Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz’s Dirty Trick played on Carson during the Iowa Caucus

I am only writing this to be assured you understand what occurred in the Iowa Caucus yesterday. Cruz's staff sent out an e-mail and used twitter to reach potential caucus goers. It said that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and therefore they urged those who might have voted for Carson to instead give their votes to Cruz. This was not made public until the evening was essentially over. At first Cruz and his staff denied it but I find that today he reversed himself and apologized. I guess I am a vindictive type person but in my opinion Cruz should not only apologize but suspend his campaign. He knows that most Americans do not follow elections closely. For them the record from Iowa shows Carson as a distant fourth to Cruz. I had hoped all along that those Iowans who had a chance to meet with him would, in spite of the polls, actually vote for him. Carson is the most decent candidate in the field. The press has written him off weeks ago. In the two hour Republican Debate last week he was only given 4.5 minutes to talk. I was outraged and made another pledge. I am done watching these stupid so-called debates. The panelist’s sole purpose is to have one candidate or the other engage in verbal confrontation which has absolutely nothing to do with the critical issues our country is facing. For Cruz to do such a despicable trick pulled on the last day is inexcusable. I have to ask you, any candidate that would do this; do you want him to be President of the United States? I don't. You can take it to the bank Cruz will not get my vote when it is finally Arizona’s time to vote.

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