Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Senator John McCain

What ever happened to the man I once supported to be President. He was a maverick then. During his last campaign to be re-elected as Senator of Arizona he proclaimed that he was never a maverick. I supported him when he ran against George W. Bush. When it looked like he was gaining support the Bush campaign put out scurrilous information that the black child in his family was sired by him.
During his later campaign for President against Obama he lost all credibility. He couldn’t remember how many homes he owned. He cancelled a TV program with David Letterman to hurry back to Washington to save the Union, only to take the time to stop off for a more important interview with Katie Couric. The pictures of having his face powdered added to the hilarity of it. Then when he finally arrived, there he was sitting at the end of the table, not appearing to be making any important contribution. Who can forget his pronouncement that America’s economy was in top shape just before the collapse leading to the TARP bailout of $700 Billion to rescue the largest financial institutions. I became really upset with him as he abandoned all pretence of representing Arizona in his position of Senator by campaigning continuously and with only a few exceptions did not cast any votes. I didn’t think his little ditty ‘Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”, was very funny. Then he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. A virtual unknown with little grasp of the national responsibility involved. This was the last straw for me.
All of the above issues are not why I decided to write this article. It is his continuing war mongering attitude toward any and all countries. He visited Libya and criticized Obama for not doing more. Then in today’s headline picture, there he is in Afghanistan criticizing Obama for proposing bringing troops home at a faster pace than the Generals think prudent. If McCain was President he would pushing the military into more adventures than we are committed to at the present time. The Generals are probably right. To totally subdue the country we need more not less boots on the ground but if our goal (as I believe it should be) is to leave, then we should leave at a faster rate. No nation in history has been successful in dominating Afghanistan. I do not believe we can do it either. Here he is overseas while Congress has cancelled their July 4th break to stay in Washington to prevent our nation’s defaulting on our debts; a far more serious dilemma than in 2008 when he “rushed” back. I can only conclude he has lost all semblance of what is important. If he can’t bomb it, he just isn’t interested.
Jack B. Walters July 4, 2011

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