rd., there were two cars ahead of us. They stopped abruptly as the first car was turning into the lot for Bookman’s and two young boys were walking in the drive. We were still on Speedway as the light turned. Don’t know if there is a camera there but if there is, a ticket probably will be forthcoming.
It is my opinion that innocent, responsible drivers are being fined because the system is too finely tuned. An auto standing in the intersection for whatever reason does not present a risk to others. I believe this has become easy money for the city, just another “tax” on our people for the purpose of making money not improving safety, and that is just plain wrong.
Return to the job of catching those I described in my first paragraph which will make our roads safer. Quit solving the cities funding shortfall by this devious program.

Jack B. Walters
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August 24, 2008

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John R. Carter, Sr. said...

Good point about the "standing vehicles" in an intersection being cited for a violation. I have been frozen in an intersection waiting for a left turn opportunity many times. Our intersections here in Prescott Valley, AZ that have cameras have a red line in the intersection. I'll have to check with the city to see what the rules are about that red line. I presume that if a car is in the intersection and has not yet crossed that line (by part or whole?) when the light turns red then a citation is sure to follow, whether or not the car was in motion. As I said, I'll have to check on that.