Thursday, December 3, 2015

Response to an article in the Daily Star

Muslims, Christians have much in common article On the same day that 14 people were killed in California you chose to publish a letter from Roberta Wright. She pointed out accurately the similarity between the Bible and the Koran. What she wouldn’t admit was that where there are unacceptable statements in the Bible as well as the Koran, the difference is that Christians and Jews have moved beyond those that are not acceptable today but Muslims haven’t. They still are determined to convert all to Islam or become second class citizens or die. Christians are asked to convert to Christianity but not by force. I believe that when all the facts are ascertained the shooters in California were motivated to spread fear in our country as they did recently in France. In this way they hope to convert the world at a faster pace. We make a serious error by thinking that ISIS is a fringe element of Islam and not representative of the religion. In my opinion we can bomb to our hearts content and not accomplish anything as more and more will volunteer to take their places. Once a Muslim you must remain a Muslim. Those who denounce the religion can be put to death sometimes by members of their own family. Women are considered second class citizens with no rights of their own. They are to serve their Muslim husbands with the threat of physical punishment to assure they do. I can find no redeeming value in their belief system. Certainly while Obama is President our country will not be allowed to recognize the threat to world peace Islam presents. He still refers to the Ft. Hood killing “work place violence”. No matter how far this new effort of Muslims to speed up the process by random killing here and there, our leaders will not admit the truth and condemn all, like myself, as uninformed and outside the mainstream. Keep tuned, this is just the beginning. Jack B. Walters December 3, 2015

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