Friday, April 18, 2014

Ukraine Suggestions In a previous memo I stated America’s weakened position in opposing Mr. Putin. But there are thoughts I would like to share that might persuade him to cease and desist. In two months the breather with Iran will end. Should that be successful allow them to immediately release their oil into the market. That should have the effect of reducing the price. Anything like that would hurt Russia seriously since 70% of their income is from selling oil and gas. Cancel the $750,000 contract to purchase helicopters from Russia. I felt it was a disgrace when I first heard of it. The Pentagon made this decision as a lower cost for Afghanistan forces. Pass legislation to allow the export of natural gas from America. I realize that local gas prices would increase but the benefit to Europeans would be dramatic and would enable them to stand tall in the negotiations with Russia. Jack B. Walters April 16, 2014

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