Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letter sent to Universal Studios

Corporate Offices Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, Florida
Dear Sirs,
On April 4, 2012 I accompanied my son and his family to spend the day at your Universal Studios Theme Park. They were interested in checking out the new Harry Potter attraction. I live in Arizona, my son lives in North Carolina. His family and I came to Florida to spend time with my daughter-in-law’s mother who lives in Plant City. As an 83 year old senior citizen I had no particular interest other than spending time with my family regardless of what they might want to do.
We got up early and arrived just as the Park was opening. Even so there was already a long line to enter. We accepted this. We headed directly to the Harry Potter area and got to the end of the line not realizing that we would stand in the slow moving line for over one and one half hours after which we were allowed to take the four minute ride. We were a little tired and hungry so we stopped and bought lunch, then we proceeded to the Spiderman area and once again got in line. This time nearly two hours passed before we were allowed to take that three minute ride. As we neared the end I observed the man who was directing traffic. My estimate is that he allowed four of the VIP persons to one from the long line. They probably waited 10 to 15 minutes. No regard or consideration for the rest of us. I kept my piece as I didn’t want to offend my son but I was outraged at this total disregard for the well-being of the thousands of guests such as us, many of whom had small children and others old like I am. My son advised me he spent $85 per ticket.
My recommendation would be to eliminate the VIP program as it is at the present time where, as I understand it, anyone can receive that status for an additional $25. Reserve VIP for VIP’s such as elected officials, celebrities, etc. To recover the lost funds increase the daily admission charge. If patrons were standing in a line that was continually advancing there would be far fewer disgruntled customers.
Obviously you are making a huge profit. The amount of funds to create these magnificent structures and rides must have been enormous. The staff training and the huge number required must also be a huge expense. If at the end of the day you have thousands with unhappy experiences such as we had then what have you accomplished other than adding up the proceeds. Not that it makes any difference from my home in Tucson but I will never recommend anyone to visit Universal Studios in Orlando.

Yours truly,
Jack B. Walters
April 14,2012

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