Friday, July 25, 2014

Russia is Guilty

Are there no leaders anywhere in the world today other than Netanyahu? I listened to a leader from Holland. He said they would not stop until they find the perpetrator responsible for downing the airliner. How sad. Who cares which person pushed the button? The only one responsible is Putin. Hello, how complicated is that. From the beginning of the Crimea takeover and the unrest in Eastern Ukraine the rebels have been supported by soldiers and weapons from Russia. This is not rocket science as the old expression states. What was supposedly an uprising by former Russians living in the Ukraine has now become warfare with sophisticated weapons that could only have been provided by Russia. It was reported that the two Ukrainian fighter planes shot down this week were from missile systems located in Russia. Do I propose military action? The answer is no, but economic sanctions to the fullest extent possible should be applied by all NATO nations. What has been done so far has been woefully insufficient. I fully understand that there are consequences both ways but this outrageous conduct cannot be allowed to continue. You would think Europe would demand censoring Russia. Perhaps the citizens are but certainly their leaders aren’t. France continues to build navy ships for Russia. As far as I can ascertain America has continued with business as usual including the production of helicopters for Afghanistan by order of the Pentagon. Israel needs more Iron Dome interceptors. We are supporting Hamas by shutting down flights to Tel Aviv, our Southern border is chaotic, and Congress is dawdling, as they prepare for their much needed vacation the entire month of August. With an attitude of self-interest like that we could never have defeated Germany and Japan in WWII. How much lower can our government leaders take us? Jack B. Walters July 25, 2014

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