Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Opinion

I continue to believe that our government leaders are making the wrong decisions. I could go back decades but will limit this to the last two, Bush and Obama. Bush After 9/11 he could have bombed the training camps and follow up as others were created. Instead he led us into a 12 year debacle costing a Trillion dollars and from which there appears to be no end. At least in Vietnam we withdrew and ended the commitment. Then he invaded Iraq over false pretenses costing other Billions. In both cases many American lives were lost as well as innocent Iraqis and Afghan civilians numbering in the hundred thousand. Obama He did everything he could to keep American troops in Iraq. He was forced to remove them when the Iraqi government would not grant protection from their court system. Guess what, he didn’t bring them home. For the most part they were relocated to Kuwait. He increased the troop level in Afghanistan. Now as his commitment to leave by the end of 2014, he is doing everything to keep 10,000 troops there forever it would appear. Americans are tired of these continuing farces but regardless the occupation of this country continues unabated. Not only that but he has agreed to provide $4 billion in support for ten years after 2014. We have been spared bombing Syria only by the intervention of Russia. How humiliating that is. I am sure, if he can find an excuse, he will follow through on his crossing the red line pledge of August 2012. I continue to believe that under his “leadership” every step we take leads to more chaos in this region. Khadafy kept the brotherhood under control. We removed him for humanitarian purposes. What a sick joke. Now the armed militias are creating havoc the government has not been able to control. Mubarak also kept them in check. The brotherhood gained control with our blessing. We continued to provide billions in weaponry. When Morsi turned to strict Sharia law the people rebelled. The military agreed and removed him from power. Obama objected and has now cut back on military support. They are now reaching out to Russia. What a negative turn around that is. Our relationship with Israel is at an all-time low. They are left to fend for themselves. How tragic to abandon them now in these critical times when even just yesterday Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that Israel was “the rabid dog of the region”. Since taking office Obama has treated Netanyahu with disdain. He told a deliberate lie about Benghazi being a spontaneous event instead of the terrorist event, which all in power recognized. I believe he left them to fend for themselves when a rescue mission could at least have been attempted. The major news media for the most part continue to provide cover confusing Americans. With his continuing stranglehold on the military and homeland security he does not allow any mention of Muslim terrorists. To deny that there is a worldwide mission to convert all to Islam is to deny reality. I have even read that American Mosques are not to be placed under surveillance as all the rest of us are through intelligence gathering activities. You cannot convince me that he has not done all in his power to advance the goal of Islamists. Whether he is a Muslim or Christian is not the question. Explain the mystery of the recent firing of nine high ranking Generals? What does that mean? Is there a litmus test they must agree to, to continue in service? He clearly showed his admiration for Islam in his February 2009 Cairo speech where he lauded Islam as a great religion. Under his leadership, with the continuing compliance of the press, we will continue to stumble around without a common objective other than to advance his goals which I can assure you, are not mine. Do your own research if you believe my assessment is flawed. Jack B. Walters November 21, 2013

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