Friday, May 20, 2011

A Counter Proposition- Letter to the editor

President Obama is urging Israel to give up all the territory they acquired during the war in 1967 with Egypt, Jordan and Syria. This war was the third time Arab nations had attempted to eliminate the Jewish state. The forces were gathering. The United Nations Peacekeepers were told to leave. Shipping lanes critical for Israel’s survival were closed. In desperation all civilian men were recalled to active service and Israel attacked first. Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula as well as Jerusalem became a part of Israel. Later the Sinai was returned to Egypt but the rest were kept.
Anyone with an ounce of sense looking at the borders that existed before the war would recognize that the country was vulnerable to attack. Only the skill and determination of the Israeli citizens averted a tragedy. Don’t think for a moment that the Jews would not be slaughtered if overrun. Each war that has been thrust on them amounted to survival. Technology has advanced considerably since 1967. In my opinion a sudden strike would be devastating. As the nation suffered, I also believe I can state that the nations attacking would also be destroyed by the nuclear arsenal that Israel possesses.
Israel does not want this and therefore have rejected the proposition of President Obama. Israel will also never negotiate with terrorists as Hamas has proven to be over the decades.
I have a thought to share with our President. To show his sincerity I believe he should propose returning Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California back to Mexico. After all, these territories were taken from Mexico when they were considerably weaker than America. What is right for the goose should also be right for the gander, as the old saying goes.

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