Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calling all Independents to Action

( Letter sent to the Arizona Daily Star)
I believe that voters who have registered as an Independent did so as I did to show that we have lost faith in the two major parties . We long for the day when we can have our own candidate not tainted with Corporate or Union dollars but today is not the day.
In February the Republican Party will hold their primary. Only registered Republicans can vote. Since I am unequivocal about the need to remove Obama from that office I picked up a registration form today and have re-registered as Republican. After the primary I will re-register as Independent.
I am requesting other Independents to emulate my example. You have until the end of January to send in. Forms are available at Post Offices and Libraries. Who you want to support is of course your decision but to let this opportunity pass by was not acceptable to me.

Jack B. Walters
January 11, 2012

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