Friday, March 20, 2009

Rebutal to Arizona Daily Star Editorial in favor of Mexican trucks on U.S. Highways

You are wrong on all counts. NAFTA and the other "trade" agreements over the past decades has decimated manufacturing in our country. Millions of good paying jobs gone. Now you insist that our truckers are overpaid and must compete with Mexicans who will work for far less. You won't be satisfied until all decent workers jobs are driven down to the lowest possible level.
Our government is too weak to stop the flow of illegals and drugs now. How much easier it will be with huge trucks crossing the border every day.
If we had government leaders fighting for us instead of against us, they would immediately raise tariffs to match Mexico's until reason prevailed. I can assure you they won't. We are addicted to cheap goods no matter the loss of jobs and dignity.
Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
March 20, 2009

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