Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Days in London-May 1940 by. John Lucas

I am 85 and still remember those critical years when the fate of the World was in danger of becoming a Nazified World with all the evil that portended. I was alerted to this book by a friend who understands my great interest in history. It was published in 1999.The idea of this book was to go behind the scenes and inform us how difficult it was for Winston Churchill to convince his war cabinet and the English people that it was imperative that England not capitulate to Hitler but to fight on when it seemed a hopeless effort considering the overwhelming superiority of the German war machine. Had he not prevailed, the course of history would have been altered considerably. The author makes the claim that we should all be grateful for the over 50 years he gave us to try to improve the lot of people all over the world. When I finished reading I went to You Tube and there I found two 1 ½ hr. videos of the Battle of Britain Part I and part II. The first covers the same time period of May and June 1940. The second, the remainder of the year during which the air battle over England and the submarine campaign was occurring. I recommend taking the time particularly for those too young to remember. Jack B. Walters May 15, 2014.

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