Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Military Appropriation Bill

Congressman Ron Barber, June 25, 2014 John Garamendi and Coleen Hanabusa introduced an amendment to the military appropriations bill that was approved overwhelmingly by members of both parties on June 20, 2014. I hope you voted with the majority. I read that it was a voice count so I am not sure if you approved. It states that the president is prohibited from sustained military action in Iraq without the approval of Congress. It is about time for Congress to take their Constitutional responsibility back. No war has been approved by Congress since 1941. To take sides between Sunni and Shia is insane. That is a no win situation. Their dispute has been going on for 1,400 years, with no sign of reason. No more American blood or treasure for this lost cause. Let them sort out their own problems. With us in the middle we only divert attention to hating America. They have all the hatred they need without us. I urge you to contact our two Senators and request they also support this amendment and stop the lunacy of our trying to impose our culture on these people. What they do or how they want to live is their concern not ours. Quit fooling around with energy. I know with a full court press America could be independent of their oil within a few years. All you have to do is let it happen. Sincerely yours, Jack B. Walters

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