Friday, December 2, 2011

Herman Cain pending decision

I can't wait any longer to put words to paper. It has been reported that tomorrow Mr. Cain will gather his supporters together, after talking privately with his wife, and announce the end of his campaign. This is all due to the harassment charges and lastly the accusation of marital infidelity with a woman he has known for 13 years and has aided financially. He has denied infidelity and denied the previous charges. Do I know, of course not, but here is what I do know. This man rose from poverty and strives to excel in every endeavor he ever attempts. He was very successful in achieving those goals. I bought and read his latest book. At the end are page after page of awards and recognitions he has received for achievement.

I do not believe a man like this could be guilty as he has been charged. Just for a moment let's say he is. For all of you who have worshiped at the feet of Bill Clinton, I wonder if this woman did to Cain what Monica did for Clinton. How soon we forget.

Mr. Cain had captured the imagination of Republicans and had surged ahead of the pack. They and people like me were excited to think of a non politician leading our country out of the morass we are in today. I can remember the debate where all of the other candidates jumped on him over his 9/9/9 proposal. Then all hell broke loose with the accusations. To me this was an orchestrated, successful attempt to get rid of him. The fact that Republicans were rooting for him put the lie to racism. The talk show hosts for the most part have ridiculed him. Certainly the late night hosts have had a field day.

If he caves tomorrow, we will have lost a great opportunity and will be left to choose among whoever is left standing. Any thinking, caring person must choose an alternative to our current President.

Jack B. Walters
December 2,2011

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