Monday, December 7, 2009

Pay for the War

This is for all of you war hawks and weepy doves. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner president has told you of the dire necessity of increasing troop levels in Afghanistan. So be it. You hawks love the smell of Napalm in the morning and you doves like to look sad and say woe is me. If perpetual war is to be the future for us then I have only one request. Change that. I have only one demand and that is we pay for it. No more adding to the debt for our children’s children to pay. This is our war. This is our time. This is our decision. If it is truly needed then we should all be willing to pay for it.
What I demand is the Congress adds a surcharge for those of us paying income tax or creates a national sales tax so that the rest can also contribute. I leave it to the experts to decide how much of an increase is required. I just demand it be large enough to pay every penny of the “surge”. Play now and someone else pay later is no longer acceptable. This is not a game. We cannot continue spending money we don’t have. The day of reckoning is now.
I know the wars would be over in a minute if your children were to be drafted. Because of the lack of courage or integrity of our elected officials that will never happen. By paying huge bonuses they are able to convince sufficient numbers to sign on or re-up. Therefore the only other way to get your attention is to make you pay for the cost. I am willing to pay my share, are you?
This will be a drag on the economy, no mistake about that, but do we really deserve to buy all these toys and gimmicks while we have boys dying in the desert so far from home. I say no.
I have sent this to my Congressperson and our two Senators which will be promptly tossed in the trash. If in the other hand they received thousands of letters they might get the message. That is all I can ever hope for.

Jack B. Walters
3961 N. Hillwood Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 722-2958
December 7, 2009

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