Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seven killed in Afghanistan identified as U.S. troops

This was the headline of an article in the 7/10/2012 edition of the Arizona Daily Star. This occurred one day after donor nations meeting in Tokyo pledged $16 billion in aid. If the bombing or suicide act was an isolated incident it could be chalked up to unfortunate but it isn’t. Every day for weeks now I have read about continuing attacks on allied forces, sometimes by Afghans wearing uniforms and using weapons given to them by us. Is it any wonder how depressed our troops are after having to try to train natives never knowing when one of their recruits is going to turn on them? Neither Obama nor Romney will withdraw so the bloodletting, misery and funding will continue without end unless the American people make their voices heard. This will not happen. Other people’s children are doing the fighting and dying and they don’t care about the burden they are placing on generations to come. They are not personally involved so they shrug it off. . Jack B. Walters July 10, 2012

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