Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Forest fire- letter to the editor

Coronado Forest Closing

Because of fire hazards all activity has been banned, even including our own very special Sabino Canyon. While it may be true that careless campers were responsible for some of the fires what is basically true is that average citizens who venture forth to enjoy our spectacular forest scenery are respectful of the forests.
The reality is that Arizona citizens will obey the order and stay out not because of fines but because of concern. Those entering our State illegally whether looking for work or bringing in drugs will not pay heed to this order.
The article in the headlines only suggested this at the very end of the report as if it was merely a slight possibility. Wake up, this is the problem. The closure notice will not decrease the ongoing invasion.
There I said it. Sure be nice if the Star editorial staff would identify the real problem.

Jack B. Walters
June 7, 2011

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